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New Car - Pulling towards left side - Fiat Punto - Active

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by baranimani, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Mine is ofcourse not a new car but I faced left pulling first time recently after 72000km. As per gurjinders suggestion, swapping the front tires worked perfectly and the pulling is athing of past now:thumbup:
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  2. baranimani


    Thanks guys for all your reply.
    But I have been facing the same issue. I took the wheel alignment/balancing at a private place. they even done the swapping of front tyres, but still issue is there. i don't know what to do now. This dealear kept the car for more then 15 days and could not fix the issue. yesterday i took the car. I am planning to raise the issue to Fiat top level management. Let me re-try with private place again.
  3. B40

    B40 Novizio

    Navi Mumbai.
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Jk tornado S did the same thing to me. You simply have to change the tires?...or...do some...rotation..find the best balance...i am on 7000km odo...the wheel just turns right allways.
  4. GP_Freak

    GP_Freak Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Concorde Ambattur does nothing but to sit and hatch eggs on issues. My personal experience only. There could be others who are really happy with concorde:rolleyes:

    Coming to the issue, did you get a copy of the wheel alignment report from the private wheel alignment centre ? Check all the values of castor/camber, toe in/out ect
  5. baranimani


    Thanks. I went to private wheel alignment centre twice and has two readings. i am really tired of going with Concorder motors ambattur chennai. they are just try to stretch the days without fixing the issue. they don't have good technicians. absolutely waste. I have wasted full tank of diesal and paid money for pickup and drop.

    Till now my issue hasn't been fixed. i could not drive the car at all. i am planning to send mail to Fiat MD, VP and others.

    This is a manufacturing defect. they should re-call all the cars and bring it to their factory and fix the issue. But they don't want do this as the Indians has lot of patience.
  6. rennypaul


    it is very unfortunate that many fiat punto cars are having this problem of pulling towards left , i to had a similar problem with a brand new punto . If it is not the problem of the car why does all punto cars have pull towards the left . in a normal practice wheel alignment in a new car is done only after 5000 kms or so but as fiat punto customers we have to do this in a brand new car , which i feel is ridiculous . But what is surprising is that fiat management is not willing to address this problem , do they sell punto cars in europe with a similar problem .. I urge all fiat members in this forum to escalate this problem in order to get a permanent solution ..

    Renny Paul
  7. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore


    Onc ethe tires are fitted in factory...ideally it be made sure that alignment,balancing etc are done right...donoo if this part of process..

    If it is not...it can lead to such pulling issues..

    My friends' Swift & cousin's i20 had same issues...

    I think its some negligent person does this job at factory...and QA is not in place for this..
  8. baranimani


    still my issue has not been sorted out

    hi All,

    Still i am having an alignment problem. RDC motors chennai is the new and exclusive dealer for fiat. No more concorder.

    RDC motors took my car for a week and they too could not fix the issue.

    i am not at all comfortable in driving this fiat punto active car. Planning to sell and buy Honda Amaze.


  9. reggaerahul

    reggaerahul Novizio

    Pune, Maharashtra
    barani, could you share your alignment readings here ? When you did the alignment multiple times, did all the parameters (toe,camber etc.) were in specified acceptable range ? I am not a pro in alignment or suspension but have had a similar problem on my Palio where the camber reading on right side was positive by full 1.2x degrees. Refitting the camber bolt to have the strut adjusted in correct angle works temporarily but the original problem is that, some local mechanic had tried to overfix the negative camber by drilling and extending the hole where the bolt is fixed and messed up that that assembly where the strut is fitted.

    That may not be a problem with your car as camber angle usually won't change unless the strut is bent or is defective but verifying the alignment readings would help.
  10. fiat583

    fiat583 Novizio

    Hi Barani,

    Deeply regret on your situation.
    I also had this issue from day1 of my punto. But after putting it with the dealer for 2 days, it some how got resolved. They told that they swapped the tyres and did some alignments.
    Do you have any feedback from FIAT? I would suggest you have to escalate this to next level and should get this corrected rather than leaving the issue and selling the car. After, you have psent your hard earned money, so you should get attention. I strongly beleive it will get resolved.
    Also, beleive me or not, if it was driving pleasure that attracted you to punto, amaze or no other car nearby will give you that feel. Punto is an amazing car to drive.

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