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New and Due (to be JETtisioned)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rana, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    My vote also goes for Bronzo Scuro - that is one superb color. If punto had that color, I would have really tempted to take that :)

    Do not forget to do a through PDI of the Tjet before you buy.
  2. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    Maybe a case of improper inflation of the tires, or poorly maintained cars by the dealers (although even then I would be surprised, unless the weight distribution is highly uneven).
  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    My vote goes for Bronzee, as the color changes at different hour..
    My next Fiat car would be Bronzee.......
    Congrats to you for processing the great mean Tjet macho Machine. do post us the ownership experience and the First sight Pictures of the Beauty
  4. rana

    rana Novizio

    THanks a lot guys... the Bronze Scuro has been booked late last evening... The showroom guy has been asked not to log in the booking before he lets me know what mfg date he will be able to allot to me. He has agreed and by today I shall have the visibility. He was initially talking about a Jan 11 vehicle which was at the factory and allotted to them in September as brand new. But I refused to fall for that and have imposed a pre condition that the only Aug onward mfg date will be acceptable. I am hopeful of atleast a May vehicle if not anything else...

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  5. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Welcome to the T-Jet club Ranaji!

    Bronzo Scuro is a great colour. Linea looks like a much more expensive (and elegant) car in that colour. The acceleration of the turbo makes one forget the petrol prices :D As PaddleShifter has said, its worth every penny!
  6. tushargn

    tushargn Amatore

    Congrats Rana! :drinks
    i too agree about the punch of a T-jet!
  7. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    As per my knowledge no TJet has been manufactured after 31st May (EMZ) or 1st June (FMZ). You can check my thread on manufacturing for more details
  8. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    Congrats Rana. I think the latest Bronzo Scuro with Concorde was an Apr 2011 stock. Do check in their inventory stock list. Rope me in if you need support. Also, call Fortune Motors and check their inventory list over phone. I did that and figured that they had an older model of HHB, so I continued my booking my Concorde. For Fortune, you can rope in Satyajit as he's bought from them.

    AFAIK, FMZ series is not out. 2 most prominent dealers in Mumbai confirmed that to me.
  9. Satyajit


    Hi Rana, Congrats! It's raining T-Jets here for sure!

    It's true that manufacturing has paused for now and the cars with May-built chassis were last rolled out. You should have no problem being alloted an April or May manufactured car. I think the Bronzos were mostly DMZ if I'm not mistaken. No issues. Just arm yourself with a thorough PDI of the car. There's a detailed thread on this as well as a download on this forum.

    The 'age' of the car in that sense applies mainly to the kms run. However, it is a 'brand new' car in the sense most people use that term. So don't be overly alarmed. You being a pre-owned Santro owner already know about these things. You should see an 'H' on the odo, with the kms next to it. This implies the car has not run more than 200 kms... everything else's there in the PDI doc.

    The Bronzo Scuro is the showstopper here. No 2 ways about it. Burgundy being one of my fav colors, I bought the Tuscan Wine ... but it also avoided a Fukushima-like situation at home :)
    .. but I love that color too. Check out member Mr. KR. Vasudev's Picasa album for photos.
  10. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    Hey Rana,
    Welcome to the TJet club! Good choice on the color. I personally think Bronzo Scurro looks the classiest (that's why I bought it). And it is very rare as well.
    Most likely you should get a good piece, but do take out a day and go for a thorough PDI at the yard before the octroi is paid nevertheless.
    And the car is a true drivers car - no other car comes close. Take her on a spin to Lonavala and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Beware, the pull that this car generates can be very addictive. :)

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