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Discussion in 'Safety First!' started by J Ravi, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Why shouldn't they fine the people who are making the others to honk excessively? The people crosses the road with mobile phone or headphones on their ears, riding crisscross, slow driving on the fast driving lane (right instead of left), moving with no indications (changing lanes with no indicators or hand signs), suddenly stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road, etc.
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  2. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Why do People Honk ?

    I have a Horn fitted in my car. It’s a Part of every car and so it means its there for a Reason.

    I Honk! :cool

    Well , iam well aware of the fact that I drive a Car that has a Very Good Road Presence and am Proud of it. I am sure heads turn when my car passes by . I don’t think I need to grab Eye-balls and Scream for attention by Honking ! But , still there are times when …

    I Honk! :cool

    So, when do I honk?

    I Honk …
    i) when I am on a Blind Curve and I want to alert the oncoming Vehicle or Pedestrians about my cars presence there.
    ii) To alert Jay Walkers who are crossing or obstructing Traffic (again to grab their attention to a Moving Car approaching them)
    iii) To Alert my Security Guard of my Presence at the Gate and to Let me in /out.

    Why do People Honk ??

    People Honk because ..
    i) They got a Honk that makes Noise . Some Fit Custom Horns /Reverse Horns , all Kinds of Horns. Why? :rolleyes:
    Because - They want to make their Presence Felt. So , I don’t think FIATians need to do this anyway.

    ii) Some Never Overtake without Honking . Why?

    Because , the “IDIOT” ahead of you might just switch Lanes and enter straight into your path and cause lot of Pain to you and your car. :uh

    There is a Problem in the above Logic. Two actually … Both the Problems are to do with YOU and not the “IDIOT“ in front of you. :steering

    Problem a) Its you who wants to Overtake , so its YOUR Problem to start with.

    Problem b) Its you who assumed he is an “IDIOT” who will do all that you think he will do to cross into your lane and ruin your day. :A

    The above two are nothing but your Problem! Honking doesn’t solve this Problem IMO. Honking just increases the Decibel Levels on the already Noisy Roads! :thumbs down

    An average guy who crosses 100 Cars on a Road Daily would Honk 200 Times to overtake those 100 cars. All with the assumption that any of those 100 over-taking attempts could be his last one .
    If its that serious , I say - DO NOT OVERTAKE ! :evil: If you ask me why should I not Overtake , Again I tell you – Its your Problem !!! Why do you want several other cars around to HEAR YOUR FEARS ??!! Its YOUR FEARS translating into HORNS not the “IDIOT’S” :ugeek:

    So , in short, after you Over-Take and Pass one of these 100 “IDIOTS” , You have solved your Problem (of over-taking) , but who will solve the problem you created for no fault of everyone else on the road? The Increased Decibel Levels and Noise Pollution ?

    Now, how will you “UN-HORN” ? :rolleyes: YOU CAN'T !!!

    iii) As per my experience, most People who Honk are …
    a. Bad Drivers, :rage
    b. un-educated Taxi Drivers and most importantly
    c. Motorists who “Do Not Respect” the Fellow Motorists for both -
    - their Right to be on the Road alongside you

    - and their Right to have a Peaceful , noise-free Drive.

    Remember , many cars have Infants and Kids Travelling . Not just that they are disturbed , they
    take to Honking like it’s a part of Driving Culture in their City, State , Country irrespective of
    Driving Discipline they see outside their Country.

    HONKING is a Menace and I can only Sum up my Post with the Observation that ….
    India Leads the world in the Maximum Cases of Road Accidents and the Maximum Noise-Pollution created by Honking !!! That Summarises it All ! Thanks for Reading ! :helmet
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  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Great topic for a healthy debate, Shahjahan. And a big :up to you for earnestly following a no-honk policy which is indeed a very, very good driving practice.

