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New Nissan LEAF!!! road test review

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by vikaskumar11233, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. vikaskumar11233


    Hi all

    Here is fresh news from the Nissan corner that new electric car Nissan Leaf !!! was on the road test and got some review I am sharing it with you all..
    Now as Nissan looks ahead for its Indian prospects it also wants to flex its muscles and the best way it can to this is by bringing two of its car models that have earned name for themselves across the globe.
    Nissan-Leaf15.jpg Nissan-Leaf16.jpg
    Yes Nissan is showcasing the iconic GT-R sports car and the Zero Emission Leaf (Electric Vehicle) at the Auto Expo 2012 and we were among the few lucky people who got to drive the Nissan Leaf in Delhi before it’s shown at the Auto Expo.Nissan is pulling up its socks and perfectly aligning itself for the Auto Expo 2012 for which the countdown has begun. Nissans story in India has been one with lots of ups and downs. The lovely SUV X-Trail and elegant luxury sedan Teana brought in India as imported cars did not fill the coffers for Nissan in India.

    Although both the vehicles have a lot of potential in them, they are not able to capture customers as expected. Then Nissan’s small car-the Micra changed the situation and Nissan got into full flow with both the Petrol and Diesel selling well in market. The latest entrant Sedan from Nissan-the Sunny bettered the fortunes for Nissan with the recent inclusion of a Diesel version to the lineup.

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