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Need ur suggestions before taking a decision......

Discussion in 'Pre service query' started by Guru Punto MJD, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. My car as clocked 41000 kms approx and 3 years old. As i m located in Vellore(TN) 140 kms far from FASS Chennai, i used to take yearly once or 15k km for service dues. Till now i haven't given my car to any local mechanics for service so that my EW doesn't get spoiled . Now i m thinking of local garages for minor service and oil change , due to spending 1000s on fuel to visit FASS. the minor service like changing brake pads , wiper blades, filters and oils etc...

    The decision i took is correct or i need to wait till next service due is to come.
    will local mechanics will able to do the job properly who works on this type of engines fitted on other car brands..??:confused:

    And my family is planning to have a week tour covering major temple destinations of Tamilnadu, what are the necessary things to be checked before moving out.

    As my car had a complete oil change before 6500kms odds (i.e., around 34000kms approx) and next service due falls on mid of July month , should i change engine oil before starting my trip or not necessary..

    Pls my fellow seniors help me out which would be wise decision at this situation....

  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    My personal opinion - you should get the regular servicing done at FASS only since its once a year thing. You can locate a good FNG nearby who deals in either Fiat cars specifically which would be rare or any multi brand workshop. Maybe Vellore TFIians or nearby can help out in this case. Is there a Mahindra First choice workshop in your town?

    Regarding your trip, You should get the basics checked like oil/coolant/brake fluids etcs checked for their levels and top up if reqd. Check whether the electricals are working OK, Tyre pressure depending upon the load and a handbook of nearest FASS in the locations you will be visiting. I dont think you should go for an oil change since its been done quite recently.
  3. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Once EW period is over and you are sure you know good mechanic there is no harm in getting these things at local garage.

    I was happy with my Palio servicing at local mechanic and I was more comfortable getting things done to my taste and satisfaction from local mechanic.

    Good Luck
  4. Thank you ghodlur sir, and there is not mahindra first choice workshop in my town. But there Bosch car service center and jain cars multibrand workshop . But i don't know how these service station perform on fiat cars.
    And whom ever see this car first they admire by looks and then start blaming that they don't have proper service network and spares are wont available in out markets bla bla bla.....
  5. @ vasu ji,
    Yes EW is going to get over by this July. There are mechanics well experienced in servicing maruti cars and they are ready to service fiat cars if i arrange spares . But i hesitate how they will perform on fiat cars which they haven't serviced before though maruti borrow the same engine from FIAT .
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  6. s.rahus

    s.rahus Novizio


    As these mechanics have no experience servicing FIAT cars, my humble suggestion is to not to take the risk.

    The minor service like changing oil, brake pads, wiper blades, filters etc that you have mentioned can be done from your local workshop, but anything else it would be better to take the CAR to FASS.

    After all, "Peace of mind" is priceless!!

    U S
  7. @rahus ji,
    As u said i carried out a major service i think third service at RDC fiat chennai. I paid 19k for that service. They charged 5000 for labour alone. When i went to receive my car after two days i was shocked to see the total bill amount and thought is that much expensive to maintain a diesel car or fiat cars. I paid the bill without arguing and came back to own town. That actually emptied pocket fully and traveled half a to vellore without money to fill fuel . This is a separate story happened , thinking to post it with proper write up. Finally what i feel , IS FASS are costlier or all diesel cars are costlier to maintain.[ feel sorry if i mentioned anything wrong ]
  8. s.rahus

    s.rahus Novizio

    19K sounds to be on the higher side. It should be hovering around 10K max if I am not wrong. Can you upload the scanned copy of your 3rd service bill, if you don't mind?
    @ Moderators- I meant "Peace of mind" in my above post (# 6). Could you please correct it?:A

    U S
  9. Going to take my car to RDC fiat by next week for very sluggish behavior when AC is ON . When i talked to SA in RDC , he informed it can be cleared by cleaning EGR value. Is that a true?
  10. This is service bill of my car which totally shocked me.
    The labour charges are too high and these vat charges are totally a headache .

    Scan0002.jpg Scan0003.jpg
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