    I have the greatest respect for a no-honk policy in driving ; which is followed abroad in many countries as you know, not as a legal liability but it is ingrained in every driver that HONKING IS BAD. It's like someone just abused them by honking at them. It's a part of their personality, their overall bent of mind.

    But when the context changes to India, the no-honk policy is still far off.

    Why so?

    We can still get a driving licence without ever having to pass a test, practical or theoretical. This critical misfortune prevents the wannabe driver to know what exactly driving is all about. It's not just about slotting in the gear and moving off. It's about appreciating road sense as well. This vicious circle breeds generation after generation of drivers for whom the real learning, if any, happens AFTER they get their license. They learn what the roads, other drivers teach them. This is where they learn honking, as a much needed and a part and parcel of driving.

    He/She learns that if i do not hear a honk, i will not expect any overtaking ; because he/she never ingrained the habit of either being in the right lane OR taking a frequent look at the rear view mirrors. Because he never recieved any training in that regard.

    Now, in this scenario, will i feel safe driving around with a no-honk policy? No. I know honking is not right , but can i trust the other driver to know if i am passing etc without honking? No. And it is not my problem. When i drive i have to overtake. Else, driving would be impossible. Why - Because : 1. There aren't 8 lane roads everywhere for me to take the fastest lane and continue uninterrupted. 2. Even if there were, i'd find a TATA ACE in the high speed lane.

    My point is : I cannot construct a house without first building a foundation. No one can. Let everyone learn the basics first. Let the tests get stringent. And let even us take a test to re-new our licences. I'm all for it.

    Yes i want us all to adopt a no-honk policy BUT let it's time come. If i go around following a no-honk policy, i'm very sure one day or the other some other car is going to kiss mine.

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  4. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Re: Why do People Honk ?

    Well said Guri and agree to every point you made.

    What if we gave no-honking a chance? I did, I do and I have many miles of driving experience and maybe I made few hundred people Alert to a new idea that People overtake you WITHOUT honking too. "Some use high-beam too".

    I might be at a "greater risk" as per the well explained logic u put forth , but is an average Joe at any lower risk on the roads?

    And, i am not even talking about the Idiots who Lean over the Honk at Traffic Signal, at Toll Plazas, in Traffic Jams :chair::A
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  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Well, glad to see this thread finally.

    I do agree that honking adds to decibels of the city. But still on the very first day i go to the accessory shop and change my horn. Below are my reasons.

    1. I stay in India.
    2. India has a population which the tiny roads and mismanaged planning cannot withstand.
    3. India has no regulations to confirm the conditions of the vehicles plying on the road like European nations and USA.
    4. On daily basis you see swaying overloaded trucks 40 year old cars, buses and what not which have already lost alignment etc.
    5. No dedicated lanes for cyclists.
    6. Hell lot of Autos which have the best powersteering in the universe and can change lanes in a fraction of second.

    Okay enough said above - addition to it, i stay in Pune.

    I do not agree to SJ on the point saying that we think there is an idiot in front of you so we honk. Other way round i would say we are idiots if we are expecting him not to change lane and try to overtake him without alerting him.
    You cannot say overtaking is my problem. You safely overtaking is your problem, so its better to alert him , have his attention and then overtake. This will solve headache of both the parties.

    On indian highways i have faced so many problems while overtaking heavy vehicles. the truck drivers which are mostly drunk and in their own world while driving easily change lanes while you are just about to overtake. As soon as your car has done half the overtake suddenly the truck might hop into your lane throwing you in death trap.

    Similarly in the city the 1000s of bpo cabs, autos etc go zig zag , zip zap and what not. Not their fault, they want to reach their destinations in time. On top of this i have n no of 2 wheelers riding with mobiles on the shoulders and ears. So i dont want to knock them down.

    So i first honk , acknowledge their attention and only then i overtake.

    I know some of my fanatic philosopher friends who have european and US fantacies wont agree, but the ground reality is i stay in india.

    When i go to US and Europe i too forget where the horn of the car is located as i never see people hopping infront of me.

