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New Linea T-Jet 2013 Test Drive & Review.

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by BoseSuman, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    Re: Re-launched New Linea T-Jet 2013 Test Drive & Review.

    @johy All thanks to the raised GC 190mm on new TJet.

    Personally, I felt FIAT took away some elegance and beauty of Linea by raising the GC so high.

    The wheel arches look empty even with 16'' alloys unlike the older Linea which seem perfect.

    But still, in overall looks department, I would say none of the cars in range of 11 lakhs look as gorgeous as a Linea ;)

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  2. srikanth.addala

    srikanth.addala Novizio

    ^^^ I completely agree with imran bhai... ;)

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  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Check guys . I just read on todays TOI that our govt has raised the price of cars having GC higher than 170mm as well.

    I dont know if the clause says
    displacement = 1500cc
    GC >=170 MM

    but if they say either one criteria has to be satisfied then we might have some trouble with new gen fiat cars!!
  4. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Even Tata Nano has GC of 180mm.
  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    No trouble sham. Fiat will immediately reduce the GC to default it to earlier version and provide the GC kit as an upgrade. :)
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  6. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    the GC of XUV500 has been reduced to a puny 160mm !! that is for an SUV.. hope fiat does something like this !!
    Mahindra XUV500 ground clearance reduced costs Rs 33000 less
  7. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Isn't it funny, or stupid at least? Govts can't think of making the roads better. People complain about low GC because of the pathetic roads. At this rate we will soon see 14L SUV's hitting each and every speed breaker and the owners screaming *hit in the cabin!

    This actually an off-topic comment, but worth a separate thread, i think!
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  8. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    2013 T-Jet Test Drive experience.

    First of sorry for writing late as I was caught up with some work in weekends. Introduction was given by Suman, so not going in to that.

    My driving was purely on highways, as I wanted to push the car. I was driving petrol after long time. So took some time to adjust with Gear and Clutch. The speeds we achieved already mentioned by Suman but that was clearly on testing purpose. Not to be tried if you are not confident about any car your are sitting in.


    1. The engine is super rev happy, I was surprised coming from Diesel car.
    2. low end torque is not as Diesel car as expected. In Punto, releasing the clutch can crawl even on inclined roads, here maneuver with combination of accelerator and Clutch, took little time to adjust.
    3. The power delivery is very linear. About 1800 rpm, the car comes alive though no jerk was felt. It pulls effortlessly.
    4. Till 130, its a rocket. After that the pull slows down, and after 150 it takes own sweet time to speed up
    5. I did lot of rolling test, say from 80 to 120, 120- 150 to see throttle response. Most fun area was 90-140
    6. Engine is super silent. We compared with 1.4 linea, and even in 180+ NVH was quite low. In low speed/rev, you don't even hear engine sound.
    7. Body roll: This was first experience in linea for me so I cannot compare with old T-jet. But I would say its good. Check the photo that Linea was taking the ramp inclined 11th photo. It was at good Speed(wont say the number), but you can notice the rear Tires and suspension if you look closely. People were getting tossed a bit when pushed to limit, But I think thats expected.
    8. The steering is rock steady in High speeds, absolute delight to drive. And I am sure you will be doing more than you anticipate, once you verify from speedometer.
    9. The suspension is better than my Punto. we went over same bumps that I do generally with my Punto. Nothing felt inside, it was was eating everything even at low speeds
    10. 16 inch Alloy is apt for this. We did not feel it was odd looking with increase GC.
    11. Brakes: Just awesome. Very very confidence inspiring while driving and passenger seat. :up


    1. Famous Panel Gaps. Glove Box fittings
    2. The bonnet fitting was poor. It had huge gap from the body. Can put a finger in easily. Even two sides two different gaps :(
    3. City Drivability might be a concern in B2B traffic if coming from Diesel car.
    4. Dash board fit and finish is still not up to the mark.
    5. The pearl white looked pale in Sun, in shade it was confusing between cream and white.


    Fiat can better this car but leaps and bounds just by fit and finish. In highway, no car can touch it in its segment or a segment higher, and it will give run for their money to all German and British big daddys.
    FE is something you don't associate with when you are driving T-jet. Still those are interested, Suman drove in City and got around 10 with 4 people on board, AC on. But by the time we got back to show room after almost 1.30 hours. it was down to 5 KMPL. Thanks to our testing. :-D

    This car is meant for enthusiastic and who have a fiat heart. Otherwise its hard to appreciate this car where customers are finicky about ASS and fit and fish. The price point is the major USP for this car for general buyers, and once its driving dynamics are appreciated by one, its hard to resist this car.
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  9. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Finally, its my turn.

