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Nothing but problems with Linea T Jet+

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by rsinfo, May 14, 2011.

  1. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    I purchased a Linea T Jet+ on 30th Oct. 2010 believing that I was purchasing a top of the line sedan with solid pedigree & reliable after sales service.

    Boy I was wrong & how ? In just 6 months & 2300 km. the car has been to service workshop no less than 5 times. First time it was for a door, second time for jammed window, third time for scrapping noise from underneath the car, fourth time for replacement of link rods & fifth time for 1st service,a/c repair,scrapping noise from underneath & window rattle. Whew.

    Still not sure if all the problems have been removed or not as the service supervisor couldn't find anything about noise & window rattle.

    FIAT India should have its own service stations with own trained staff. TATA motors service stations are least interested in FIAT cars & most of their staff is common. Spares are also a big problem with waiting time of a week for parts to come from Pune.

    Wondering if I should have gone for Honda or Wolksvagon !
  2. Hi Bro, first of all welcome to TFI and congrats on your Jet.
    You are at the right place with so many happy FIAt'ians from your region who will be ready to find the right service station and the right service advisor for you.

    Dont worrry, your issues will be sorted out soon.

    Btw, what is the colour of your Jet ? Please post some pictures.
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  3. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Delhi/NCR tfians will be able to help you. Wait for some more time please...
  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @rsinfo, it's time to visit Elegant Cars in PatparGanj Industrial Area, New Delhi (Near Aanand Vihar). Meet Mr O P Sharma. He is a legend.
    I can assure you that he will take care of your car. Last week, I came to Delhi all the way to Chandigarh just because of his reputation in dealing with cars.

    If possible, can you please mention the issues in detail. e.g. what was the issue with the door? Why AC repair?

    Regarding waiting time for spares, 1 week is too good. Volkswagen has a waiting time of a month. Moreover, there are no free services offered. Vento 1.6 petrol service costs a massive 10k. Wonder what would be the third/fourth service charges when brake pads are to be changed as well.
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  5. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Try to post your problems, TFI forum members will try to advice in right direction.

    I own a Jet did not face any kind of issues since the date of purchase.

    Facing only one serious problem, the fuel hike :evilsmile
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  6. underground scrapping is not the car fault dude..
    try going slow over the potholes..
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  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Whoa, thats quick responses from our TFI'ans

    Lastly, all the issues mentioned by you arent exactly major.

    To put it into perspective , Volkswagen , as you mentioned to be a safer bet than FIAT has been facing MAJOR issues in their cars. It is just the image of the brand that makes you feel safe. In reality, it isnt.

    Do not get disheartened by the T-JET. These are niggles , rather than problems.

  8. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Thanks for all your responses.

    @bnzjon, the color is Bosna Nova White. Would try to post pictures.

    @PaddleShifter, Elegant Motors seems to be a very good SC. Would contact them if I have further problems. Regarding the problems, I am giving below the first of the many emails I sent to the CEO of FIAT India on 17/11/2010 :

    I had purchased a Fiat Linea TJet+ on 4/11/10. The car is very good but it seems that Fiat doesn't believe in proper PDI. I have faced the following problems till date & they never seem to stop: 1. The bonnet didn't open. 2. Left front door didn't close properly. 3. The roof clothing was not properly pasted & came out from the driver roof light portion. 4. The left front passenger seat adjustment lever doesn't work. 5. The left rear window gets stuck in the middle or goes up or down very slowly with jerks. I am getting these things repaired, but they shouldn't have happened in the first place on a car of this segment. When somebody is plonking down 1 million rupees, he expects some basic things to be done right. And every time the car is repaired,the upholstery & the inside of the car take a beating & get dirty. Who is going to clean them ? I am very dissapointed with Fiat India. First very poor sale response from one of your dealers & now this.

    And this is the reply I sent them in receipt of reply of the above mail:

    Mr. Kodalkar,

    Car Regn.no: DL 3C BM 9440
    Selling Dealer: Rama Motors, A-87, Okhla Industrial Area II, New Delhi - 110 020.

    While I have got the defects rectified, my question is why should they be there in the first place ? These are small problems but are very irritating & spoil the fun & joy of owning a new vehicle.

    On top of that, I had to spend close to 5 hours in the dealer's workshop to get them done. I don't think that the dealer concerned has either the manpower or the technical know how for Fiat vehicles as it took him close to 2 hours just to adjust the rear window switch [ a job which a roadside mechanic would have done in under 30 minutes].

