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New Punto 90hp kiirus remapped

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by gauravpaidukle, May 9, 2011.

  1. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    I will hold you to that. LOL

    Anyway, we have an AIR available for testing. But I can only test it if a willing victim comes along. Where are the guys who want to have power?

    Our fastest Punto T-jet does the 0 - 100 kph in 6.7 seconds. But this is in the UK. If no one wants to come up here to get a proper treatment then the cars over here will always be slow.

    Or is it that you guys don't trust me?......I can assure you I can bodge things faster than kiirus and do more damage for half the money. This is a cheap proposition....LOL
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  2. airfoil

    airfoil Novizio

    I might have missed this, but could you tell us what the effect of your remaps are on the emissions? Will the car remain BS IV compliant? Has this been verified?
  3. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    I answer this question when you are answering mine:

    Are you one of the many re-appearances of kiirus or associates under different names?
  4. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    If I was worried about emissions : I won't get into engine mods. Frankly speaking I don't know anything about the effect of remap or AIR on emissions. But I don't think "emission" is the first thing on the mind of someone who gets a remap and or AIR done.

    Which now makes me ask : do ANY remapped cars remain BS4 compliant ?
  5. airfoil

    airfoil Novizio

    LOL, no. I wouldn't blame you though, since I'm yet to post an introduction on TFI. I'm to take delivery of a 90HP Punto next week and was exploring performance mods. You could call me at Nine Eight Eight Five One One Three Seven Seven Seven to confirm if you like. :D

    Fair enough, Amogh. That sort of indirectly answers my question but I'd love to hear the answer from the folks who perform the remap; Kirius/drifter or anyone else in the business.

    What I'd like to see from the folks who offer these mods is a clear listing of the pros and cons of these mods. Sure, Google exists, but I would have loved to see posts from Kirius and or drifter detailing their product offerings in independent threads. Everything, from the cost, procedure, pros/cons and dyno data where available etc.

    I'm of the firm opinion that it pays to be well informed in advance. The pros may outweigh the cons based on my enthusiasm and I may then decide to take the plunge.

  6. samyakmodi

    samyakmodi Novizio


    valid points there bro. no point in burning your money without knowing the cons of ECU remapping or tuning the car.


    few dilemmas :-
    1. what happens to the emission norms
    2. someone here had installed diesel tuning box - AFAIU it's simple plug n play - so can't void the warranty as it can be removed each time the car is going for a service. the guy (anand) also claimed that not only did the performance improve, the efficiency improved too. what happens to the car's fuel efficiency after the tuning/remapping.
    3. what all components need to be changed while getting a remap or tuning done on a GP?? I am sure the manufacturer hasn't put in mod friendly component (for obvious reason - cost)

    suggestion - like someone else suggested here, why not have a dyno run with all the different state of tunes?? we would not only be delighted but better educated - and ofcourse more willing to experiment.

    i am sure most of us here are excited about the tuning - but also would love to here from you gurus what are the cons vis-a-vis pros without any bias.

  7. Guru's,
    Please educate me,how does remapping avoid black smoke? why does it happens in tuning box?
    I have seen cars with stock map also emitting black smoke when floored.
  8. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    ^^ Thats sumthing against emissions..i guess re-maps wud effect emissions but in a marginal way.
  9. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    i am very much against tuning boxes .

    tuning box is like arrogant approach "if you cant do then i will do it in my way" which may harm engine in long run i wonder how anybody can claim efficiency boost with a tuning box.

    remap if done properly is polite request "let us perform better in much more intelligent ways" it may or may not harm the engine depending upon how good it is done

    dyno test would give accurate technical results but again those results could be manipulated or simulated.
    so the best idea is have a full fledged driving test before and after tuning and see that end of the day you are satisfied to/as promised by the modifier.

    only one thing i feel uncomfortable is, remap cost a bomb .21000inr!!! isnt it too much ?
    what could be the break up any additional accessories included in that?
    Last edited: May 13, 2011
  10. kaustubh_vaze


    @Jayadev - Well said on all the points man! The only reason why I see that remaps cost a bomb is because just setting up the infrastructure for remapping sets one back by atleast 10 lakhs (if not more) and then he does not get customers day in and day out. Its not like tarkari. Its more of a tertiary requirement. And there are also arm-chair enthusiasts who talk and dont remap.

    Anyways. @Drifter always had a money back guarantee.
    And this is the best thing that I have heard in a while now -
    "so the best idea is have a full fledged driving test before and after tuning and see that end of the day you are satisfied to/as promised by the modifier."


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