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New Linea 1.3 MJD Owner in town

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cooltaurean, May 3, 2011.

  1. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    thanks to all. i m really digging my ride.:D i had a petrol Indica earlier and the upgrade feels lovely.;):)
    M planning to go accessory shopping to Milan subway on Saturday:dance:dance. plan to get some small things like seat beads for the driver seat, a good car perfume, some wax polish for interior, fiber mud flaps, look for options for upgrading the music system (looking at the ICE thread now) and also wanting to find out who can get me a good spoiler.:eek::confused:
    Hopefully all this will happen on Saturday.
    @ Tron, yes it was Galaxy. i m from Andheri.:)
    @Tony, where do i get TFI stickers. i would love to have it on my car.:confused:
  2. Dilip_dmk

    Dilip_dmk Superiore

    Delhi, India
    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.2
    The t-jet spoilers really suits Linea very well . You can easily get them at any dealership , usually these items are kept . And get it body-colored

    Anything bigger than that would spoil the whole look and would look like a cloth-hanger !

    Congrats for your Linea !!!!! Nice calm color ....
    Last edited: May 4, 2011
  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Buddy you can get the TFI set of stickers form Grandeur, Just Pm him and he will be glad to ship it to you at the earliest. Increase the popularity of TFI by sticking the stickers.
  4. Congratulations cooltaurean. I was at the exact same place in Galaxy Motors where you snapped those pics on 05/05 this month. Great choice of color. Do take care of your cars unique color ! Cheers !!!
  5. ManUTDian

    ManUTDian Amatore

    New Delhi
    Congratulations. Happy Driving.
  6. prihir

    prihir Amatore

    ongratulations cooltaurean. Have a nice ride.


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