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"Nirvana" - Linea E+ PnP 'AMPLIFIED'

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by SKYWALKER, Jul 15, 2010.



    I had been religiously following the various ICE journals about Linea/Punto Emotion(ally) across many forums, but was either not able to make up my mind or perhaps was quite confused. After much analysis (and perhaps partial paralysis) & deliberation, I finally managed to get some oomph into my Linea. The decision was as quick as the snap of a finger. ::T

    How it all happened
    Fortunately, a day before, I was thinking of sourcing a product which makes it possible to update the existing OEM HU to a new model whilst still retaining use of the stalk/steering wheel audio controls in FIAT LINEA/PUNTO - http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/ctsfa00 ... aptor.html. But one of my friends, who also owns a Linea, drew my attention to the fact that I will lose Blue & Me which was a strict No-No.

    Instead, the solution he suggested was --
    - Blaupunkt 4/5 Channel PnP amplifier
    - Direct fitment
    - No wire cutting
    & I was sold on it immediately.

    Immediate question in my mind
    What about the availability of these amps in Delhi-NCR? I had previously checked with the Blaupunkt Delhi distributers & none of them had any clue about the PnP amps. Again, fortunately, this friend of mine had already worked it out & he confirmed its avaialbility with 'Driven - Mr. Rana'.

    Options available with Driven
    I had the option of auditioning the 4 channel amp - Blaupunkt THA 475 PNP as well as the 5 channel - Blaupunkt THA 555 PNP. For a novice like me & with the Xenos comps installed in my car ::V , I noticed a sharp improvement in the sound quality from the previous setup but no 'real' difference between the two amps. Moreover, the difference in price was also a no-brainer. Hence I opted for the 5 channel one as I wanted to keep my options open for a later date installation of a sub.

    Installation experience
    The installation was done at Driven, East of Kailash. Mr. Rana confirmed that he had never done any PnP installation ever. I think, I will safely take the pole position for the FIRST PnP Blaupunkt Amp installed in a FIAT Linea/Punto E+ on T-FIAT. The amp auditioning was very straight forward (real Plug n Play) & did not take much time. I made my choice as early as 20 minutes from entering the shop. But as I had asked for re-installation of the front comps (previously installed) & clean installation of the amp, it took me a couple of hours for end-to-end installation, testing & signing off.

    I must say the workmanship at Driven is above par than most other installers that I have ever experienced with any of my cars. Time taken for an installation job may perhaps be a little more than any other average Joe, but then its very neat, they use professional tools, no 'jugaad' stuff. I was impressed.

    While wiring the amp, the guy came back with the only bad news.
    "Sir, The amp will always be powered on"
    Me puzzled "Why ?"
    "Sir, the amp is drawing its power from the HU which gets constant power supply (Blue & Me is responsible for this). So even if the key is turned off/removed, there will be power to the amp."
    "hmmm OK. Whats the solution ?"
    "Sir, I will plug in a switch to power the amp on & off"
    "No way dude?"

    The final solution - "connect the ACC from the car's fuse box to the amp".
    Result - The amp powers on & off with the key. :dance

    Amp specs
    -Blaupunkt THA 555 PnP
    -Number of channels : 5 Channel
    -Max. Power (Watt): 840
    -Max. Power 5 Channel @4 Ohm (Watt): 4x110+1x400
    -High-pass filter crossover frequency (Hz): 10 - 250
    -High-pass filter edge steepness (dB/Octave): 12
    -Low-pass filter crossover frequency (Hz): 50 - 250
    -Low-pass filter edge steepness (dB/Octave): 12
    -Pre-equipped for Plug & Play: Yes
    -Ignition supply: Yes

    Additional Accessory included
    -Cable remote control: Yes (lets user control the BASS output through a wired remote)

    Salient features
    -No alteration to OEM wiring
    -Easy installation - pure plug-n-play
    -Compact size - 4.1 x 33.5 x 15.9 (cm)

    Cost splitup
    Mr. Rana was quite generous to extend a discount to me, perhaps as me & my car were the guinea pig for this install. . Final dent to my pocket --
    -Amp - 12.5k
    -Wiring Harness + kit - 7k
    -Miscellaneous - .5k

    There is a tremendous improvement in the sound quality. My yardstick of measurement - earlier when I used to crank up the volume beyond 11 or 12 on the mark, there used to be no music - only harsh noise. After the installation, there is clear music & the sound is quite pleasing even when at 26 or 27 on the mark (max. level being 30). However -
    1. there is a lot of scope for further tuning .
    2. the Xenos comps have to be replaced
    3. Possibility of adding a sub for that thump, sometime later

    I hooked up a couple of subs to test the setup & it sounded sweet.

    Stage 2
    Will come up in due course of time --
    - Replace the existing Xenos comps with much better ones
    - Plonk a sub

    Check the following Youtube link for a video on installation.

    A few snaps that I could capture using a 1.5MP camera phone :sadblue , but kind of portraits the overall install. Enjoy !!










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  2. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Congratulations for becoming the first person to Install PNP Amp in Team Fiat.
    Great Work Done by the installers. No wire hanging anywhere apart from the sub wire you used for testing.
    Do share the contact details of the Shop from where you sourced the PNP Amp for 12.5 K. I coudln't find the 555 PNPamp for below 20 K.and What type of wiring harness is it that is costs 7k(price of a normal 4 channel amp)?
    And do replace the Xenos Comps fast.
    And yes the Bass remote control is cool. I always used to think how would I control the Subwoofer when HU have no control for that. You answered my biggest query.
  3. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    am sure it would give u great output..
  4. eagle_bush


    AFAIK from the manual of the THA 555 a PnP input doesn't need a remote wire to power it up.
    The amp is intelligent to turn on with a High Power Input. Manual specifically says that a remote power wire is not needed!

    I got my amp, now waiting for my Punto to arrive to install it the very first day :dance

    Any suggestions on a nice sub for this amp?
  5. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats skywalker. Awesome set up. I liked that remote control idea. Great job. ::T


    Thanks gentlemen!

    Now I seriously toying with the idea of plonking a sub to compliment the existing setup. I do not want the big 'thump-thump' or an over enthusiastic sub.

    What do you think will be the closest fit & compliment the Blau amp.
  7. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    The JBL works fine with most of the Amps... U can try the pioneer sub as well..
  8. ukr


    Good going Skywalker. Would love to audition your setup, but am put up a bit far away from Delhi right now so unlucky me. I also have been contemplating on getting a PnP 555 amp with speaker upgrade for my Linea E+ but was sitting on the plan because I thought the amp alone would cost around 25k. Also I couldn't find someone in Bangalore who could source pnp 555.

    Could you please confirm if the price of the amp is 12.5k only? Also any forum member who would know where to get the PnP amp in Bangalore?
  9. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Does Linea default HU wiring kit has left point for SUB/spearker in Boot?
    Skywalker: How you plan to connect SUB to amplifier? Connecting using a direct cable between sub and amplifier?
    Although the harness kit has 5 connectors made to connect, but i doublt the default HU wiring doesnt include any 5th line for adding sub in boot.
    Can you check on this ?
  10. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Viny HU has 4 channel output.
    The 555 Pnp Amp converts 4 into 5 channel and for controlling 5th channel there is a remote knob as you can see in pictures above.

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