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Nothing special about my new car, except that its a 'PUNTO'

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by krismask, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. ASNM

    ASNM Amatore

    Navi Mumbai
    Congratulations krismask & welcome to the club.

    All puntos out there are special to each one of us.

    Wishing you many happy miles with her.

    Drive Safe
  2. krismask

    krismask Amatore

    Hi all,
    Finally getting some time to write again.

    Initial Driving impressions
    >> Steering has become noticeably hard but not too hard after up sizing to MRF ZLO 185/70 R14. Steering has this spring kind of feeling while turning and it comes back to straight. Not sure if everyone on 185/70 on R14 has similar experience. Please share your thoughts.
    >> Having driven only petrol cars in the past for 60 K KMS, driving is MJD is so comfortable in Traffic.

    Accessories,addons and upgrades done so far
    >> Speed Wav neck cushion pillows - Rs.350/- From Ebay
    >> Xenos Remote FG 190 A - Rs.4050/- - FROM RDC FIAT, Quoted cost was Rs.4500/- but got 10% discount during winter camp.
    >> PU Seat Cover, Steering Cover and Rubberized PVC. Cost is Rs.5000, Rs.200 and Rs.1700 respectively. Done in Hasan & Co, near new college Chennai.
    >> Belkin Car Charger - Rs.145 - From Ebay
    >> Fancy Pillows Black/Red, Rs.230 - Local shop in Chennai
    >> MRF ZLO 185/70 R14, Set of 4 Tyres, Rs.13560/- From Snap Deal

    From Stock JK, how did I do a upgrade to MRF ZLO 185/70 R14(set of 4) for Rs.3560/-.
    >> Sold the JK stock tyres(set of 4) to a friend of mine who owns a Swift for 10 K, got the new MRF ZLO tyres for Rs.13,560 from Snap deal. so effective cost is Rs.3560/-

    Max mileage achieved
    >> I was doing 12-13 KM in City and 18 on high ways during the first 500 kms. Now the ODO is close to 2400 in 45 days. Doing 14.5-15 in City and 17.5 on my recent trip to Masinagudi from Chennai(driving between 100-120, RPM 3K, clocked 1400 kms).

    First mishap on the road. Minor though, no spoilers here.
    Got hit by an Tata Ace who was going ahead in a State Highway. I was doing around 40 KM/Hour and so did the Auto wala. Seems he missed a left he had to take, he then suddenly stopped and took reverse. I halted and before I could take my legs off brakes, he came back in reverse and hit Punto's nose. Minor scracthes, nothing major.

    Likes and dislikes about the car
    >> WOW, what a design. Falling in Love again and again and again and.....
    >> Ease of handling in Traffic
    >> Comfortable back seats(Though heard people saying its not that great)
    >> Though the MID is basic in Active variant, it does the job. It defintely helps to adjust our driving style to improve mileage
    >> Stock music system is quite adequate. Didn't feel I was in need of additional speakers or replace HU.

    >> Brakes could have been better. Am not saying its bad, they are quite sufficient yet felt the need of ABS atleast on highways. Wish I had the budget :-(

    Objectives achieved in keeping the car initial ownership cost including OTR @ 6 Lakh or less. What were the objectives achieved ?
    Objective is too get a diesel car with basic features(Music System, Central Locking, Front Power Windows, good tyres and Vehicle security. I am quite satisfied with Punto Active for the VFM it offered me.

    OTR break up
    >> OTR was 5.75 Lakh + Rs.3340 for Zero Dep insurance. This was in November 2013. In December, it was 1 Lakh cash discount FLAT, no negotiations. I had to sweat and bargained hard for that 5.75 L.

    >> Is it necessary to depress clutch while starting ? If yes, why should we do so ? Do we have to do the same while turning off ignition ?
    >> Does everyone on 185/70 on R14 has their steering hard. Should I do Wheel alignment and Balancing in a different place ?
    >> Plastic Rattle noise above Left rear passenger seat.

    Snaps taken after accessories addition's.

    04Jan14 (1).JPG 04Jan14 (2).JPG 04Jan14 (3).JPG 04Jan14 (4).JPG 04Jan14 (5).JPG 04Jan14 (6).JPG

    04Jan14 (7).JPG

    04Jan14 (8).JPG

    04Jan14 (9).JPG

    04Jan14 (10).JPG

    04Jan14 (11).JPG

    04Jan14 (12).JPG

    04Jan14 (13).JPG

    04Jan14 (14).JPG
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  3. Auto Freak

    Auto Freak Amatore

    Congratulations on your beautiful Punto! Its a good decision that you switched over to the MJD. You must have enjoyed the highway drive I'm sure!

    I would not call depressing the clutch during starting absolutely necessary. But even I follow it for the below two reasons that I could think of

    1. Cranking without depressing the clutch would mean that the clutch plate and the gearbox input shaft also rotate when the engine is cranked by the starter motor.

    This is additional load for the starter. Depressing the clutch pedal would disengage the clutch and isolate the clutch plate and gearbox input shaft from the engine, reducing the load on the starter motor.

    2. Safety. Just in case you had parked with your gear engaged and forgot to bring it to neutral before cranking.

    Im not able to think of any other reason for this. Someone may please add if there are any more.

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  4. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    MRF ZLO looks cool ::T
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  5. krismask

    krismask Amatore

    Thanks Auto Freak for the clarification. The reasons you pointed out itself justifies on why one should be depressing the clutch while starting. Yes, I did enjoy the high way drive. Did 100-120 km/hr where ever possible and the engine did open up a bit and sounds more refined now.
  6. mnranjeeth

    mnranjeeth Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Congrats on your punto, krismask!
    I think even in the i20, you need to press the clutch to start the engine!
  7. krismask

    krismask Amatore

    Completed a long round trip over the last weekend between Chennai and Madurai. The best mileage achieved was 25.6 KM/L(distance covered is 103 kms) with speeds hovering around 80 - 100 KMPH and 2000-2500 RPM. But then if I look at the mileage , it was taking significant toll on the time taken. Since I was driving with Family(Two 60+ elders, One 40+ uncle, My wife, one 3 yrs old and one 3 month old)I wanted to reach destination at reasonable time and doesn't want them to get exhausted in the Car. So after the initial 103 kms, revved a bit to make up the time as safely as possible. Was doing consistently 110-120 KMPH with RPM hovering around 2500-3000 . MAX speed was 140 KMPH at some good empty stretches on NH45. Completed the round trip with an average mileage of 18 KM/L for 1000 KMS trip with AC on most of the time. In city I drive usually at non peak hours and has been getting 15-15.5 KMPL with full AC. Car is now 4600 on the ODO and due for first service soon.

    Must say the drive was very comfortable especially for the rear occupants. My mom is someone who had spine issues for last twenty years and I was worried to take her along. But she was insisting to join, so I did not have a choice. Was very happy to see her get off fresh from the car after the highway drive of 500 kms. Punto was quite solid even at 140 KMPH with all 5 occupants and boot fully loaded with luggage, absolutely no vibrations/noise inside the cabin and every one were sleeping comfortably. Had driven beyond 100 KMPH only on empty stretches in NH 45 with extra caution. Very happy with Punto and hope its gets rejuvenated well in the first service .
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  8. chakiirfan

    chakiirfan Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Congo kris on your punto and i must say it was a well written thread and sum up for fiat punto

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