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Need suggestions on Pune - Goa Route

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by pandemd, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Night travels have become very risky these days on NH4 , there are gangs operating who pick people traveling with familes etc and block their way and loot.
  2. Vighnesh81

    Vighnesh81 Novizio

    Pune, MH
    I think, it happen rarely amit, never heard such kind of things happen recently on NH4

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  3. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Its rare but happened on NH4 where a family werelooted. I remember it was nearby Peth naka.
  4. tushargn

    tushargn Amatore

    Pune-satara diversion n work in progress frustration wd be over after Karad n u'll find good road to push MJD till 160, i cant control every time! Next good ride is kolhapur-Belgaun stretch.... No words required fr road quality n also driving experience in night!
    Post sawantwadi, take new toll road n thats another awesome straight road till Panjim. The toll is worth, no traffic n cool new road like a video game!

    Bdw, I am from Kolhapur and been to Goa for more than 30 times since 87 (twice/year) by bus, bike n car! Last visit was Nov'13.

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  5. pandemd

    pandemd Novizio

    Hi all,
    Thank you all once again for suggesting me the routes. I returned from this trip yesterday night. And here is the travelogue of the trip.

    I was excited about this trip, so couldn't have a sound sleep before trip. My Linea's tummy was filled up to brim at HP Bunk in Hingewadi. This fill costed Rs. 2460.00. Just three hours before departure, son of my friend was confirmed coming with us. We were carrying a good amount of luggage also, but we were able to manage all this. So in back seats there were two ladies & three kids. Route for onward journey was still not finalized and we decided to drive up to Kolhapoor straight, and depending upon time at Kolhapoor we were to choose the route ahead.

    We departed from my Wakad residence at 12:20 am of 2nd May.
    View attachment 63403
    We touched the highway in 3-4 minutes. As we were having plenty of time to kill, I kept accelerator paddle light. This was my first long drive in night with Linea. Enjoyed the drive alot. At about 1:00 am we were at Khed Shivapoor toll. Rear seat occupants were in deep sleep by now. Kept cruising at decent speed and I was at Khambataki ghat at around 1:30 am. Enjoyed overtake game of truckers twice in Khambataki. Normally I get angry when one truck overtakes other at just 12-15 kmph speed but this time I enjoyed it too. Khambataki ghat was over in 30 minutes and kept cruising ahead again. Reached Anewadi Toll Plaza Till Karad there are lot of diversions and occasionally bad road too. Post Karad the road is just superb. Enjoyed cruising around 80 kmph. Had short break at Kini toll booth for 10 minutes. Small villages, towns were being crossed at high speed. I was at Kolhapoor outer at 4:15 am. We were looking for a tea break but we didn't see any hotel or a restaurant open at that time. Kolhapoor and even Kagal was crossed at just 40-50 kmph speed, just to look if any hotel or even a tapri was open. Reached Karnataka border at around 5:00 am. Had a long tea break of around 30 minutes at toll booth.

    We decided to take Nipani - Ajra - Sawantwadi route as sunrise was just half hours ahead. The ride quality was just fantastic just after toll gate. I must admit the roads in Karnataka are far more better than that in Maharashtra. Forget about toll charges in Maharashtra, but I found even Pune - Mumbai Expressway's ride quality below than this road's ride quality. This road is well illuminated than expressway. I was cruising at 100 kmph on this road. MID was showing an average of 22.3 kmpl now from start at Pune. My friend, who is Dezire petrol owner was shocked to see more than half tank fuel still left. Nipani was crossed in jiffy, enjoyed a little ghat section and saw right turn to GOA.

    The road was completely unknown to me now. It is two lane road. The road has considerable undulations so couldn't drive faster than 60-70 kmph though road was completely empty. One or two vehicles were crossing us at 15-20 minutes interval. Sun was peeping over horizon by now and race was started between a Fiat and Sun. Ajra was crossed at 6:45 am. Had a very short break of 4-5 minutes. It was sufficient to my Linea tigress. Caught her in camera.
    View attachment 63405
    This road is little risky for night drive. Risky in sense of availability of resources. I found only three fuel station and same Tyre puncture shop right up to Sawantwadi. I found all of them closed, so in night there is no possibility of getting fuel or puncture shop. Reached Amboli at about 7:15 am. Had a tea break for all of us of around 15 minutes. And then departed for journey ahead. My friend took the driver seat now. I was not giving him but he said "Let me enjoy too". Descent through Amboli was bumpy. As soon as ghat ended, the road condition improved slightly. Reached Goa border at 8:40 or so. I took the charge of wheel again. We have booked a service apartment in Calingute. Reached Calingute bus stop at 9:15 am. We loss good amount of time in locating the apartment and finally at 10:03 am we reached our destination.
    Here are the statistics.
    View attachment 63406
    View attachment 63407
    View attachment 63408
    View attachment 63409
    View attachment 63410

    We enjoyed the ride and route too. We passed through Ajra and Amboli in good sunlight so there was no problem there, but it is not advisable for night driving with family or kids. The little portion of around 25-30 kms that too around Amboli is bad otherwise road is Okay. After reaching there I immediately declared that we will be returning via Chorla. That is a very good section to drive, but in day light. Route via Chorla - Belgaum has dense forest both side of road.

    Now it was time to have fun. We got ready by 11:30 and went straight to swimming pool. Enjoyed the pool for almost 3 hrs. Came to apartment and had a short nap. Visited Calingute beach and local market in the evening. Came to apartment at 9:30 or so and had dinner, and hit the bed for good sleep. Next day morning went to Baga beach. Enjoyed water sports like para-sailing, jet skiing, boat ride, bumper ride. Didn't had banana ride because of fear. Had lunch at a restaurant and went to apartment. Again did some fun at pool and went to Casino Pride, Panjim with family. It is one of the most entertaining place in Goa. Paid Rs. 6000.00 for all four of us, and won worth Rs. 2900.00 in gamble. This was our first visit to the casino. Earlier I have seen it in films only. I would suggest all to have visit to this place. Returned to our apartment in Calingute at about 2:00 am. Had a sound sleep as next day at 10:00 am we had a check out and our return journey to Pune. Left apartment at 10:15 am and had breakfast at restaurant.

    Left Calingute at about 11:15 am. Took Chorla - Belgaum route as decided earlier. Fuel was topped up in Linea at Thivim. This route is more scenic than Ajra-Sawantwadi route. It was all green at this time also. Road section of 5-10 kms is little bumpy. But all green scenery negates it. Just before Chorla, from where Karnataka state starts, road improves significantly.
    Reached Belgaum at around 2:00 pm. Bought 8 dozen mangoes for all of us. It was a good deal. Enjoyed the highway up to Nipani. I was cruising above 100 kmph mark most of the time and pushed the MJD to maximum 140 kmph for few occasions though not for long duration. Reached Mahalaxmi temple, Kolhapoor at about 4:45 pm. Had darshan and some shopping near temple and departed from Kolhapoor at 7:30 pm. Had dinner at way side restaurant before Khed Shivapoor Toll Plaza at around 11:00 pm. Departed from restaurant at about 11:45 pm and reached home at Wakad at 12:35 am.

    1003 kms long trip ended with a mileage of 18.1 kmpl with AC always on. Ghat climb, speed at highway and might be weight of mangoes too was the cause for drop in the mileage from 20.9 kmpl for onward journey.

    Thanks for reading up to this point.

    Milind Pande
    Wakad, Pune
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  6. naruf1

    naruf1 Amatore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Good to know you had great driving experience and trip:p! and 18.1 is great fuel consumption figure with AC on.

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