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Non-Fiat driving experience

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by cannonera, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Hi! Even I own a Spark LS 2011 Petrol and It's a great small package, much better than the K10. it's Handling is great and the breaks are decent as well.
  2. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    Maybe I am spoilt by Punto :p But it is distinctly sub-par at handling compared to Alto 1.1 we earlier had. Don't know if this changed with the K10 though, I've never driven K10 Alto.

    Yup, it is indeed a nice package minus the stock MRF tyres.
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  3. Torpedo

    Torpedo Amatore

    My wife who now drives my 2002 Palio Sport, is looking for a change and has been quite interested in the Honda Brio. So we decided to get a test drive:

    Positive :
    1) Response Time from Dakshin Honda to send the car over to our house - in 45 min flat !!! I was very impressed..
    2) I thought the car looks pretty nice actually. The rear door/panel being completely made of glass makes it stand out although can be a concern for breakage but the lady who came with the car said it has extra thickness and can even take stone hits (minor)
    3) Has an ECO indicator that turns green when the car is running in an economical mode (i.e right gear/right speed)
    4) Waiting period is now down to 15 days for most colors (when Brio was launched it was 4 - 6 months wait). I think lots of stock lying around now with demand for Petrol cars dropping

    The Rest :
    1) The car sent was the VMT which is the high end model.
    2) First thing you see when you enter the car is CHEAP plastics. Everything from the dashboard to the steering audio controls (yuck) look cheap. While I have a good deal of respect for Honda, I really wonder what the quality department was thinking when they approved of the material used. I mean how much can they really save by using cheap plastic on a car that costs 6.53 lacs OTR in Bangalore?
    3) No Climate Control, CD player (Honda says it is a Advanced Music System and hence no CD player [???] )
    4) The CD player looks real cheap as well (resembles something you see in Auto Rickshaws)

    Driveability :
    1) We hated the Electric Steering - it seems too wobbly and moves a lot. Does not instill a lot of confidence into the driver unlike our Palio and Linea which are more or less Point and Shoot - you know the car will go where you want it to go
    2) For 88 BHP and 109 Nm Torque, the car does seem a bit sluggish. I thought the Ford Figo that I have driven earlier gave better acceleration/pick up
    3) Turning radius is quite impressive and we could make a U Turn on a fairly narrow road without a problem
    4) Clutch play is not much so does not require driver to depress the pedal too deep. This has been a concern for my wife with the Palio which needs to be pressed quite hard and goes very deep
    5) Slightly laid back suspension, but could take some heavily pot holed roads with ease. Even with just 165mm GC, did not scrape while my friend's Honda City always scrapes the bottom on the same road

    Overall Verdict

    With the kind of price tag , one would have expected better quality interiors. Overall driveability was not upto the mark and for someone who has driven Fiats, this car is a turn off.

