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New Fiat Dynamic MJD. Is this deal good ?

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by Aceman82, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Aceman82

    Aceman82 Timido

    next ntibedm
    Dear All,

    I am looking at buying a Fiat Linea Dynamic with the below breakup,

    Fiat Linea Dynamic 1.3 Rs 9,41,845/-

    RTO Rs 1,02,185/-
    Zero Dep Insurance Rs 35,319/-, Future Generalli,
    RSA Rs 0/-, provided FOC by the dealer
    Extended Warranty Rs 7,865/-
    Logistics charges Rs 0/-
    Acccessories Rs 5,000/- (I can decline this if I want to)

    Total Rs 10,92,214/-

    Minus Discount Rs 1,00,000/-
    Corporate discount Rs 5000/-
    Other discounts (still haggling to get a final better offer)
    Gold coin Rs 1500/- (could be worth Rs:10,000 going by the rupee fall LOL.gif )
    The Same Future Generalli insurance from outside for the same IDV costs around Rs:24,000 and hence less Rs:10,000

    Total Comes to around 9.7L on-road if you were to minus the cost of the RSA also. Also getting better than expected price for my current car in exchange when compared to other dealers (mainly Ford for Ecosport) which makes the Linea extreme VFM. Hence my query is,

    a) Is the OTR okay (or) would it be possible to get more discounts.

    b) Would there be any spare availability issue 5 years down the line or something (i.e. Any chance that current palio owners plight be replicated for Fiat Linea owners also
    :confused:) ?

    c) I am more than okay with the performance offered and it is not as bad or sluggish as portrayed (the Dealer gave me a very long TD). I am not sure why everyone calls the Linea underpowered, at the very least Ecosport, Sunny, SX4 and Etios felt the same or less powered but there is no explicit mention of them as underpowered. Any reasons for general 'underpowered' statement ?

    In general my dealer was very attentive, straight forward and eager to please. Something which I never expected from a Fiat dealer (maybe after hearing all Scary stories) and hence i am hopeful that things are changing for the better and with the current offers I am inclined towards the Linea. Hence please do let me know your comments on the same.
  2. Aceman82

    Aceman82 Timido

    next ntibedm
    Update on this thread. I have booked a Linea Dynamic MJD with the expected delivery on Wednesday. Checked all cars and no car had the VFM coefficient like the Linea (I was shocked to get a quote of 8.8L for top end Dezire, 9.5L for Eitos..etc) since Volkswagen cousins were overshooting the budget by 2L.

    Mods, please do lock this thread. I will start a ownership thread as soon as I receive my car.
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  3. dipen2003

    dipen2003 Timido

    Congratulations on buying best sedan mate!! Enjoy the miles..Cheers....
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Congratulations :)

    Looking forward to D-Day.
  5. Congratulations on your booking,please aviod going FG insurance if possible.
  6. Aceman82

    Aceman82 Timido

    next ntibedm
    Thank you for your reply everyone. Linea was VFM quotient (Rapid/Vento features at Dezire/Manza prices :) ) and the ride, back-seat and steering made me overlook the ASS nightmares. At the very least the Dealer (Ramkay) was terrific so I hope that things change for the better.

    I would love to go with another insurance provided but Rankay service centre (Chennai) has one FG for Cashless tie up. I guess RDC has both FG and Bharathi Axa but I liked Rankay one better.Only consolation was to get FG insurance directly and for the same IDV as quoted by the dealer , I got some 12K less by contacting them directly. Maybe next year when we have more service centres and more cashless tie-ups , I can think of other insurance. If there is a better idea, please do let me know since I will be paying for insurance only Monday after I do the PDI in the dealer's yard.

  7. Please read the FG insurance issues faced by Cutyred.for a 9 lakh car he got bearly 4 lakhs as totlaled settlement.
    I will be suprised if you still wish to go with FG.
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Not trying to defend FG (at present I'm on Oriental), but i believe we can find horror stories in all brands of Insurance providers. That'll make choosing insurance next to impossible.

  9. Agree,some how i felt they were unfair to cutyred.
  10. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Fiat offers Future generali as a default Insurance although they do have a tie up with other Insurance co. This is the case when they provide free insurance.

    Aceman - Can you confirm if you are offered free insurance? Also whether extended warranty is chargeable or offered free? If not you can haggle with the dealer for the same. If you are required to buy Insurance then you may look for other options than FG. The insurance premium would be around 26K, the extra amount for zero dep is daylight robbery.

    As far as post sales is concerned, Fiat is building the service network slowly but steadily. They do promise that their workshops are stocked with spares but can be taken with a pinch of salt. This however should not be a deal breaker. They do make some fine cars.

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