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New Car searching started, To Replace 76HP Sports.

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by BoseSuman, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. i am also in search for new Car. I tried Rapid, Linea but could not test drive a New Fiesta. Rapid is punchy, engine has strong grunt.steering and seats are not great though.
    Linea looks outdated now especially the interiors. New Fiesta looked great for me, except for the rear.

    Rapid comes with 0% EMI for 3 years @ 60% funding from Skoda.

    New fiesta is offered a discount of 1.5 lac at ex-showroom price. This translates to close to 2.25 lac discount for the top end, as both roadtax, ins etc comes down along with invoice of car.

    New fiesta Titanium + on road is 10.75 lac and can be bargained to 10.50

    Style variant with a little hard try can be around 9 lacs, which means it is directly sitting on 90 HP price in Karnataka.

    I am confused of choosing between a 90HP and the fiesta style 1.5 tdci now. It all depends on fiat offers for December.
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  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    I would go with new Fiesta if you are getting it in price of 90HP Punto. (I hope you are talking about 90HP Punto)
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  3. Yes 90 HP Punto and New Fiesta Style.. Only unknown territory is the Fords parts price and maint cost of new Fiesta considering it is doing such a low numbers since it launch.
  4. teky

    teky Esperto

    BoseSuman - Wait for the Face life announcement from Linea and then book the T-Jet as Shams has suggested. Look out for the Dynamic T-Jet offer going on as well.

    Chethansgangoor - If I were in your position I will wait till Jan/Feb to see what Fiat has to offer. We all for sure know that the new Linea is going to have refreshed interiors, so why pick up something which you're too sure about.
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  5. Teky, the issue with new Linea would be the same 1.3 MJD. I did discuss with SA here and he also confirmed that it will be a 1.3 MJD and the second soar point is super pricing of FIAT for 1.3 Linea MJD, it would be around 12 + lacs from the launch date for a top spec. The problem with FIAT is that no one knows clearly about the launch. I am holding my money till the last week of December and see what turns out. If 90 HP is offered with great discount and comes to around 8 lacs, i might still go for it, but fiesta is too attractive to ignore :confused1

    I have invited a big headache by selling my car :evil:
  6. teky

    teky Esperto

    Are so cars expensive on KA. My Friend bought a top end MJD for 10L in TN last month, seeing that I don't know why it would be 12+ for a 1.3 even if they face lift it. I've never driven a Fiesta but if you don't need the boot why not the 90HP, it has all what you need and it comes on it own in the highways. The only thing you would miss is the boot and with Fiat you're using a tried and tested product. You also have seem to have no issues with service - so why re-invent the wheel?
  7. The top end Linea MJD costs 11.83 lacs on road without discounts. Boot is not a necessity for me and this is the reason why I short listed Punto 90 HP. Punto 90 HP costs 9.17 lacs on road without discount and as of today it is 8.6 lacs with November discounts. Fiesta is 9 lacs with discount. A diff of 40K is what i see between a 90 HP and a Fiesta.

    If Punto 90 HP comes to 8 lac OTR after December discounts are announced, Fiesta is gonna be ditched for sure.

    Just waiting for the offers to be announced.

    @Suman sorry for hijacking your thread for my buying decision :-D
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  8. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Therein lies your answer, 90hp or Fiesta make up your mind, dude!

    It is observed and the final answer or decision comes from within the buyer's own heart and mind, which is the way it should be IMHO.
    When posting a query for choosing a car, one needs to size down their requirements for themselves first.
    Points to narrow down are -
    a) CNG or Petrol or Diesel (depends on personal running or sheer whim for petrol or diesel)
    b) Hatchback or Sedan or compact SUV/Crossover and such. (Traffic and Road conditions and whether some amount of off-roading involved)
    c) Max. Budget. (eg. not over Rs. 11L)

    For eg.: The ideal way of asking would be to choosing between :
    a) Punto 90bhp, Swift D, Hyundai i20 crdi, Honda Jazz (apples to apples) or
    b) Skoda Rapid, Fiat Linea, Vento TDi etc. (oranges to oranges) or
    c) Duster, XUV500, Ford Ecosport etc. (peaches to peaches)

    If I may, our ultimate goal here must be that every thread should serve it's purpose of providing quality information that can be useful for future decision makers and remain relevant to some extent for a certain while.

    No offense meant at all to anyone in particular but comparisons go haywire between apples and oranges because experts here too have to assume or read between the lines of the query posters :-|. You cannot therefore ascertain well informed decision making for yourself, which I suppose is the main purpose here.
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  9. asimpleson, its not about comparison of cars of different segment, its about price and the fact i brought in 90hp vs Fiesta was that they both are 90 hp engines and same price[now], driver cars. Boot/no boot is ignored in my case. Heart still says Punto to me :D . Comparison can go wrong if a top end hatch is compared to a bare basic sedan. Here they are equally loaded too :rolleyes:
  10. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    if it is between fiesta and 90hp, i would anyday go with fiesta... only once i ve driven the new fiesta and the near zero turbo lag of the 1.5L engine and beautiful gearbox and heavy steering blew me off !! even though its not a looker, i am sure, you would make it the most beautiful and powerful fiesta in india with your mods !! ;) the kinetic blue:devil ... or if u wanna stay with our family, get the new Tjet dynamic with 1.7L discount ;)
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