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New Bulbs please ;)

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by nobrakes, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. praful


    I think you missed reading in my post that I am already running 80W & 100W bulbs :) [And with a relay and ceramic holders for last 3 years]

    I need to upgrade the Lo-Beam bulbs which are presently 80W. Need something in that range, but more yellow.

    I definitely cannot go back to stock bulb rating as the light output is pretty pathetic!
  2. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Praful I did read that you are running on 80 & 100, but I didn't see the relay & ceramic holder part (Did I miss it or did you miss it from posting ;)) . See if you can get hold of Flosser bulbs in B'lore. They are the OEM suppliers for companies like Merc & one of my friend is using it in his Punto with excellent results. The tint is Yellow.
  3. nobrakes


    Hey Surya......everything seems fine on the battery/load end. Like I said earlier, I used the same setup in my previous car for years and it worked fine. It's been more than a year and I'm very glad that I did it....the stock bulbs were pathetic. Also, the reflectors are fine and no dust or water has entered the headlight assembly. Hope I have'nt jinxed it ;-)
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  4. praful


    My bad, I assumed it was understood that after 3 years of no issues with running higher wattage bulbs I was running the default upgrade list i.e. relay and ceramic holders for every higher wattage bulb user. :)

    Didn't find any Flosser bulbs more than 55W in H7 :(

    12V Head Lamps

    Though I did find my current bulb :D - 48358 - NARVA
  5. Folks,

    I read though the posts in this thread,I have two concerns I am told 55/65W bulb can take up to 10 Amps of current and so when a 90 W bulb is there it can take almost double current.Also from the few tests done by others charging current from alternator is ~15 amperes, so essentially 90w bulb along with fog lamps will drin the battery more then it the charge it is getting.

    Second point is a 80-90W bulb in low beam can be temporarily blinding to driver on the opposite lane, we all hate when some one drives with high beam but a 90W is even more than high beam.Are we not making it tough and dangerous for others?
    There is guy near to my home who drives his M800 with some thing of this type of bulbs and I can't see the road at all for few seconds.
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  6. praful


    That issue is there, so one needs to keep a check on the battery 4-6 months. Also its best to switch off lights at signals.

    Been doing that and so far no issues with running 90/100 on Punto and 80+100 on Palio

    The difference is that even though its 90W or even 100W, its low beam. if your beam is focused properly it will should not be going into the oncoming drivers eyes but rather it should be spread on the road. But yes, flash of 100W will straight go into the oncoming person's eyes.

    That's why I make it a point a to drive with Lo Beams, and use the high beams only when I am passing or indicating oncoming vehicles to switch down to low beam. But then there are always these morons who drive with high beams always ON. A flash of a 100W or 130W high beam usually bring their lights back to planet earth :D
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  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Hi, would like to upgrade the Headlights, its Stock till now, as most of the times using Express Highway. can say 80% driving on Xpress way and 20% in city.

    Need the Advice from the Fiatians
  8. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    ^^ Tony,

    You can select from following options -

    a) Retain the OEM wattage; upgrade it to better bulbs like Philips Xtreme vision, Osram Night vision etc.
    b) Go in for a higher wattage (like 90/100) bulbs but you have to add an relay to your existing wiring set up

    I have been using Option (a) in my Punto and option (b) in Alto. Definitely throw is much better in option (b) but flipside am facing is that bulbs tend to get blown out soon if 'pass/flash' is used frequently.
  9. praful


    Not really. Its possibly a quality issue with your bulbs.

    I've been running 80+100 setup on my Palio for almost 3 years now and the bulbs are still fine. And yes, on highways on needs to 'pass/flash' a lot!
  10. Exactly the same in my wife's Santro with 90/100 + Relay. Sometimes the bright doesn't work or the dim doesn't work. Got it checked with the guy who fitted it and also changed the relay but it keeps happening. The bulb blows out exactly when Bright is switched On or Off.

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