    Also why do you flash lights in India? do you know why people abroad flash lights? They flash to request people to move first and then i move. In india people flash to oncoming vehcile saying " Hey hold on, let me have my way, then you may"

    Secondly to follow US and Europe- we need to drive on right side of the road, which many indians do already :)

    One of my friend on another forum too was of the opinion that i shouldnt horn, but the below video which he himself shot changed his perception. He was thrown out of the road 2 times in 1 kms, first by cycle and second by truck. Had it been he had honked, cycle would have stayed in his lane and the jeep in front of him would have waited for him to pass by.
    My brother in law too changed this perception when he was sandwiched between the divider and the bus while he had made half the overtake and bus smashed him into the divider as he wanted to turn right at the next chowk.

    Swerve01 - YouTube

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  6. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Well said.. fastlove.

    I have see lots of people, honking like anything during traffic jams too.
    Though there is a no space for a person to walk then also people used to honk like anything.

    I would like to add one more reason in these...

    Why people honk???

    1. Bad stomach problem, they have to reach at home at any cost to empty their stomach....(poor fellows) :)
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  7. Nice thread :)
    I follow a honk when necessary approach, the when necessary being any one of the following conditions:
    1. While overtaking
    2. In curves and u-turns
    3. When anything darts out from the road sides that could potentially hit my vehicle unless I grab its attention

    And yes, I do overtake. As others have said before I don't think it would be possible to drive without overtaking.
  8. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    No amount of discussion, counselling, shouting from the rooftops is going to change this fascination for honking. We just love honking, don't we? After experiencing the peace and tranquil in Australia and USA (New York not included :D), in bumper to bumper traffic, I always wondered what is it with us Indians and honking for apparently no reason. One night after some troubleshooting at work, I was being dropped home by the office cab at 3 AM and the driver insisted on honking every few minutes. I could not see a living soul anywhere on the road. When I asked him, he responded "To stay awake Sir" :A :A

    After thinking about it long and hard, I decided that I will have to be the change I want to see and I resolved to not use the horn unless 100% necessary and have been following this rigorously for the past year and a bit. Now-a-days, I only honk if:

    1. The vehicle in the adjacent lane is slowly drifting into my lane - specifically if ORVM is folded - usually on the mobile phone, to draw attention
    2. Two wheelers blocking the lane by riding in the middle @ 10 kmph, with a mobile phone cradled between the shoulder and ear
    3. Pedestrian suddenly deciding to cross the road, without checking for traffic - again while talking on a mobile phone

    All these cases, it is always a short hoot, enough to draw attention. Never a long continuous honk. Everyone was sceptical in the beginning, including myself, that it is possible to drive safely in India without using the horn. After 1 and half years, I live to tell the tale. So, it is not that bad, after all. I even did a B'lore - Trichy - B'lore, 750 kms round trip, without honking even once :D

    As an American visiting friend put it - "Indian drivers are a horny lot" :D

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  9. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    The Horn is a Communication Device, with a purpose which is to let Other Drivers know of something.

    Sometimes it's an Emergency, other times it's just a Friendly 'Beep-Beep'.

    Reasons why I Honk are as follows

    ** To notify someone on road on something important (to reduce accident)
    ** To yell at other road users (because they drive Wrongly which is a potential risk for me too)
    ** To notify pedestrian that he needs to look at me too and crossing road is a bit different than taking a walk in the beach
    ** To say thanks to other drivers
    ** To request other road users to move faster
    ** To relieve stress as one long honk is better than beating up the other person
    ** To communicate command 'STOP' when other driver cannot measure their distance (while parking, or moving out their car from parking)
    ** To Demand other road users to NOT to move to your lane and you are speeding (this normally is accompanied by head light upper & dippers)
    ** To notify someone that they have almost hit you.
  10. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Exactly. This is the only reason why one needs to honk. The only difference is we see many people you stated above on daily basis.

    No one is mad that he want to horn even if no one is in front of him

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