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New Member with a new BNW Fiat Punto 1.3 On its way.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pronoy_banerjee, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. pronoy_banerjee

    pronoy_banerjee Amatore

    Hey Guys I just came back after a detailed PDI of my BNW Grande Punto MJD. Following explains how i got there.


    I have been a bike enthusiast right from the time I got my hands on a 2004 H.H Karizma and still am. I am associated with xbhp and used to tour a lot with members. My Girlfriend likes long rides, however does not like to tour with all the safety gears on (specially the knee guards). I am very particular of the safety gears, also they are a pre-requisite for any ride with the members. She always use to tell me Please get a car in a few years, that would be good for both of us, and I use to nod in agreement. We both knew I was going to get a good bike first, as my present bike was aging quickly. I had my eyes on the Ninja and the CBR 250. We both were in Bhopal at that time (M.P).

    Turning point

    My parents were in Pune, so after completing our degree, we came directly to Pune. Both of us got a job and got busy. Weekends were the only hope to see each other and go on a ride or hang out.
    In March I went to the Honda showroom, all prepared to book the CBR 250. I got the quotation and called up my dad (He works in Kolkata) to discuss the details and how I plan to get the bike. Dad refused, When you have a bike already, why do you want to get a new bike, learn to save some Money. The problem was that the Karizma was MP registered, and while coming to Pune I had ridden it all the way here on 29[SUP]th[/SUP] Dec 2011. So no showroom in Pune was ready to exchange it for a new bike. I had to get the number changed in order to do so. With a heavy heart, I dropped the plan, and decided to wait until I have enough money to get the bike without exchanging the old ride.
    So instead, i purchased a Canon 550D Dslr camera, which i wanted to get since a very long time. Dad was not very happy, but i was smiling from ear to ear.
    Come June, I visited Kaashid with my friends and girlfriend. We went there in a friend’s car a Swift Vxi. We were enjoying the road to the fullest, with the showers, the clouds etc. A thought suddenly hit me, what if i purchase a car. I can take my family out on most weekends (We have a Maruti Omni, which i hate to drive around), enjoy with my friends in a different way, (On bikes you have no scope of talking to the fellow rider, unless you are using a Bluetooth device which fits inside the helmet). That is when i told my girlfriend that I am planning to purchase a car, and i could see the big smile on her face.
    Came back home from the trip, and had a talk with my mom regarding the same. She was happy and supportive, and so the hunt begun. (Which Car)

    Heavy Rains at Kashid IMG_1849.JPG

    Which Car

    I had extensively driven Alto, Omni, Indigo, and Swift – all Petrol. (Never Ever driven a Diesel).
    After a lot of thinking, I decided to get a diesel on account of the rising Petrol prices.
    I was well versed with a petrol engine, its working and parts, but had no idea about the diesel engine and the turbo charger. Read up on it extensively.
    First on my list was the Swift. My Aunt has just purchased a Swift VDI. The on-Road price was 7L. Mom wanted to get a D-zire. Enquired about both of them, got the on-road prices.
    What I loved about Swift : Handling, mileage, ease of modification, wide service network.
    What I hated : Too common like taxis, the new swift looks like a frog (personal opinion). Long waiting period, D-zire was barely a sedan with a 1L+ price over swift.
    Considered the Beat, but rejected it as soon as i sat on the rear seat, I stand almost 6 feet. Loved the mileage though.
    Polo : Too damn expensive, 3- cylinder engine.
    Figo : Loved the practicality as a city vehicle, no turbo lag, but hated the power and no power window for the rear.
    Almost made up my mind for the swift.
    While browsing gaadi[dot]com in office, saw an advertisement, Burn Tyre not Diesel. It was the Punto, I had never considered it as an option. Decided to check the website.
    I always admired the punto since it was launched, and had heard that it has a powerful engine, but the car is not as successful as swift etc.
    Saw the Punto 2012, checked the engine specs, and compared the old and the new punto.
    I spent the whole day in office reading ownership experiences on various forums.
    Checked gaadi[dot]com for the price, it was not exactly in my budget, but i decided to take it on my list anyways.
    Next day researched further and found that there are a lot of features that the punto offeres, which swift does not in the given price range. I showed a picture of a oceanic blue punto to my mom and she loved it, D-zire was off her mind for good. She said the car looks neat and proportionate.

    I told her it’s a Fiat, and offers much more than the swift. We had our mind and heart set towards getting a Punto now. I called up my dad to tell him about my plans. All i heard was Why do you need a car when we already have an Omni, usko sudhrwa lo and use it. After a lot of nagging, he kept down the call. Mom told me that she will talk to dad and try to convince him. I was not in a good mood.

    Next day my mom spoke to dad and convinced him \\m//. I was very happy. I sent a word document containing pictures of the car, the engine specs and the price. Dad loved the Oceanic Blue, I wanted a Tuscan Wine and so did mom. Called up the Fiat’s toll free number and enquired about the car, the representative told me that someone from Pune will give me a call in sometime.
    I waited for a long time, but the phone did not ring, I opened up google and searched for Fiat dealer in pune.
    Got the number for Pandit Auto, called up the showroom, I spoke to a SA named Sushant. I gave him my email id and asked him to send a quotation for Tuscan Wine Dynamic. He asked me which company etc.
    I received the quotation and was eligible for a corporate discount and also got discount on insurance.
    So the on-road price now was 7,09,xxx. Forwarded the same to my dad.
    Dad asked me, how you intend to pay the money. I told him that i would be taking a loan, as hdfc provides 100% loan on ex-showroom price, it would not be a problem.