    I would like to thank Tejaswi Motors for providing an extensive TD of the New 2013 Linea T-jet and our beloved members Suman, Srikanth, Rudresh and Pradeep for joining me for the same. Was nice meeting you guys and I hope you guys had as much fun, as I did.

    I also would like to Thank Naresh, the SA from Tejaswi, who joined us for the TD and was very co-operative and was asking us to push more and more.

    I have many disclaimers to make before I pen down my TD experience.

    Disclaimer LIST:
    1. I am no expert in automobiles and particularly Fiats, so my comments on few aspects may seem noob, exaggerated, silly and immature.
    Excuse me.
    2. Many members and T-jet owners might disagree with me, but what would follow is purely my perspective and MY perspective alone.
    3. Few of my comments may seem repetetive, as the others who joined me for the TD have already posted their experiences.
    4. I would request prospective T-jet owners to have an extensive test drive themselves and conclude their own observations. You might feel completely opposite to what I have experienced. To each his own.
    5. The speeds mentioned, that we did on ORR was done at our own risk and the conditions were ideal since there was very sparse traffic and inviting wide roads. We, in no manner suggest or encourage high speed driving. The ones who want to do it are at their own risk.
    6. My driving experience involves 17k kms of driving an Alto in Hyderbad city traffic conditions between 2008 & 2010 and 43k kms of Punto MJD Active on both highways and Hyderabad City traffic conditions since Dec 2010.
    7. Hence, my comparision would be with my lovable Punto MJD in my own perspective. Don't start off that I am comparing Apples to Oranges. I know, thats what I am doing, but I have an explanation for that aswell.
    I put myself as a prospective owner of a T-jet and the difference I felt or I may feel after driving a T-jet. What would be the extra oomph factor for me to ditch my Punto and go for a T-jet, is my perspective.
    8. I have only driven T-jet twice (2010 models) on 2 TD occassions and that too for a very less distance. So, I am not going to compare it to them and this would be my real TD of the Jet.

    By this time, you might have understood that this is going to be one long post. So sit back, grab your coffee/snacks or like my dear friend Gurjinder does a bucket full of Pop-Corn.

    Wednesday, 03rd July 2013

    After many calls and follow-ups with Tejaswi on the status of T-jet demo vehicle, I received a call informing me that the Demo T-jet has arrived and would be available for a TD from last Thursday (04-07-2013).
    Suman and I, have already made plans to do a combined TD once the Demo T-jet arrives at Tejaswi. Weekend was preferred to have a relaxed and a long TD. So, the date and time was fixed as 06-07-2013 @ 10.30AM.
    I sent across an SMS to members of TFI-Hyderabad group and received confirmation from Suman and an acknowledgement from Sreejith (though he din't make it).

    Saturday, 06th July 2013

    Woke up a bit late, got ready and was browsing TFI on my mobile before starting. Noticed that Suman had created a thread regarding the TD meet. Pradeep and Rudresh replied that they would join around 10.30 AM. Started from home at 10.15 and when I was on my way, received a call from Srikanth Addala at 10.30, that he will join us around 11.00 - 11.30. At 10.45 received another call from Pradeep, informing that he and Suman have already reached Tejaswi. I joined them 15 mins later.

    We met each other and exchanged pleasanteries. Shabbir (TL of Sales at Tejaswi) greeted us and we soon got engrosed in a chat. Couple of mins later, Rudresh arrived and he joined us with our chat. In the mean time, Tejaswi guys were busy preparing the T-jet for our TD. We clicked few pics and were trying to look, if there are any notable changes in the overall quality of the exterior.
    And we did, there was a huge panel gap on the bonnet to the left side and the right one was fine. This might be one of a case, but what made us wonder was that, if the PDI guys din't notice it or din't take any measures to fix it.

    When I was starting from my home, I was already planning on how and where we should take a TD. The count would be 4 members and an exceutive from Tejaswi, so I thought of going in the T-jet fully loaded. But, since Srikanth was also joining us, we planned that we would take 2 cars for the TD. Since Srikanth was the only Linea owner among us and that too a 1.4 Fire, we thought it would be ideal to drive along his Linea to feel the difference between a NA and a Turbo Linea.

    Srikanth graciously agreed to our proposal when he reached the showroom atlast around 11.30AM.

    First person to lay his hands on the T-jet was Suman. He drove from Tejaswi to the Gachibowli ORR Toll booth. I was driving Srikanth's Linea and we refueled the beauties on our way to the ORR.
    Suman was being his composed self and was driving it sedately (or may be was trying to get acustomed to the T-jet) till the fuel station.
    But, once he was out of the bunk, there was this entusiastic driver who suddenly woke up and he started driving spiritedly. I, on the other hand was discussing with Srikanth how he felt about his car, cause I was feeling it was way too underpowered for city commute.
    I tried to keep up with Suman and since I am more acustomed to the route as I drive on it almost every day, I was able to get ahead of him. Once we reached the ORR junction, Suman absolutely floored the Jet and it took off. We had a tough time keeping up. We were doing close to 140kmph already.

