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New to Team Fiat [World of cars]

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sree.gearhead, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Sree3070

    Sree3070 Amatore

    Cograts sree welcome on board.. Please share your experince with ramkay.

  2. Buying Experience

    During Mid of July 19 or 20 th. My friend asked can I accompany him for TD of hatch backs, I said voila I am in.

    We TD'ed Figo and Punto on the same day with in an hour of time. Both the TD I was in the rear seat. When I sat Punto rear, it impressed me a lot and decided to do the TD myself. Even though I am 6 Ft 2 inches, I din't that much cramped (Though the person sitting in front hasn't pulled the seat back).

    The Test Drive provided to us was a Emotion Model and the TD had all kinds of roads like Orad with patholes, bumps and gravels.

    I liked the features of the car and also my cousin already has a Fiat Punto (2011 Model not sure though). People in my family are average hight so the rear seat space doesn't bother much. Next day (20th) did the TD and decided to book the car. Discussed with him a bit and the finally after about 6 months searches / stopping for financial reasons booked the car on JULY 27th.

    Me and My friend booked Fiat Grande Punto on the same day.

    I booked TUSCAN WINE and My friend booked WHITE

    SA Experience
    I TD'ed the Punto in Chennai, Velachery Ramkay Fiat. The Showroom it self is only 3 to 4 months old. The SA for me / friend is actually a lady and for the first time heard a lady speaking so much technically :lol:. The SA was very corteous and had provided all the details which was asked.

    Sorry guys, Unfortunately I don't have a camera so NO PICS.
  3. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    @Sree, Congrats on booking Punto 75 HP:)

    I too took TD of Punto in Ramkay (Velachery) couple of weeks back, I did TD on GP 90 HP for short distance, the executives in Ramkay seems to be of very courteous. Also I am in touch with one of the Sales Executive in RDC (Anna Nagar), he is going to bring TD vehicle from Anna Nagar to Medavakkam at my place for long TD tomorrow.

    Please share you delivery experiences once you get your vehicle.
  4. @crazy
    Sure will share the same. Now eagerly waiting for the registration to happen.
  5. Here is one photo which I took just before registration

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  6. I got the delivery on 17th.. Will do a write up pretty soon

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