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New Punto seeks speaker upgrade - as of now.

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by hirenmistry, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    Hello TFians,
    I have on order a 2012 Punto Emotion, I am expecting delivery in the next 2 weeks.
    Impatient guy that I am, have already started my hunt to make the stock ICE better.

    My basic requirements:
    1. Needs to have clear and clean sound. Don't need too much of a thump
    2. Should have AUX-IN/iPOD control
    3. Minimal invasive surgery - As in don't want to play around too much with stock setting

    My search on TFI and Team-BHP has told me that:
    1. I cannot have iPod/USB control with the stock HU. Am absolutely devastated with this.
    2. That JVC 926BT is a lovely HU that will not burn a hole in my wallet, but I would love to retain the steering mounted controls so perhaps will hold on the stock HU for now (unless you can show me a way to retain the HU functions on the steering).
    3. A decent set of components upfront and co-axials in the rear would improve the sound considerably, so will be going ahead on this route.

    So armed with this I went to local accessory shops to know more about components and co-axials.
    Got a chance to audition these 3 components:
    1. Powerbase: Did not like them at all, too bright and not at all to my taste. They were the cheapest at around 4K. Apologies I did not ask the series of this.
    2. Kicker: Next up was Kicker ES65.2. I loved them from the get go. Nice and smooth and not bright at all. The bass was also nice. I was sold on them that very instant. These cost around 4.9K. Also the tweeters also of the size that can be fitted in the stock location.
    3. Focal: The last speakers I demo'd were Focal's 165-A1. The vendor was going ga-ga over these speaker right from the moment I set foot into his shop. Based on the same setting as the previous 2 speakers I found these to be definitely better than Powerbase but not as good as Kicker, the bass I felt was same as Kicker but at I found them to be too bright for my taste. And at 6.5K a pop they are expensive as well. The best bit was the cross over box, it was so well made its worth buying these speakers just for this.

    Did not get a chance to hear the co-axials but I would want to go for the same brand of coax as the components. Do let me know if this is a sane choice/decision.

    The local guys did not have Hertz, I've heard a lot about these, would surely love to hear these before finalising my choice.

    So fellow Fiat lovers please chime in with your comments, lemme know if I am doing this the right way.

    Many thanks,
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  2. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    First of all congrats on booking a Punto. I am driving one for the last 9 months and every km covered was a cherish-able one.

    You have got wrong information from somewhere. The stock HU on Emotion lets you to have control on the iPhone/iPod connected to the B&M USB port. By using the steering mounted controls you can navigate the songs in iPhone/iPod. The song name is displayed in the MID of the car. The good part is the B&M USB port will even charge your iPhone/iPod while the music is being played.

    All the best on your new car...
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2012
  3. teky

    teky Esperto

    The stock HU will satisfy all excepting the first one. Believe me I've moved from Plain Components + Co-Axials -> Plain Components + Amp + Sub -> JVC 926BT along with Kickers components and Focal Amp. I've enjoyed each set-up whilst it lasted, however none was as clean like the recent one I have. Hearing on the stock HU with Amp & Sub can make your ears tired sometimes if you know what I mean. If you pump the volume up the SQ goes for a toss and with less volume you don't hear so much detail.

    You can have this with the stock HU itself, I was using my iPhone with the Adapter which had to be bought separately. The iPod should work without this one, although the songs can be skipped only from the steering mounted controls. Can be irritating if your fellow passenger wants to fiddle with it.

    As quoted already elsewhere you can retain the steering mounted controls like Volume Up/Down, Track, Mute, Source using the suitable connects2 kit. Fellow member Italia-Linea is working on getting the B&M as aux-in to this HU and if done we can have everything working.

    Should be a good way to start, may be you'll be satisfied with the output. Remember everyone has different taste is music. However if you've time & budget I would suggest going the DSP way - The Audison Bitone or likes can be used along with stock HU itself. The DSP unit can probably outlive the car, however the budget shall goes for a toss. Whatever you do spend some good amount of money on dampening.

    Good luck with you search mate!
  4. Hi Hiren,

    Congrats on your booking of emotion. Even me and my friend booked Punto Dynamic 1.3 MJD today. I also started searching for a decent HU and a good Co-axial and comp without a Amp and Subwoofer. I wish to have a 2Din HU;however came to know that 2Din wont get fit in punto.

    A dealer has shown me a JVC1Din tocuhscreen HU,but he price quoted was 35k.
  5. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    You can definitely retain the steering wheel controls with an aftermarket HU. You need a Connects 2 CTSFA004 - Fiat Grande /500 Stalk Steering Wheel Interface Adaptor. However, the patch lead that you have to order along with this depends on which HU you go for.

    Anyway, you can plug in your iPod with the OEM HU through the USB cable.

    Thirdly, in case you are interested to buy my Clarion DXZ 785 USB HU, PM me. Its for sale.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2012
  6. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    What are you saying!! If this is true then its like manna from heaven for me. I will go over to the showroom today with my iPod and cable to confirm this.
    This really takes care of my problem temporarily, atleast till I'm ready to move on to a aftermarket HU.

    I hear you :) So what set up do you have as of now?

    I really hope this is true, I wonder how I thought that my iPod classic would not play on the stock HU.
    Regarding the passenger not able to fiddle/change songs - this is a blessing in disguise. I am fond of 80's, classic rock, country etc while my wife loves the new age hip-hop etc. So more fighting on what will be played on the HU ;)

    Yes, I came across this yesterday itself. If I go the after market way this will surely come in handy.

    DSP is simply out of my budget as of now. Perhaps a year or so down the line I might invest into one.
    Thanks for best wishes, I will surely get the damping done.

    Congrats to you too Praveen. At 35K its simply too expensive. All the best in your hunt too. Do keep us posted on what you finalise.

    Thanks buddy for your wishes.
    Yes, as mentioned earlier I would surely love to retain the HU Controls on the steering.

    Even you mentioning that I can play my iPod on the stock HU means that I was grossly incorrect :)
    So you're saying I can control my playlists through the steering controls? I hope thats the case.

    I've heard only good things about the Clarion HU, I will get back to you incase I'm interested. Any indicative prices?

    Thanks all for responses fellas.

  7. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Go for Helix component. Frequency response is impressive
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  8. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    Thanks Bhai, but I've not seen Helix components with my local accessory fellas. I am anyways planning on getting the speakers from Opera House, will ask over there.
    Any specific series I should look out for?

  9. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    I am using JVC 926Bt and according to JVC, it is steering remote compatible. I think you need to buy the interface which enables the function.Check their website and mail them for the info..
  10. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    Aah! Just saw that. Do you have this working in your car?

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