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Discussion in 'Safety First!' started by J Ravi, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Chandu - Sorry to hear your incident. Since, its a lady involved, my first advice would be to amicably sort it with her and ensure cops are duly given your side of the story. Law is on the side of weaker sex in such cases.

    Coming to the topic, you have made a point which I could not make with so many words.

    You had religiously honked and alerted her of your presence which went unheard cos she was engrossed in music. Thats her fault.

    However, the point I been making is its our responsibility while diving to be Alert and not cause any accident. The reaction capabilities of others are not in our control. Not everyone can react to your horn, always.

    One thing we can be sure of a vehicle on road is that its driven by someone who isn't blind. We can not be sure if he is deaf (or become deaf after being on Indian roads for years). So, alerting vehicles is best done by Visual signals - one is your car itself, the other is using lights. Horns are not dependable, if I may put it that way.

    This comes as a part of good driving habit and only judgement could have saved you from todays incident not your Horn as you yourself experienced.

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  2. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    There are such people on two wheelers, who are always on conversation or listening music, and I am sure she would not have heard you honk. Just by showing the photograph of a car nobody can company that hit me or abused me. You can very well take her picture as well becauseusing mobile phone while driving amounts to violation of traffic rule. BTP FB page officially asks citizens to report violation. The picture that she took is just a random one and I dont think it can be taken as a proof.

    I hate making gender-specific comments, but I have to say that quite a few women drivers are least bothered about other vehicles on the road. There are such male drivers too, but they dont come to fight after making a mistake, except if it is a taxi.

    Coming back to honking, nothing works against such people, not even honking non-stop.
  3. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Even drivers of cars fitted with high end music systems, with amplifiers and boom boxes, can barely hear someone honking at them. The point is, please use the horn judiciously. The other day when driving home from work, I was at the starting of the hanging bridge of KR Puram. There was this BMTC bus stopped to pick passengers up, leaving only one lane free. There is a truck right ahead and to make matters worse, the road at the point looks like it was bombed by enemy jets last night. Then I have this private bus behind me headed to KGF, insisting on using all three variants of air horn he has fitted, in rotation.

    True I drive T-Jet, but I can barely take off in the air to give way to him. It is such use of horn that pisses me off. The horn has been provided for a purpose, so use it for what it is meant to be used.

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  4. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    This is not about no honking at all.

    This is about no unnecessary honking. We have to honk for lots of reasons.
    That can be
    1. for taking a overtake,
    2. On a blind curve,
    3. While taking overtake from left side (every one does),
    4. For those you cuts the roads without indication or with indication,
    5. For bikers with headphones in ears :) or bikers , so many.

    If any I am missing out then please do the honor. :)

    Unnecessary honking can be avoided which can make a difference.
    1. On traffic jams
    2. In slow moving traffic
    3. Near schools & hospitals, etc
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  5. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    A while back I had this incident in Sarjapur flyover. It was raining and am driving at 60 as there were no vehicles at the right track and there was only one biker at the left most track 100 meters forward. Don't know what that guy thought, he just turned to the right track. I always keep my thumb on the horn pad as I feel that it is safe in Bangalore. I honked heavily and that guy slowed down just before reaching the right track to be hit. By that time I braked hard and he was near the left wing mirror. My heart really bounced that day but the ABS worked fantastically and no slippage and braking right. Before I react he just moved to left and there was another car I seen in IRVM that comes on the same track so I am supposed to move and this guy moved little left and slowed down. I too was not in a mood to leave him. As I know the police station nearby and so I was driving in second gear only to let the guy pass me. Once he passed I overtook him from left and dragged him to the median and he started to shout at me. This time I didn't leave him and he had his ear-full of all filthy words from me and you know what his reply was? He asked "Can't you see the indicator I put up?". I simply told "You idiot. You switched on just 3 seconds before I braked near you. If you are that much safe driver come to police station that is just on the opposite side and we will ask the cops whose side the justice is". He simply said - Ok boss. Please go. Really the people of pathetic behavior.

    Another incident took place about 2 years back. It is in Chinnappanahalli (where I stayed at that time) near the railway track. I was riding my bike by that time. I was crossing the railway line (manned and the gates were open) and there is a sharp turn (it is a U turn actually) and this guy from i20 and he is overtaking me from left. What a pathetic idiot? He even didn't honk and I was supposed to hit him on the rear door but just stopped the bike in time and he started to pull the fight. He was fighting with me in Hindi with "who given license to me to drive?", blah, blah... I too started fighting with him (probably he might thought that I don't know Hindi as I wear holy ash but for his bad time, I know Hindi better; :evilsmile) in Hindi itself and he thought a second and I got support from two other bikers who came from opposite direction and the mechanic shed guy who knows me came to my support and this guy just fled (He even stays in that area).

    So we actually should know where to honk and where not to. I mostly honk heavily when I see a vehicle who drives in the middle of two tracks (just above the lane marking) as you cannot decide which way you can go - on the right or on the track you are traveling to overtake. Otherwise whenever I overtake, I honk because sometime if there is a left adjourning road is coming or any more vehicle goes ahead of the vehicle in front of you, the visibility will be less and it is safe to honk.

    It is pretty easy to reduce the noise pollution by horns when we learn to be a responsible citizen to follow the traffic rules.
  6. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    i can imagine few days before i went for a horn replacement just it went off for few days after the pune visit, i was driving without horns in the busy city traffic, once it happened that i was driving with out horns and there was a scooter moving on the left i was moving next to him on the right side but he was almost like kneeling on my car coming to the right slowly i thought what is he doing then slowed down to avoid being hit from left and then right a big bmtc bus no honks just coming onto you and back a big Eicher honking wildily just about to hit my tail gate.. it was a panic mode.., same day i went and got the horns fixed its just impossible without horns .. but use only when required is the rule for the day..
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  7. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor


    Another instance of you being judgemental by applying your vague philosophy and mind block saying " Bad drivers - honk" On top of this you say you honk too, LOL what an irony.

