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New car buying suggestions

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sly.cooper, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. I checked Punto Evo today and I fell in love with the car. Also I liked the new interiors and music system. I wish my Linea had those. Anyways coming back to the main point... The advertisement says Punto Evo Active starts at 4.46L (ex-showroom) and I was hoping that Evo Dynamic would be ~ 5.5L (on-road). I was surprised to know that Evo Active is 5.33L on road and Dynamic is 5.98L on-road. That is way out of my budget. On top of that since this is new car, there are no discount. The glitterati gold color has wait period or 2-3 months. Though some of the features I can get done later (OVRM color, fog lap etc.), Active feel like missing lot of things.

    What is the FE of Petrol Punto? During the short test drive, I could only see ~8 km/l on instant and avg. mileage indicator. Me and my wife both loved the short test drive as compared to swift.

    I had checked Pulse and it was in the range of 5.5 - 6.0 for mid-variant. For car at that price, I wasnt impressed with the interior quality - (No offense to Pulse owners)
    Brio looks fragile especially when seen from back.- (No offense to Brio owners)
    Dont feel like going for Maruti. After driving swift for 6 yrs and "experiencing" all the rattles in the car, I dont feel like even checking Maruti wholeheartedly. I checked Celerio and did not like the interiors. - (No offense to Maruti owners. I still own Swift :))

    I have driven Grand i10 yet however I think it also starts 5.5L onwards as that is where you get i10 top model. i10 looks a bit outdated now as compared to Grand i10.

    So far I like Beat in terms of looks and interiors. I need to check Spark as well. I will be doing TD soon for both the cars. Spark top variant is ~4.25L and Beat LT is 4.45L post discounts (54K and 60K respectively). Since this is our second drive and will be used in city only, 6L is on higher side.

    It is a battle between what my heart wants vs. being practical...
  2. pra.agar

    pra.agar Regolare

    Check with fiat dealers for fiat Punto old model. I'm sure they still have them and they must be offering them at good discounted price in order to push new model. You can get all feature plus the super built tank for the price in which you would get other Basic starting model and a crap built up car ( In my personal opinion)

    I bought Punto 1.2 Dynamic after all discounts for 5.6 in March 2014. You can get a better deal now.
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  3. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    The spark's a great city car, the best i believe in the A-segment, I cannot believe it never sold by the thousand a month: pretty solidly built relative to Maruti-s, pretty spacious at the back, easy entry and egress, mature rather than choppy ride, reasonable go and fuel efficiency too.

    Did you know that the Spark (i.e., the Daewoo Matiz before Chevy bought that firm out) was designed by the very celebrated man who gave us this ageless design classic, the Grande Punto: Giugiaro (if i've spelt it right)?!

    Chevy have since altered its front looks a bit, still looks contemporary. And you'll save a pretty penny too, by buying it.

    Still, just for the looks but esp the hefty tank-build: I'd go for the Evo Active. You can always add 'features' over time.

    About 'mileage': a MINIMUM of 11-12 in city traffic, AC always on. Upto 16-17 on the highway, Ac on. That's what we get on our 1.4 Fire 2010 Linea.

    Be sure to check the Evo 1.2 Fire petrol, it's very driveable for city duties, though guess it only comes in Active trim?
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  4. @pra.agar - Punto old model was sold out. It was sold for 5.2 L (not sure of version). Now they have Diesel version only.

    @prabhjot - Thanks for the information about Spark and Grand Punto designer :). Matiz too was good looking in the small car segment. One of the biggest feature for missing in Evo Active variant is "all 4 power windows". Rear seats don't have power windows. 11-12 Kmpl seem same like my existing swift. Also the driver seat has no height adjustment. The showroom did not have Evo 1.2 petrol. I did TD on 1.2L Punto. Active and Dynamic are 1.2L. Emotion variant is 1.4L which is for 7.7 L o_O
  5. 5u3zEr0

    5u3zEr0 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    The car the Celerio replaced was a Spark, we used it for six years and about 70,000 kms. It is no where as spacious and comfortable as the Celerio which was one of our main priorities. The Spark is also at the end of its life cycle.
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