    Paid the toll fee and the seats were exchanged. Rudresh was at the steering now and before we could realise he was off and we managed to click few pics of him driving. There was this ramp to get down on to the other route, which lead to Patancheru and Rudresh was doing 80kmph and the car was just sticking to the road and was going down the ramp with out a glitch. What a sight!!

    Here, we tried to notice, if there was any notable body roll and we felt there wasn't much. But the Linea that we were driving had a lot of body roll. We swayed a lot while taking the turn on the ramp. This could be because of a lot of reasons like the air pressure, suspension set up (4 yr old) and the body weight which was a lot in the first batch of Lineas.

    Once we got down the ramp and hit the broad roads again, Rudresh just zoomed ahead, leaving us to bite dust. We tried very very hard to keep up, but what we could only manage was to have a glimpse of a white spec ahead of all the sparse traffic in front of us.
    Mind you, we were doing close to 180 and yet we could not come any where near the T-jet. The acceleration on T-jet was just mind blowing.
    The NA Linea had a lot of vibrations and I felt my feet going numb with the vibrations. BTW, the lever to open the hood fell down while driving the NA Linea on the ORR due to the vibrations I guess. Sorry Srikanth, hope you got it fixed.
    We could sense the strain the engine was going through. I was adamant of catching up with the T-jet and we did it finally. Because Rudresh slowed down.

    We reached the toll booth of Patancheru and after paying up, it was time for Pradeep to take charge. I was under an impression that he is a very sedate driver and he proved me completely wrong. I do not know if it was him or the confidence that T-jet gave him, but he quickly vanished again with the T-jet. In the mean time, I wanted to give a final try and was pushing the NA FIRE Linea to its limits and I could manage 190 kmph on a decent.

    Srikanth took control next and was literally flying low on the ORR. I gave up and din't even try to keep up with the T-jet and was enjoying the cruise at 160s. Srikanth missed a diversion and continued on to the ORR (we were only 211kms away from Vijaywada), when we had to call them and ask to stop at the next exit.
    We finally caught up with the T-jet, where it was resting on the road side. While approaching the T-jet we saw tyre marks and enquired if they tried any stunts, for which they replied that they tried hard braking and were mighty impressed with it.

    Now comes my turn to take the reins in my hand. I was itching to lay my hands on it after listening to the comments made by other drivers after they were done with their TD and joined me in the NA Linea.
    What I noticed or rather did not, immediately was the engine noise. I couldn't hear it a bit and that too after continuous revving and high speed driving for more than an hour then. Super silent!!! Day and night difference between FIRE and the Jet.

    I slot into the 1st gear, revv it and take off. Wheel spin !!!! The T-jet was behaving just like a prouncing horse. I tried to revv hard in each gear and the T-jet replied to me, "Is this all you got?". Absolute free revving beast.
    It quickly climbed up to higher speeds and by the time I slotted into 5th we were already doing 140ish. It suddenly struck me, why don't we try a 0-100 figs. This would be the very first time, I was trying something like this. I told the other guys about the idea and they said, "Lets do it".
    So I literally stand on the brakes and the T-jet decelerates at such composure that I was floored. I then understood how confident the other T-jet owners should be with the 4 disc brakes. I am not sure if the ABS even kicked in. I never felt it.

    We ask Naresh to operate the stop watch on his mobile, but he started the clock after reaching 100. So the first attempt could not be recorded. We try it again and we did it in 13.XX Secs. The take-off was not proper according to Rudresh and I completely agreed with him. I knew, it is not everyones cup of tea, to do such tests and particularly mine. So, no more 0-100.

    I was already bored driving the NA Linea on the ORR continuosly at 160-180. T-jet was a bit different, it achieved the speeds quickly, turns were more involving. Stuck to the lane as a train would, to a track. Every other vehicle seemed like trees passing while one is on a train. We see a speck, come close as if zooming-in an image and then zoom-out in the RVM and then vanish.

    My Punto would have sounded like a tractor with a 140-150 cruising. Would have gone out of breath at 170, pleading me to slow down a bit.
    But T-jet, was always asking me to push that extra inch. The best I could do was 200, again while going downhill. There was a road maintainance on the 2 farmost left lanes on the ORR and had barricades where traffic slowed down and piled up. This is the real life situation that one could ask for as an example to test the brakes. I applied brakes and the speed came down rapidly, allowing me to make a maneuver and once I was out of the bottle neck, I stepped on the accelerator and it again took off, like nothing happened at all, just in couple of moments.