    1. He/ She Honks - Does it for a reason, no one honks on empty roads or if no one is coming in his way which may cause threat to both parties.
    2. Not Patient (so he/she honks) - Lol, come out of your fantacies. If someone is in real hurry and some idiot is driving in right lane or in middle of road at very slow pace and if one honks you call them impatient - new philosophy
    3. Tries to overtake every car in front (so he honks) - What an excuse for honking right ?- Thinking of a Philosopher
    4. Causes accidents , in some cases, dashing off Vehicles for example, TATA ACE Truck off the Roads into the Trees just cos of Overtaking :D - Well do let others know that this happened due to not honking. If someone would have honked that day to notify the TATA ACE not to change track this would have been saved.

    So, any driver who creates a situation for an uncalled for accident is a "Bad Driver". - Exactly a person who does not alert and tries to squeeze in without honking is a " Bad Driver" but a great Faniatic Philosopher who is always judgemental about many things.

    A safe driver is a "Good driver" anywhere in the world - Exactly - i try to be safe to avoid ramming someone from behind or brushing anyone just because they suddenly jumped into my lane. So i just blow my horn once, if they understand and dont change lane i do overtake else i drop the plan.

    Also some Philosopher who is totally against honking does the following " If someone honks from behind, i get pissed off and drive so fast that the person cannot ever overtake me, and i vanish off"
    and yes he calls himself good driver."

    Also i am trying to find out few answers on below instances:

    1. I am travelling on a narrow road - person ahead of me is driving exactly in centre of the road - i have no place to overtake from right ? What do i do
    Philosopher - Dont honk, try to squeeze / dont overtake at all
    Me - I press my honk, request for side and go ahead.

    2. I see a car travelling in front of me and driver is merrily chatting with his wife/ girlfriend and not sticking to his lane and swaying his car left and right. Now i have space but still i am afraid to overtake this chap as i never know when he will jump into my lane
    Philosopher - Dont Honk, try to squeeze / take the risk / no anticipation
    Me- I honk , alert him, see him looking into the mirror and then overtake.

    3. I am travelling on straight road, there is a road on my left from where i see a person is speeding toward the main road on which i am travelling. I am at good speed and so is he. I know i am going to pass this turn before him and i do not know if he will turn and stick to left lane or he will just take a merry turn and jump into my lane.
    Philosopher - Dont honk, dont know what lane he lands up into, takes a chance bangs into him
    Me - I honk - this time heavily honk till he stops for me to pass.

    4. On a highway a truck is travelling in right lane and i want to overtake him from left - i know its against the overtake rule - but i cannot go behind the truck for 100 kms - this is Mera Bharat Mahan. While overtaking a heavy vehicle from left i dont know whether the driver is looking in left mirror or merilly in his own highway mood.
    Philosopher - Overtake from left without honking - truck driver doesnt see in mirror and moves to left - still he manages to squeeze and move ahead - thank god philosopher saved.
    Me - I honk 2-3 times as my speed is more and if i get a gut feeling that he has heard my horn and wont move left i do overtake.

    5. I stay in Pune and i dont have big roads loaded with slow moving traffic like Mumbai - Palm beach road, where horn is not needed. I stay in a city which has highest no of 2 wheelers in ASIA. Pune is a city where traffic moves pretty fast, signals are timed at max 90 seconds and lot by lot vehicles are cleared off. Apart from this i travel on roads filled with BPO cabs who are always in hurry due to tight time schedule given to him.
    I Love my car a lot, i dont want to bang anyone or let anyone else bang me - So i Honk.

    So why dont Europen and US people dont honk? Well this is a very good bench mark which the Philosopher would like to implement in INDIA.
    Well Indians too drive well in these countries, They do not honk there, then why do they honk in INDIA ?

    Gentlemen - Population per sq.km in Europe and US is way lesser than India. Roads and Infrastructure are way better than India. Dedicated lanes marked clearly which glow paints ensure driver to stay in lanes and arrow marks help to take turns.
    In India - i hardly have roads, if i have them they are narrow, if wide i have potholes on them, if all okay then i have 1000s of bikes and car per km squeezing on same road.
    We have expressways like Pune - Mumbai ones and i hardly remember if i have ever honked on this road.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Exactly - but somepeople are hell bend to prove a point that Honking is not needed while overtaking. If you honk while overtaking - you are a bad driver.
  8. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    In fog you even don't have visibility to see the lights. So hand signals don't work. Even if there is lights in Chandu's case that lady's attention won't be attracted as the people who talks on phone or listening music while driving won't worry much about the others who is using the roads.

    And your statements contradicts and am supposed to LOL :evilsmile

    @Italia-Linea, Cool buddy.
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  9. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Adding to your point, half the 2 wheelers in India dont have mirrors - style statement.
    So whom do i flash the lights for ? The riders back? Do the back have eyes?

    Forget bikes i see cars driving with mirrors folded, i still fail to understand the reason why.
    Then i have great manufacturers like MARUTI SUZUKI who gives rear view mirror on only one side :evilsmile
  10. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This I seen too; even in highways. What they are going to achieve by doing this I don't know. May be they want to inform the other vehicles that they are blinds and unlawful. :eek:

    This I know why they give only on the driver side. The Maruti Suzuki cars are made to be driven only on the extreme left track for safety reasons... :evilsmile
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