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Need Help : No audio output from JVC KD DV5606

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by soundar, May 20, 2013.

  1. I have JVC KD DV5606 head unit in my Punto. It was functioning properly till last week. For past few days, there is no audio output from the headunit. There is no audible sound (beeps or music) heard in the speakers. I have taken the car to a car accessory shop to check the connectors. The connectors were okay. He resets the player and it worked well for some time. Later same story repeated. Audio output is fine after reset and output stops after some time. I have reset the player for few times till yesterday night. Now absolutely no audio output even after reset. Video output is not affected as I am able to play DVDs (without audio).

    1. Have any one faced similar problem with their headunit?
    2. At car accessory shop, they used a pen drive for demo. Is there any chance of virus affecting the headunit software?
    3. If my headunit is virus infected, can I flash the firmware myself?
    4. Any other thoughts?

    My setup is – JVC KD DV 5606 headunit, Infinity speakers, and Bullstone headrest screens. (No amps)

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