    I had a similar experience on another instance with the Punto, which comes with 2 disk brakes and NO ABS. Though the braking was good, the tires screeched just before coming to a hault. I am content with the braking of my Punto, but overwhelmed with what T-jet had to offer.

    We reached the Gachibowli exit of ORR and were driving towards Tejaswi motors. The city traffic starts here. Though it was a saturday, there was enough traffic to simulate the daily traffic conditions in Hyderabad. From the very beginning, this was what I want to test, drivability in City traffic conditions.

    The aww factor of T-jet died a bit here. As mentioned by Rudresh, there wasn't enough low end torque as compared to Punto MJD. The maneuverability was a bit difficult for me with Linea (may be one can get used to it slowly). Power at the press of the paddle was okish and there was this huge transformation that I could sense once the T-jet arrives on to the city roads.

    I managed to stall the T-jet twice at 2 different toll booths. I was releasing the clutch for the eternity and the car wasn't moving a bit and finally when the break-in point came, it just stalled on me. Here again, the clutch setting might have been different or one needs to get used to the clutch behavior, I am not sure. But, definitely, my Punto comes out as a clear winner to me in bumper to bumper traffic situations.
    I sorely missed the Turbo punch, which I get regularly on my Punto everyday and its an absolute bliss, if I can say so. The pick-up was so linear that one would wonder if there is a Turbo at all or does it actually work.

    Summing up the TD.

    Looks: I always admired Linea and one of the main factors that I would want to own one. Punto comes second.
    Pearl white is a huge disappointment for me. BNW was stunner. They should have continued BNW and gave atleast T-jets in Exotica Red. Like we say, "To each his own."
    Interior: The new beige and black interior gives you a fresh airy feeling. Feels more spacious. Plastic quality is nothing to write home about. The beige is very dull and will get soiled pretty soon. It would be a challenge to maintain the interiors, stock.
    Engine: Free revving. Always wants to be pushed to the limits. Smooth!!!!
    Steering: Well caliberated, lighter at slow/city speeds and heavy once you reach higher speeds. I would say it was well thought of.
    Pick-up: Linear, misses the Turbo punch. No lag at all at any given speed.
    Braking: Impeccable!!! I can't start describing the braking power. Absolutely bowled by it.
    Maneuverability: Will rule on Highways as any other Fiat, but one has to get used to the city driving conditions. Understandable, the bigger the car, the more difficult city driving would be.
    GC: With those meaty 16" tyres the wheel arch is quite filled and the gap isn't as prominent as the ones with 15". We have observed the gap in the 2013 Puntos which were on display at the showroom and they looked awful for sure.

    But T-jet doesn't give away the feeling of a raised stance instantly (atleast for the new customers). May be, we might notice the difference if it were to put together with another Linea with the previous GC. Overall, it isn't that bad at all. If you still find it odd, get 17" alloys with bigger profile tyres. Then again, we shall start debating on increasing the GC further and losing the dynamics.

    Comfort: Excellent. I was been in the driving seat only and I felt quite at home.
    Ride: No bumpiness. Swallows all the undulations with poise. Better than my Punto.
    NVH: This needs a special mention. Absolutely silent what so ever. If one is coming from an MJD, they would definitely try to double crank it.
    Rattles: None.
    Tyre / Road Noise: Negligible (without playing music)

    Things that I would like to be different on the T-jet.
    The noise from the OVRMs at highway speeds is just annoying. Something has to be done about it.
    Clutch travel is the same as other Fiats and how I wish that they reduce this.
    Horn - I am not sure about all the cars post 2011. My horn is quite good and does its job well to alert other commuters of my presence.
    But, the horn on the T-jet we drove was very feeble and not even a cyclist would budge to give way if you actually use this horn. PATHETIC.

    So, would I pick one? YES, if I had 10.5 lakhs to spend on an alternative ride. NO, if I would have to trade my Punto.

    Punto justs pulls in the second gear from halt in bumper-to-bumper traffic by just releasing the clutch. Not the case with the T-jet we drove, not even in 1st gear.
    With the daily running of around 60kms and the pathetic route that I take, laden with all sorts of automobiles which I have to encounter, T-jet is not something I should invest on. BTW, my average in city is 12.5 kmpl with an MJD and I would be bankrupt if I use a T-jet instead.

    After reading a lot of reviews and comments about T-jet, I was expecting a lot from it. Did it sweep me off my feet?
    On Highways - Definitely YES!!!
    In City - NAAH!!! Not really.
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  10. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice review :)

    Same here,may be punto breaks are not good enough to handle the weight of the car(jaydev are you listening :D ).May be things was different with 4 Disc brakes.i would have loved to be co-pass at that speed in TD vehicle.
    i never sat in linea,how is the rear seating can 3 people sit comfortably like in manza or verito ?

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