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Need some immediate advise on Seat Covers & Sunflims

Discussion in 'Interiors' started by arunk, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. arunk


    Dear Fiatians,

    Planning to add few accessories like sunflims, seatcovers and IND number plates for my Punto. Gone through few car accessories shop in chennai and finally decided on Leo Car Accessories in Woods Road. Heard some good reviews about them and seen their various works on seat covers....impressed.

    Below are the rates quoted by them,

    Sunflims - Decided to go with HuperOptik (Reflector Series) - Rs.5500 ( for 4 windows & rear glass). 10years company warranty.

    Seat Covers - Brand called Feather and checked the material looks good (ART leather) as compared to cheaper one he had shown me - Rs. 6900. Choose a template of black and white color, which is more of black and white on the shoulder area. Choose the white to match with the car color (Mine is BNW color)

    PVC floor mats - Rs.1800 ( Which he said he directly wont stick that with the black mat comes with the car. He'll give a line cloth and then stick that, so in case in future if you want to change that, you can do it easily without affecting the original one at the bottom.

    Labour - Rs.900

    Intotal - Rs.15100

    Discount - Rs.1100

    Grand Total - Rs.14000

    Any advise on these above said accessories especially on the sunflims and seat covers. Also anyone has any prior experience with Leo Accessories. Planning to do these in couple of days since the seat covers had to be ordered from Bangalore.

    Also let me know if any other accessories needed to be added which you find useful.

    Arun K
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  2. For seat covers try G-sport, I have cerelli custom made seat covers not happy with the workmen ship.
  3. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Arun, not sure if you should for PVC floor mats. Instead go for good mats that cover the entire area that should come cheap to you.
  4. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @arun: I am not sure about Chennai, but here @ bangalore, good custom made seat covers of luster material costs only about 6K. Going by that, I think the seat cover price is high. Any idea who si the manufacturer in bangalore for this 'feather' brand?
    About the PVC mat - are you planning to cover the whole floor area? The rate seems ok, but do you really want to do it? I have done it for one of my cars, but never really liked it.
  5. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    About the sunfilm, what is the heat rejection % of the film?
    This is what I have on my new GP 90, just for your info.
    Garware - Classic "Dark Natural Ash" Around 30% VLT. Heat rejection is about 55% - on the sides and rear. 2k Extremely Value for money. Consider this an alternative to Huper Optik if the Heat Rejection of the latter is 50-60% only.
    Garware - Icecool Shield "Alps" HR & VLT both are about 70% - on the windscreen. 3k.
    These do a decent job and @ 5k, totally VFM, and it really helps to have film on the windscreen, considering you live in Chennai and are going in for art leather, which heats up. Parked the car in the open for 5 hours at 45*c, and the result was pretty satisfactory.

    Coming to seatcovers, never heard of this brand.. unless you feel the quality is impeccable, go for G-Sport or Autoform.

    All the best...
  6. For sun films Huperoptik, VFM nonotechnology ceramic films.
  7. eNVe

    eNVe Amatore

    Arun, where in chennai you are planning to do?
    Do you have the snaps of the seat cover?

    I beleive you are going for full carpet pvc mats... what color are you choosing?
  8. CountRock

    CountRock Staff Member Janitor

    Dallas, Texas
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
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  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

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