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New head of after sales operation - FCA

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Breeze, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Breeze

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  2. prabhjot

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    imo It will not be so much this professional gentleman who will make that difference it will/could/should be, very probably, the following:

    (a) FIAT and Jeep service coming under the new FCA-era (rather than FIAT Group one or the Crysler Corporation one) MOPAR brand (service protocols, parts, spares, training, logistics etc etc)

    (b) the new MOPAR-branded service and spares etc is doing a very good job for all, even the premium/(super)luxury, brands like Maserati, Jeep and now Alfa romeo, FIAT as well as even FIAT Professional fleet, in esp Europe, Brazil/latam, Japan and now China too

    based on (c) MUCH better, viable and sustainably profitable business case for dealers and their service centres since sales are good and are growing for FCA branded cars and suv-s right around the world.

    AFAI can make out: the push to upgrade service (and sales for that matter) is a worldwide, all-brands push recently, currently and in the future on a GLOBAL basis: Mr. Kulkarni is only the latest such head of Mopar service etc to be hired over the past year or two. There have been similar hirings in many countries, including recently in right hand drive Australia, the Uk, and now India.

    FCA brands' sales growth outperformance is being seen in so many countries. THAT is what the Mopar push for dealers and for service is banking on......and vice versa of course over time.

    It is now, finally, India's turn too, albeit for FIATs only by-default (since the brand was unable to ensure dealer profitability and sustainabile viability): mainly because of the new JEEP-first-and-last + exports-thereof strategy for fca in India.

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