    In the end, what can I say - I think a new true Fiat fan has been born (my wife) who now says she wants to go for a Punto :)
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  4. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I happened to get a chance to drive a swift 1.3Petrol, a palio1.2 and K10 yesterday .
    After getting so used to diesel power n torque, it feels so boring to ride a petrol. The stopping power in all these cars seem to be very much below par compared to my punto, which doesnt have ABS!!
    The swift 1.3 was praised for its powerful high revving engine used in esteems, etc, but i didnt find it so rev friendly as the palio 1.2 which i drove afterwards, but it had decent torque among the petrol hatches. there is a one way with a nice curve which i normally take at around 60 in my car, but i didnt feel confident enough to take the swift there at even 40.
    The palio's steering, man, i loved it more than the punto. the engine was butter smooth, even after 75000 in the odo, but it have to revved to get any juice out of it, which was so smooth and nice note at high revs makes us rev even more. Only let down was the initial torque , i m spoilt by oil burners :D .
    I took the k10, which was less than a year old, through the same route i drove the palio , omg, i hated the car so much even before driving half the distance. Bad seat supports, the horrible steering isnt even coming back to normal position after a turn like in fiats . But it just leaps forward with the tap of accelerator but got pathetic brakes, which totally spoils the fun. The suspension is also a big let down, i used to drive my brothers decade old 800 before, and even now, it havent improved much, every single undulation on the road is directly acting on our body, just like how we feel in bikes!! Only good thing about it is the mileage , my friend is getting around 18-20 in highway- city..
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  5. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    I have driven my uncle's Honda Accord, Scorpio, Innova and my mama's swift, my cousins I20, M800 my sweet peppy power house, its a pleasure to drive the Accord on highways its cruises at high speeds with good control.. though its bit tedious to drive in city traffic with long bonnet and turning radius.. Scorpio is a good experience good interiors, high ground clearance maneuvers a piece of cake good beast on highways can outperform any vehicle at high speeds same with the Innova a highway cruiser with a Volvo touch, swift is good at some areas but the standards are far away from others.. pathetic breaking not so smooth gear box and steering, I20 Diesel asta is a good car in its class with posh interiors and beautiful design though there is turbo lag can cruise at high speeds and good control on the roads .. highest is 180 KMH with this one but certainly there is panic mode at that speeds .. M800 no words to tell its my city car and a highway mile muncher too effective engine with power to pull four comfortably and its like driving my mama's good old bajaj on the city roads .. :)
  6. I had a chance to dirive my Friend's i20 CRDI.
    1. The very first thing that felt odd was the steering. I Was finding it very hard to drive the car straight. I drove for 10 KMS, all the way long I didn't succeed in driving the car straight. He was able to do that. So no issues with the alignment. The steering was like a see saw.
    2. The next bad thing was the braking. His car was just 2000 Kms on the Odo. At one place I rev the engine to feel the turbo, it was good, but immediately I had to slow down. I pushed the brakes and felt like going on a roller coaster where one doesn't have any control on the speed. The car scared the hell out of me. Oops ! I will never drive an i20 in my life again unless otherwise it is an emergency.

    After the ride he dropped me in my office and I had to go back home in my Punto. While taking the car out from the parking, the steering was too hard and made me feel like the front Tyres are punctured. In the next fuel station I made sure that the tyres have the right air pressure. So that was the impact after driving a i20.

    After driving a Punto for 30K Kms, I am not liking to drive any other car. For the steering feel, ride conmfort or handling I can adjust, but braking is something that stops me from driving other cars. Another example is my dad's swift.
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  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Here is my take ..

    swift(Old model)
    Build quality : lets not get there
    Interiors and equipment levels : For the money one pays i felt it was just a WASTE
    power/Drivability : gearbox is good but its too peppy to my liking and i really dont like to drive it in the city in B2B traffic.
    road feel is not good at all and it rolls everywhere .

    Likes : Interiors
    Super silent engine (Even the diesel)

    Dislikes : 1.) I dont know if the steering is actually attached to the column or its hovering in the cabin. Terrible feel
    2.) rocks too much to my liking

    Honda city :
    likes : amazing in the city, too quiet and engine and i love to drive it in the city.
    Turning radius, for a sedan its better than many hatches around.. (Better than the punto any day) .

    Dislikes :: Vibrates at high speed (I'm talking about a well maintained car)
    No confidence under high speed turns and zig zagging is best not done.
    Is it built from paper?? (I recently toying around with the boot of my friend's city and my god a simply tap from my little finger is sufficient to close the lid with a "THUD", now thats terrible)

    Dislikes :
    Bad gearbox, turning radius

    Likes :
    Except the Dislikes I like every aspect of my beauty.. Even comparing a punto with other cars is a sin.
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  8. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    This is the plight of a honda city after being hit by a TVS 50 :p . And they say its crumple zone.. may be !!
    Accidents in India - PICS - Page 813 - Team-BHP

