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Need help in upgrading tyres of my linea MJD

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by karthik9137, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. karthik9137


    i want to upgrade my linea tyres from 15'' to 16'' inches. Because due to very low GC there is lot of damage at the bottom. so suggest me some good tires and is there any problem after upgrading the tires?
  2. ramu_dodda

    ramu_dodda Amatore

    hi karthik,

    I have upgraded my Linea(Diesel) Tyres from 195/60R15(GY GT3) to 205/60R15(GY Assurance), technically it is increased 6MM. Now total is 161MM(original)+6 MM= 167 MM.

    I am feeling little bit better now, it is not hitting the bumps like earlier you still have to go slow over the bumps, I did not go for 16 inch alloy wheels because I am not sure if that may effect the vehicle over all handling. pickup little bit reduced which you feel in first & 2nd gear as tyre profile increased. steering is almost same. mileage reduced by 1 KM over all. Now My car has got more control like Skoda Laura with 205 profile tyres(skoda has same profile, some models. some comes with 16 inch wheels), now the car is more stable in small dips and on bumpy road.
  3. mike-fiat


    Suggested tyre upgrade

    I upgraded my 1.3mjd emotion pk from R-15 195/60 to Yokohamas R-15 195/65. Ground clearance increased by approx 10 mm. Amazing drive difference due to yokos which are far better and ground clearance now same as T-Jet. No need to change the stock alloys. Suggest you try the same.
  4. mindgrinder

    mindgrinder Novizio

    what if i upgrade to 16 inch alloys and tyres? how much ground clearance difference it would make? would it effect handling of my 2010 linea diesel, i do not want to change the tyre size from stock though
  5. it is better to go for GC kit upgrade than tyre upsizing as due to tyre upsize you may have speedo error .

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