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Need to take some decisions ahead my 4th service... Please help ASAP..

Discussion in 'Pre service query' started by phate_b, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Hello experts, I'm taking my ride for the 4th service(45k) next monday to Concorde Cochin and need to decide on which of the issues I've to fix this time around. This is important since I'm on a limited budget. Help me choose; and also provide info on how much each these are gonna cost.

    1. The Service; it has to be done anyway; and its not free this time. What's the expected cost for service? Last time at 30k I'd changed clutch, brake, power steering and transmission fluids and also had a top up of clutch fluid at 36k after a clutch failure. Oil, Fuel and air filters were also replaced. Disc brake pads were replaced six months back. So this time which all fluids or parts shall I ask them to replace? And is there any other thing I should ask them to inspect/replace as part of routine? Points to be asked for trenchantly among the ones listed in service coupon?

    2. I've had my rear suspension in trouble since 42k, and i hear scratching noises from the right rear wheel as it jumps through potholes and run on uneven roads. I feel it would need a replacement at least now badly. How much would that cost?

    3. Wish to upgrade my Ground Clearance. Is the upgrade kit still available? What all are the components and how much does it cost? Is it reliable? Thanks to the local roads I have to say there's no paint left under my front bumper. I'm replacing the rear suspension anyway but I had replaced the front an year back only. So is this a recommended option or should i just paint my bumper once in a couple of years.?

    4. As said, the front bumper has no paint on the bottom side, and the rear bumper has a lot of scratches thanks to my driving lessons with it and a recent mistake by a nice friend of mine. He thought the fiat would move slowly like a swift as the clutch gets released in reverse, and rammed the rear bumper to a wall. (I narrowly escaped from being a spacer in between the car and the wall meanwhile) So i've got the reflector on right side displaced, and currently clipped to the bumper by myself and the left reflector broken but in position with the reverse lamp still covered and working. How much does it cost to get the two bumpers painted BNW, and to fix those reflectors (I expect they r gonna ask me to replace both)

    5. Ailment with the horn, as my left hand has nothing to do with it. Left side of the horn comes to life once in a week at most and the rest of the time nothing happens if my left thumb pushes the horn! If I tell this will they ask me to replace it too?

    I need to keep the total budget below or around 20-25k. So please help me out with the economics here and let me decide which all to pick now and which all to keep aside. My priority decreases from top to bottom on the list.

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    am confused!! :anyone
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Normally, any paid servicing will cost you around 6-8K.

    You can choose other things depending on your budget. I would say get rear suspension problem corrected and leave other things for now.
    Though your budget will allow to get GC upgraded (cost ~12-13K).
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  3. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    You need to change only engine oil this time (no other fluid needs to be changed)
    GC kit is around 11k + labour charge
    issue no 5: part should we replaced in warranty if u have taken ext warranty
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  4. Yup rear suspension is obviously the TOP priority... have to do it; and since I'm updating rear suspension anyway, if I am gonna take the GC kit I must be doin' it it now.

    Is it really recommended? Saw mixed opinions here: http://www.teamfiat.co.in/fiat-india-news/4495-fiat-upgrade-ground-clearance-older-versions-linea-punto.html

    does it improve GC to 185mm? And does these guys at TASS do it the way it should be? If I have to go for it I need to give a call to the SA at concorde to confirm its availability as early as possible..

    (phew! I have a lot of questions!! I usually go for a service with no idea about all these and do what the SA says..not any more!)

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    Well in that case I'll give a call to them and see if they have that GC kit available first..
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  5. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Ask for SIBI as SA. He does a good job. Atleast he dont push you for unnecessary jobs and does a good job with works we ask for.
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  6. Yup...and I hope Hyson would rope him in..!! As I'm set for my last service at Concorde..hopefully...

    I think I would call Sibi today evening and enquire about the GC kit's availability..

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    I've just had a conversation with Sibi, and he said the GC kit now costs 12k+2.5k(labour) but the bad news is that it's out of stock and they'll bring it in only on booking, and it will take 10-15 days... so I don't have to worry about it for Monday! :D

    The rear suspension will cost 2.5k at worst, and rear reflector lamps 800 a piece. Painting the bumper will be 3.2k each, but there's no use painting the front bumper unless I have a GC upgrade :( so for now I'll just clean the markings on the rear...
  7. Better get the paint job done at a local known garage . But the trick is in getting the correct mix of color . You can easily save few 1000's on this . And there are many local garages who can do much better job than these service stations .

    I have done the same on my Exotic Red punto some time back at a local garage @ alpy and the work was almost perfect .

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  8. I don't know whether there's any reliable places at KTM that can paint me BNW.. Currently the only work I do at outside garages is for the wheels..
  9. Post Service:

    Repaired the suspension, and it costed almost 8500; service done; horn repaired. That was all. Total cost went up to 17k+. And it took two days to get things done.

    Irritating side effects!! :(

    * The repaired horn is mounted back with no nuts i guess. I need to use enormous pressure to get it pressed with my right thumb. And worst, there is something unfixed, moving inside the horn as it could be felt on rotating the steering!

    * Power out socket has failed. I had been charging my phone on ma way to EKm for service with no problems, but on the way back, its not working!!!! :irked

    * The backlight for temperature control knob and partially on the fan speed knob is also not working after service. The AC panel now looks half blacked out at night.

    What have been those jerks doing with my car :(
  10. Visited concorde again yesterday. Reported the problems I faced after service. Got all power socket and horn fixed free of cost. When I asked about AC panel backlight siby said the LED's won't be available any more, and he will inform me if they get one somehow. But to my surprise the backlight is working fine now!!! :eek:

    And when I asked for some extra stuff like Fiat cup mudguard and carpet mat, they said they have only display pieces left, and stocks won't be taken any more.

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