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New member to the fiat family with a FIAT LINEA

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Datzraj, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I had sold my TATA Indigo LX 2004 model about a month back, having really served me well for about 84k kms. It started developing minor issues every now and then.

    Ever since i sold that, i tried searching for another car this time it was a 2nd hand Diesel car with a low mileage of around 50k. Test drove
    Verna, Dzire, Manza, Linea, Optra Magnum, Fiesta.

    After checking all of them i was stuck to Manza and Linea.

    Linea for the beautiful looks and a posh classy length of the car.
    Manza for the space and the heart of Fiat.

    After checking so many used cars. i got my beauty Fiat Linea Emotion Pk 1.3 MJD 2009 Feb model Golden color. which had completed about 55k kms.

    Damages on the car
    No extra fittings, bald tires. a stone crack on the wind shield about 1cm size, slightly crushed inter coolers <not affecting the car though>:evil: .
    Dirty interior and exterior.

    So got a full clean wash and got her home on 22nd Oct 2012.

    Paid him close to 5.5L and got her home. Just loving her every ride since then.

    Love the ride and road presence plus the head turns i get.

    Looking at how to improve the performance or dress up my lovely car which landed me here at TEAM FIAT.

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  2. welcome to TFI Datzraj. Please start ownership report of your linea and share pics and experiences :)
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  3. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    Welcome aboard mate. Even I got myself a 2009 Linea couple of months back, though mine is a petrol.

    Pleasew post pics of your beauty.
  4. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Welcome to TFI. Congrats on your buy.
  5. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    Congratulations on your new ride Datzraj. The Emotion pack comes fully loaded and I find that after market accessories only take away from the looks of this beauty. Do get a nice set of tires and if the crack on the glass is holding up then stick with it. 1 cm is very small and somehow I find OE fitment of windshield is hard to match by the A.S.C.
  6. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    welcome to TFI. Congrats
  7. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    Congos for adopting the Italian baby and welcome to TFI :)
  8. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    welcome to TFI & keep driving safe & keep posting your thoughts.. :)
  9. Thank you all...

    This is strange, i was under an impression that if someone responds to my thread i would get an email. But sadly never received anything.
    So just logged in today and see so many responses......

    I shall post the pictures soon

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    A small ownership write up of my Linea..

    Driven 350 kms since purchase, i know that's too less :cool:
    Here is what i observed.

    11-12KMPL in city driving with AC always.

    13-14.5 KMPL in highways with AC.

    Once we cross a speed of 60 it feels v powerful.
    Love the amount of leg room, am a 6.1 ft person it gets really diff to adjust in most of the cars.
    AC is V good in the front.
    Build quality seems v strong and reliable.
    Roof light dimming effect is something i luv a lot.
    Screen for the rear glass.
    Steering controls and BLUE and ME my fav...:D :D

    Dislikes about my linea in specific:
    Pickup not that great compared to Verna.
    ICE and the stock speakers are too bad, lacks bass and tweet sounds.
    Steering wobbles beyond 110Km/hr, heard that its because of the worn out tires.
    GC is v bad, Kisses 1-2 bumps when am alone. If its fully loaded with 5 members, it scrapes most of the bumps. :evil:
    I literally feel like someone is scratching my skin when that happens. it gets on my nerves.
    Came to know that the GC kit or Tyre upgrade is the only fix. (Both of which are gonna burn around 15k or 25k on my wallet.)
    Car has lost its shine a bit.
    Mine doesn't come with a Leather seat and the seat has a brownish stain in most of the places especially on head rests.

    Questions: :confused::confused:

    Is there a way i can fine tune my head unit<Stock Ones> like Bass, Treble, volume level on the front speakers and rear. Tried to play around but couldn't find any.
    I have 2 Sony X plod 6*9 oval speakers which i got from one of my uncles, it looks brand new. Planning it hook it up to my Linea.
    Would that Improve the bass?
    Can the HU handle an extra load of these 2 speakers?

    Got some idea from a TeamBHP site who had cut open the parcel tray and fixed it.
    Not sure how he connected it to the HU.

    Top priority as of now is to get the Audio sound a lil better, i am a bass lover.

    Please help Team Fiat'ians

  10. Got a Power Shine package done for my Fiat Linea from 3M.

    Power Shine
    Wash wet wash with shampoo
    Clay wipe
    Rubbing compound
    Paste Wax

    ->3195=> 3590

    ---Let the pics speak for them selves---

    IMAG0070 - Copy.jpg IMAG0071 - Copy.jpg IMAG0072 - Copy.jpg IMAG0073 - Copy.jpg IMAG0074 - Copy.jpg IMAG0075 - Copy.jpg IMAG0076 - Copy.jpg IMAG0079 - Copy.jpg IMAG0080 - Copy.jpg IMAG0087 - Copy.jpg IMAG0090 - Copy.jpg IMAG0091 - Copy.jpg IMAG0092 - Copy.jpg IMAG0097.jpg IMAG0098 - Copy.jpg IMAG0099 - Copy.jpg IMAG0101 - Copy.jpg IMAG0102 - Copy.jpg IMAG0104 - Copy.jpg IMAG0105.jpg IMAG0107 - Copy.jpg IMAG0109 - Copy.jpg IMAG0109 - Copy.jpg IMAG0110 - Copy.jpg IMAG0111 - Copy.jpg IMAG0111 - Copy.jpg IMAG0112 - Copy.jpg IMAG0113.jpg IMAG0114.jpg IMAG0115 - Copy.jpg

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