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New Issue in my Linea - AC / Fuel Indicator

Discussion in 'Technical' started by GP_Freak, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    These are the finer things which irritates a "single-car" customer to no-end (car in workshop for days, waiting for a cab at roadside trying to shelter himself with umbrella from pouring rain, the longer the delay & with more frequency, the higher will be the irritation).

    This has to be Fiat's top-most priority.
  2. GP_Freak

    GP_Freak Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Exactly ! I would have cursed Fiat to death if I was having only the Linea to Drive around and I would have literally gone mad If that was the case.

    Simply put I love Fiat as long as my linea is with me. Btw, just got a call from service advisor after I had sent a mail. It seems the car was ready on Saturday itself and was put on hold due to the Political Gymkhana after the result of the case was published. But nothing of that sort was told when I went there on Saturday around 12 to take a look at what was happening.

    Anyways all is good. Trust they have taken care off all the issues I have told. My Love with linea will always be shared with my Maruthi.
  3. GP_Freak

    GP_Freak Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    1. Vibrations in the car when AC is switched on. – Radiator Fan replaced.
    2.Tak or Khat noise when switching on or off the AC. – Nothing can be done for this in extended warranty until the compressor fails. Most probably carbon bush problem
    3.ODO flashing after my last 40k service and it stopped by itself miraculously. – Yeah it stopped by itself
    4. Fuel Indicator not working – Rat bite. New sensor wiring done.
    5. Head light switching off from high beam and switching to low beam automatically. –Nothing done as it happens in the night and In day not visible. Also rarely it happens.
    6. Stupid vibrations from the Air filter and the engine cover. – Fixed. Although not happy with the way the foam pads are out.
    7. Rust problems here and there. Its creeping up from underneath the paint. – Fiat will paint and give where the rusts are appearing. Mine is a 2011 linea. Not happy though.
    8.Service reminder not reset. Will be done. – Not done. Was told it was done on phone. But when taking delivery I checked for it and it was done.
    9.Check number plate issue not resolved during last service, have asked them to do it properly. – Two bulbs changed. Let’s see how it behaves after a week.
    10.Front left door open lever vibration. Was not resolved last time, have asked them to do it properly. – Not done properly this time also. I can hear the sound just after I took for the first ride. They have tried and failed. All grease marks in the beige velvet area and the door panel
    Nothing much to talk about the experience as I know what to expect from Fiat service and after receiving my car after a whole week. At the max it should have been a 3 day job.
    Here come the positive parts.
    1. My mail to Mangesh was responded in the 5th minute.
    2. Next day morning the complaint was raised by fiat Customer Care Centre.(CCC)
    3. Part granted at FOC on the same day of raising the complaint.
    4. Tamil received a call from Fiat CCC within 5 minutes of sending the scanned copy for closing the complaint raised with Fiat.
      Over all the delay due to Fiat in my case was less than half a day, which is a great time.
    Picture of the Radiator Fan. BEHR Make. Damage to the pocket 2803. Labour was charged for fan replacement.

    IMG_20140929_184847.jpg IMG_20140929_184822.jpg
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  4. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Great u got it covered in EW.

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