    My friends K10 had a dent in the bonnet, when asked what happened, he said a friend of his's pressed the bonnet while closing it :O
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  9. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I got a chance to ride this Beast yday, Fiesta 1.6S , remapped along with bilstein shocks, BMC CAI, militek exhausts etc . I was completely blown away n haven't driven anything like that in my life! I drove it for arnd 3-4 kms but didnt get a chance to even put in 4th gear, the road ends when i take my legs off the accelerator . It pulls like a train and the power from first gear is better than the power from our punto MJD's third gear :eek: and has a decent torque ,so dont need to be revved highly even when starting off from a steep incline(which i hated the most in small petrol cars)..The legs literally shivered after the initial stint n the adrenaline rush is still in me !! But i felt the steering to be much harder to use than my punto !! Only now, i m getting the point behind ppl buying all these GTX n S10's like mad n i so wish to buy one of those when i have enough Vitamin M to fuel it :( . If this is able to pull off such amazing power, cant imagine how those remapped Laura VRS n all would perform(leave aside exotics from this comparisons :D ). I just wish to drive(later own :D ) of these atleast within the nxt decade!! damn why did they shoot the petrol prices up like this !! :(
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  10. OCTANE

    OCTANE Amatore

    Comparison between my Polo tdi Highline and Linea 1.4 Emotion pack. Actually its more of an ownership experience too. So here it goes-

    Build quality- Linea is built like a tank. Polo has good build quality but not to the tank like feeling of the Linea. Shut lines are uniform and pretty narrow in the Polo than the Linea and i really like that.

    Handling- Linea handles really good on the highway with the supreme platform and the HPS working together. Special mention is the feedback you get from the HPS. But in the city Linea is lil difficult. Stiff steering, tough hornpad, large turning radius, spongy gearbox and obviously the larger size means its not too good for the city. Polo steering is really light which means its good for the city. But no feedback means not really exciting on the highway. But unlike the hyundais u dont have nasty surprises. Its pretty predictable on the corners once u get used to it. Good for both city as well as highway but doesn't excel in any.

    Ride quality- At ultra low speeds polo rides better than the Linea (more cushioning effect) and at higher speeds Linea feels better.

    Engine- Both are underpowered.:-D Linea being a petrol is pretty refined and rev past 4000 rpm it gets your hair raising due to the superb growl although you dont climb a lot of speed. Polo is sluggish before the turbo kicks in and after that its not bad. I feel polo to be more powerful than the Linea 1.4 due to the higher torque as well as the turbo. After 100kmph linea feels quicker. Polo is pretty unrefined when you start it in the morning but goes silent after around 2 kms of running. That 3 cylinder doesnt seem to be a big issue for me. I am pretty satisfied with its refinement. Road noise as well as tyre noise is less in the polo.

    Features- Linea has everything while Polo has nothing. Believe me or not- No vanity mirrors inside, No usb, rear power windows cannot be controlled from the front, No ACC, No boot light, No lights on power window switches, no steering controles, no bluetooth. MID throws limited info only, wipers are tough to use although they do their job, HU is basic but the speakers are really good and will make you laugh once you sit inside your linea with its stock speakers. Where polo has "boom boom" linea has "phut phut". Headlamps and fogs are better in Linea. Using these limited features in the polo is pretty tough and it isnt as user friendly as the linea. No engine guard in the polo which means higher chances of burning a hole in your pocket. Shame on you VW coz u were advertising a lot about the ground clearance of the Polo.

    Looks- Both are really good.

    Interiors- Polos interior quality is way better than the linea but lineas design is better and easy to use. Interiors are better put together in the Polo. Polo is less spacious compared to a punto on the inside but the boot the largest in the hatchback segment.

    Service- Service costs double to triple that of my Linea. First service costed 9700rs. Linea had 3200. Last paid service costed 7700 for my fiat. Service quality same as that of Concorde cochin and felt them to be more cooperative than EVM VW.

    Brakes- excellent on both

    Gearbox- Better in the polo. Slick and sure slotting.

    Niggles- Present in both of them.

    At the end of the day, why did I purchase a Polo instead of a Punto? Had a palio earlier, bought a linea in 2009 so now wanted to taste another brand. Not bad but its overpriced in every terms for sure. There were many people who congratulated me on buying the polo but had none for my linea. Just goes to show how much knowledge Indian car buyers have about cars.
    Thanks for reading. Anything more I will add later.:) phew!
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