    Frankly I am appalled by the service standards & on top of that I am supposed to pay for the consumables in so called FREE services which all other manufacturers are offering totally free [including consumables, tyre rotation, wheel balancing]. This fact was NOT mentioned by the sales person before I booked the car. All the time it was free service.

    Rajiv Singhal

    On 18-11-2010 12:07, Mangesh Kodalkar wrote:
    > Dear Sir,
    > Thank you for your communication, we regret the inconvenience caused to you with regards to concerns referred.
    > We request to update with details of:
    > · Car registration number
    > · Selling dealer.
    > Matter will be coordinated on priority with our distributor /dealer with back up.
    > Thanking you for your cooperation & assuring you of our best services at all times.
    > With warm regards,
    > Mangesh Kodalkar
    > Customer Services
    > Linea & Grande Punto
    > Fiat India Automobiles Limited
    > B 19 MIDC Indusrial Area
    > Ranjangaon Tal Shirur
    > Pune 412210
    > India
    > +91 2138 672764


    Then I again wrote to FIAT on 17/03/2011 about my problems. Attached below is my email & there reply:

    Dear Mr. Singhal,

    We are in receipt of your below e-mail regarding complaint addressed to TATA Motors.

    We understand that M/S Vivek Automobiles had prior informed to you through e-mail dated 15 th March 2011

    about the availability of part (Link Rod). But due to your busy schedule you could not visit the workshop.

    So, we once again request you to kindly visit the workshop & contact to Ms. Deepa (CRM)-09212362731

    to resolve the pending concern.


    For TATA Motors

    Customer Support

    PCBU, North-I

    Encl: E-mail from M/s Vivek Automobile (15th March’2011)

    From: singhal_rajiv@hotmail.com [mailto:singhal_rajiv@hotmail.com]
    Sent: 07 March 2011 12:42
    To: CUSTOMERCARE ( TML ); id8fiat@gmail.com
    Subject: Notification about customer Complaint -Service

    This mail is to notify that you have a query to attend to. Kindly do the needful.


    Complaint -Service



    Your Name:

    Rajiv Singhal

    Your EmailId:

    Your Tel No:


    New Delhi

    Your State:


    Your City:

    New Delhi

    Car Registration No.:



    Linea T Jet +

    Date of Purchase:


    Total Kms. Covered:

    Selling Dealer's Name:

    Rama Motors Pvt Ltd.

    Car Last Attendedby:

    Mr. Gaurav/Rama Motors

    Your Comment:

    1. The front passenger door is giving problem since I took delivery of the car. It takes a lot of force to shut it. Every time I go to them, they say everything is ok & its a problem with ALL Lineas. In fact Mr.Gaurav last time [14/02/2011] suggested that I get the door replaced under Insurance ! 2. There is noise coming from undercarriage whenever the car goes on speed breaker. I got the engine shield adjusted but the problem is still there but is not so frequent. 3. Rama Motors insists on charging 2.5% more on credit card payments. This is grossly unfair as they are not giving any discount & everything is being sold on MRP.


    The airconditioner conked out on 11/05/2011 & the car had to be sent to Vivek Automobiles for repair & 1st service.

    @srikaratluri, exactly how slow is slow ? Would 5-6 km/hr. be good enough or do I have to stop the car, get out & push it over the potholes/speed breaker ? Even my 6 years old Santro doesn't give me any such problem.

    @gurjinder, they may not be major for you but for a middle class person who has plonked down a million bucks for a car, these are MAJOR issues & on top of that they are irritating to say the least.
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  9. rsinfo
    sorry sir.
    did not think that you were that much dissappointed with the car.
    it is neverthless a very good buy..
    try to change the service station and see if it might be of some use to you...
    the interiors becoming greasy is a common problem with all servicecenters. unless you get the interior cleaining done.

    is it the engine sheld are you talking about
    or the under body carriage sheild(the thing beneath the passenger compartment and the boot)??

    I had experienced the underbody shield getting scrapped a few times in extreme terrain conditions.

    if its the engine shield thats causing the problem get the mounts of the shield checked. they might be the cause of the problem.

    is the shield making any sound under normal road conditions also?(vibrating/grinding sound)
  10. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Yes I have changed the service station & it has brought me some relief.

    Initially the sound came from left front of the car. My first SC [Rama Motors] adjusted the engine shield but the sound continued. My second SC [Vivek Automobiles] replaced the front link rods & the front sound dissappeared but now it comes somewhere from the middle/end of the car and only occassionally.

    Besides this sound & the driver window vibration, there is no other sound. Its driving me nuts as both these sounds seem to have mind of their own & keep on appearing/dissappearing on their own sweet will.

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