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New Fiat Punto 2014 (Speculative renderings)

Discussion in 'Fiat Global News' started by Herbie, Apr 6, 2013.

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    Grande Punto 1.4



    After the Fiat Campagnola and the stunning Fiat 127 by David Obendorfer, today enrich the heading "The designs of Autontheweb.it" proposing a much more humble and amateur interpretation of "compact Italian style": Moving on exactly the opposite direction along the 'time axis (David had looked to the 70s), I chose to apply the latest styles brought to baptism by New Fiat Panda 500L to the car body and the last point. Here is the result. After the jump I'll tell you a little 'the creative process that led to the creation of the model. I hope you enjoy it.

    INTRODUCTION - Touch the point is not easy, for a number of reasons: it is one of the best selling models of Fiat, fall on her high expectations and the risk of failure is really high (especially with a competition that certainly is not going to look). For these reasons, when I started to think about his possible heir, I have given you these main guidelines: the car must still be recognizable as a point and at the same time to shake off those little wrinkles that emerged after about 7/8 years (honored) service. In a word: evolution.

    THIRD GLASS - Starting from some sketches jotted down in a boring classroom lecture time, my attention was immediately focused on the third side window and its integration with the now classic "light up" (true trademark of the point) and the rear door: developing the concepts of 500L Panda and I imagined so two distinct glass surfaces, combined and overlapped at the C-pillar, the first ideally embraces the whole tail (incorporating lights, third glass and rear window), culminating in the two handles rear, while the other wraps and draws the side windows and the windshield.

    In this way the roof is apparently suspended on the body and makes possible a possible coating bi-color.

    MUSCLE - The lower part of the side, finally, is dominated by muscular wheel arches and fenders squared, clearly inspired Panda/500L and muzzle sloping rather creates a ... point of contact with the current generation of compact Turin.


    OLD & NEW - Moving to the front (track shortly after the start of work on the side), the idea was to combine some traditional elements of design Fiat "'50 / '60" with the look and setting of ' last point, but try to avoid the effect of "Cinquecentona" In my opinion out of place on this model. So here led projectors have maintained a form similar to the previous one, underlined and highlighted by the side ribs on the hood and the special cut of the bumper. The center of the mouth unprecedented generous in size, placed rather low and ideally linked to the lights (another reference to the point today), inside I wanted to insert six chrome mustache, similar to those of Fiat Travel and inspired by the Fiat 600 economic boom. Higher up we find the logo of the House, which is also surrounded by the classic mustache and drowned in a small grid.

    Two other design elements typical of the age that I wanted to include are the central ribs on the hood and the line to inverted "U" that is created by combining ideally the top of the inside of the bumper with fog lamps.

    AGING - After this stage, I switched to cleaning (soooooo amateur) design with Photoshop, and then to the press, and finally, the definition / correction of the details (shadows, reflections). All this took several days to run, abandoned and resumed several times depending on the time available and the level of inspiration of the moment (which contributed notes Dalida, David Guetta and ... Lady Gaga, forever in my ears: because even in the music I love merge old and new!)

    The very last stage is the on-line publication that will complete a short concluding this little story: I hope I have explained as clearly as possible the reasons behind each line and the emotions that a fan like me feels when one fine day decides to take a pencil and draw the heir of a model.


    SOURCE : Fiat Punto 2014, Nuova Punto 2015, Nuova Fiat Punto | autontheweb.it sondaggio/

    There are many speculated design theories about the next generation Fiat Punto. Some say that the car will be inspired by the new Panda and some say it will derive inspiration from the Fiat 500. And there are some who report that the car will borrow cues from both the Panda and the 500.
    The current Grande Punto which was penned by the legendary car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro is in a class of its own in terms of looks. Even after 8 years of service in the market, the Italian hatchback manages to look fresh.
    The challenge is to make the next gen Punto even more attractive.
    Here are the speculative sketches of the 2015 Fiat Punto by Autontheweb.it finished with hints from insiders. The free hand sketch clubs the design features of the Panda and the 500L while still attempting not to deviate from the Punto’s identity.
    In the profile, the nose has an air of the 500 while the pronounced wheel arches reminds us of the Panda. The roof line is tapering towards the rear and the artist proposes a C-pillar which has integrated rear door handles.
    The front fascia of the car is unmistakably Punto but features few improvements
    like a contoured bonnet and flared fenders. Overall the sketches attempt to evolve the Punto’s design without disturbing its DNA.

    SOURCE : 2015 Fiat Punto speculative free hand sketches/renders
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