    After getting the loan information from HDFC, i was on my way back home, when i saw a Tuscan Wine Punto, it was fairly new, but the color was faded, it did not seem shining, that is when i realized that Tuscan wine and oceanic blue are high maintenance colors. Also checked many pictures on google, they were subjective to lighting conditions.
    Finally after looking at a lot of cars, decided to book a BNW Punto. Called up Sushant from Pandit Auto Tilak road, and asked him to arrange a Test Drive, only 90HP was available for the test drive, Did notice the turbo lag, and the push once the turbo comes to life.
    Asked sushant to get a Dynamic Punto and the booking form to my house the next day, so my mom can see the car for real, he agreed.
    We booked the car on 5[SUP]th[/SUP] July, they said that the car would be ready in 15 days. We paid 25K as the booking amount.
    On 20[SUP]th[/SUP] I got a call from Sushant, that the car has arrived and is at the stockyard, he asked for the sanction letter of the loan and the rest of the payment so the car can be registered.
    I emailed him the sanction letter and told him that I want to do a PDI of the car and then I will give him the final cheque; he agreed and asked me to come to the showroom on Monday 23[SUP]rd[/SUP] July(Totday).

    Reached the showroom, carrying a printed PDI list that I made combining Team Fiat’s & and teambhp’s checklist.
    The car was very dirty and was being washed when i reached the showroom. I told Sushant that I will do an in-depth PDI once the car is washed; he agreed and suggested we complete the paperwork (Affidavit).

    After the paperwork was completed, we went to where the car was parked. I started with the odometer, it read H 103 Km, I was happy as I was expecting 140+ Kms. I told Sushant that i would need quite some time; he said he will be inside, and if i need anything, i can give him a call.
    The detailed PDI started. I was surprised that the tires still retained the small rubber spikes. I took down the Vin, decoded it and found the car was manufactured in June 2012, and the tires in May 2012. I was done by half an hour. I found that there was only 1 rubber beading inside the hood; also the glove box did not open easily. The HVAC was heavenly. The dashboard was wax polished after the wash, it smelt funny.
    I called up Sushant and told him my concerns, to which he said that Punto only has one rubber beading inside the hood, he showed me 2 Puntos with the same, and said that the Glove box will move freely once the usage starts. I asked him for a TD, but he said it would not be possible as the car does not have insurance. I agreed as Pandit Auto is located at a very busy junction with loads of stupid people with a pair of wheels, if anything happens, it is not covered in insurance.

    Coming to the accessories dept. I found the prices way too high for everything. I had a family friend working with R-1 Accessories in Kalyani Nagar. He has given me a quotation with discounted rates.
    The Kagu 3d Tray mats (Universal) for 2900,
    The reverse parking sensor with camera and a clip on mirror with screen for 6500
    Filming with Llumar Opel 50 for 3400.
    Transparent door and bumper guards for 600
    And a chrome exhaust tip for downward pointing exhausts worth 700 for 350.

    With such Discounts I am no longer looking forward to getting any accessory from showroom.

    I wanted a dual exhaust tip 1 -> 2, but the guy at R1 said, it is not available. (I was hoping you guys can help me).

    I will be taking delivery of the vehicle by 1[SUP]st[/SUP] August.
    I would like to thank the members of Team Fiat for their detailed reviews on the Forum. It helped me loads.

    Also thanks to Kedarbendre, I will get the Abarth Stickering done as soon as i get the car.
    Last but not the least, thanks all you guys for your patience reading such a long post.

    Pictures attached from today's PDI.

    IMG_2084.jpg IMG_2085.jpg IMG_2089.jpg IMG_2096.jpg
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  2. saipv

    saipv Amatore

    Congratss pronoy_banerjee for your new Punto !!! :)
  3. pronoy_banerjee

    pronoy_banerjee Amatore

    thank you :) :D
  4. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    Congrats Buddy... Welcome Aboard... Hope you will enjoy @ TFI...

    :up Neel
  5. vivekrj.dieselhead

    vivekrj.dieselhead Regolare

    Welcome Mr. Banerjee and congrats for your ride. Have a good time riding it.
  6. mayank

    mayank Amatore

    congrats for your purchase pronoy..:D Henceforth your bike love will face severe competition from this Italian heavyweight :boxer
  7. abhiuday

    abhiuday Amatore

    New Delhi
    Congratulations buddy. I have been through the same dilemma as you before purchasing my first diesel hatchback. Its an awesome car. Mine is 300km old.. Yes i took delivery 2 weeks before and it has been a wonderful experience.
  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats and have a great time Puntoing around,
    Now your long drives will surely increase, and you will be amaized to see the Giant performing on curves and potholes.
    Abarth stripes will work wonders on BNW,
    BNW is a cool color of the Grande, My dad had selected BNW, but Mom saying Red, Wife asking for Black, I told them all Medium Grey is the one waiting for us,,,,,
  9. PranavOne

    PranavOne Amatore

    Welcome Mr. Banerjee, Hearty Welcomes..
  10. Excellent decision you made buddy.Congrats on your new beauty!!!:clapping
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