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Need help in deciding about an ICE upgrade on my new Punto

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by Navneeth Vhavle, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Hello Fellow Fiat'ians,

    I had bought a Punto Active recently, about a month back. I was looking to upgrade my speakers and the HU. Need a few suggestions. I have read through the forum(forgive me if I have missed some sections) but I really need to decide on one of the following even before considering the model and make of speakers and HU.

    Config 1
    1. New HU
    2. Components in the front
    3. Sub and an Amp.

    Config 2
    1. New HU
    2. Coaxials at the rear, parcel tray
    3. Sub and an Amp.

    Config 3
    1. New HU
    2. Components at the front
    3. Coaxials at the back.

    Kindly help me with a setup that can give me good Bass on loud volumes and voice clarity on low volumes. Emphasis - BASS. Am totally going bonkers with the options I have in hand :uh. Any new configs are also welcome.

    PS: Am on the real tight for budget right now (20K); but I am willing to upgrade the whole setup part by part, probably next month and after that. Please help me with the game plan. :smile:

    Thanks in advance,

    Navneeth V S
  2. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    You can start with purchasing comps, HU and wiring in the first stage followed by an Amp, sub and damping in the next step.

    Stage 1
    Head Unit - kenwood - 8k
    Comps - hertz ESK - 7.5k
    Wiring - Bull audio - 2.7k
  3. Thanks for the Reply Phew. No really.. Phew.. :) will look into the options

  4. Yo can skip HU replacement if you can get a high-Low receiver Rs 1.6k, Cerwin Vega(CV) speakers as comp 5.5K ( I think its better than Hertz), for Amp Arc Audio 9.8k and woofer can be from CV, Arc audio, Diamond or West Coast Customs. My friend has a Saffari with Kenwwod HU, Hertz Components and Amp with Kicker woofer but the sound quality of CV, Diamond woofer and Arc Audio is far better.
    Note: The West Coast Custom speakers are very expensive but it will blow your mind :) I have used Diamond Speakers for sub woofer
  5. 5hadow

    5hadow Timido

    New Delhi
    My experience and knowledge (researching tbhp & tfi) would definitely recommend - Config 1, according to your tastes.

    You can squeeze in all the components listed in Config 1 inside 20k but you might have to make compromises. The other option, as Phew suggested .. step-by-step as you budget allows :)

    For the brands the best way is to audition stuff yourself and then decide. Good luck and keep us posted.

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