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Never in my life will buy a fiat again!!!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by samanth passi, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    There will be no consideration taken when it comes to warranty.
    If i have to be a bit straight then even If i had a company i would not have taken such reasons as valid. Please think about it. From your standpoint you might be right but you cannot convince FIAT that you were traveling and so you could not get the service done.
    AFAIK no brand with endorse such claims.

    Point 2
    Yes it is slightly lower compared to others, get a check up done though and your air temp should be between 6-7C if that's the case then its working perfectly. If you feel the throw is not sufficient increase the blower.

    Can be a case of overinflated tyres , balancing and such things. You have mentioned you keep traveling so perhaps you might want to give such things a thought too.

    FOr the other problems you've stated, Yes the fuel sensor is a bad story and it was your bad luck.
    Mileage is purely driving style my friend.
    I"ve got the best avg of 32kmpl and the worst of 9kmpl . Its all on the way you use your right foot!!

    Now my opinions
    Its understood that i'm a fan of FIAT and i really do love FIATs.
    But even i have complaints with this car and brand they seem to take us all for granted, however that should not be held as a strong point to say that you hate the brand itself.
    Dont buy another FIAT, that's accepted but hating a brand ? Well that's something difficult to digest because of these issues..

    Frankly , Most of your issues are really not issues at all if you ask me and perhaps if you had maintained the service schedule properly you would have had a better response from TASS/FASC. Think about it.
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  2. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Wooaahhh !! Let us step back a little bit. After reading your post all I can concur is that you are dealing with lemons. Take no offence: I also see some disconnect in your post Let us go one by one:

    1. First and foremost : I do not see any mention of dealer / service station. Where has your car been serviced? Why don't you upload the scanned copies of the invoices till date (you claim to have spent a lot of money in the car. I am sure you have the invoices)

    I don't quite get this. One year without air conditioner? What pipes are you talking about? What cost 36,000?

    You are talking about the Punto here. I am sorry, but yours is an unique case where you complain about the AC in the Punto. Majority members are happy with the AC's performance. Besides your post is subjective. "Lower than other cars in its section" ? How did you compare? Be specific about the problem and please do not bring subjective discussions

    What was the cause? Did you get it fixed? If your car is new (and therefore in warranty) this should have been fixed free of cost

    Again : why did you pay? Why are you not claiming warranty for such things?

    Since you mention System D I am assuming you own a 1.3 MJD. 10-12 is seriously wrong. Either it is the driving style or you have been sold a lemon. Members get 15+ in city and 18-20 on highway in the Punto MJD. Again : your case is an exception and not the rule

    I am sorry but it is impossible to understand what you want to say. You may like to phrase your sentences properly and use commas, full points etc. From whatever little I understand : "getting the vehicle checked" is not equivalent to "servicing". If you did not get your car serviced on time : its your fault.

    I am sorry but unless you back your claims with credible evidence, entire service history, scans of bills etc we are not going to keep this thread. I am locking this thread for now. PM any moderator when you have all the details and we will re-open the thread. Thanks!
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