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Need help to make a decision to buy my first car.

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by MadhuDharani, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. abhi_k


    Sure...tomorrow I am planning to visit showroom...if everything goes well, will make booking....will keep posted...
  2. Hello Everybody,

    I could not reply for each of the suggestion and Moral support provided by TFI members. Thank you very much. Now I am very much confident to buy my Punto and later let me see what happens with the services etc etc.....

    Today I did a TD of Punto 76 Bhp from KHT Motors. I did not see much turbo lag compared to the TD of Punto I have done from aadya motors.

    I do not know why ?

    I felt stretching my legs were uneven, means i felt Cluth was near where as accelerator was comfortable.

    I controlled my self NOT To TD 90 hp because I was sure again I would end up with the confusion between heart and Mind :-D .
    Heart saying 90 hp is better than 76 hp
    Mind saying 76 hp is more than sufficient and do not stretch your vitamin M.

    On road price after discount it came around 801244 and It's a sweet deal. I will be exchanging my current car BALENO for around 1.7 lakhs. So there is no down payment issue.

    hope fully I will keep the documents ready by tomorrow for the loan procedure and give some amount for booking advance.
    I was very well convinced by Mr Irshad, choosing between dynamic and emotion variant.

    And please let me know what are all the accessories I need to ask other than the below listed items
    Reverse parking sensor.
    body cover
    mud flaps.

    I will keep you guys posted.
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  3. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Congrats for going with ur Heart for Punto at last..we TFI Members are here to give you moral support for buying the right car..dont at all worry about service,from now onwards you will have better service by Fiat dealers in coming days..Punto 75 hp has minimal turbo lag in city compared to Punto 90 hp,swift,I20,polo..Punto 75 hp's turbo kicks in 1700 RPM which is good when you are driving in city traffic..Punto 90 hp turbo kicks in from 2200-2500 RPM which is not good in city traffic but best on highway where the engine feels more powerful than 75 hp which falls short of pace compared to 90 hp..90 hp is also great city and highway car and its not sluggish but 75 hp is best for city n also highway with minimal turbo lag..75 hp takes more time after 120 to increase its speed upto 170 and engine sounds thrashy whereas 90 hp becomes beast after 120-130 and takes less time to increase its 3 digit speed upto 180..plz dont try these top speeds..clutch and accelerator are placed well..long travel clutch is the smoothest in any hatchbacks in india..accelerator is also comfortable,you dont need to accelerate much in Punto because when u leave clutch car moves forward without putting foot on accelerator..
    Yes you will be in big confusion if you TD both 75 and 90 hp..I m begging for that extra 15 horses in our car which will make it a rocket on highways..i would advice go with your Heart fro 90 hp if you can stretch your vitamin M more..8.1 lakh for 75 hp is more after discounts..one of our chennai member has booked oceanic blue 90hp 2013 for 8 lakhs on road..all the best for booking..which variant and colour have you chosen??
    Accessories other than the below listed items like
    Door Sills
    Absolute Floor Mats
    Ask Absolute Mud Flaps,not the big Tata type mud flaps..
    Keep us posted Madhu,Best Of Luck..
  4. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Invest your extra money in safer drive,Emotion it is ;)
  5. abhi_k


    Hi Everybody,

    Thank you all for your support in making my decision for my 2nd car.....each and every bit of information/suggestion provided by you helped me in reaching to final decision.
    Finally I booked Punto 90HP.
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  6. @Abhi,

    from which showroom did you booked ?
    what are the offers your getting ?

    I will be booking from KHT motors, Emotion variant 76 hp and it costs around 810000
    Please let us know the details.
  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Congrats on your booking. I am sure ull enjoy the extra 90HP :p Btw color? Delivery date?
  8. abhi_k



    Thank you. Its Tuscan wine and delivery might be any day in this week. Today I will get confirmation from SA.
  9. abhi_k



    I have also booked from KHT(Fiat caffe) and it is costing me around 860000.
    They came up with 2 offers. One is exchange bonus and other is cash discount and on top of this Insurance free, RSA free and 3+2 years of warranty, corporate discount.
    I am going for cash discount offer. And as usual they are offering free mats, mud flaps, air freshener, God idol. I have asked for free Reverse parking sensor.
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