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Need Help about 90hp delivery

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by ferobian, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. ferobian

    ferobian Amatore

    @Gurjinder : Thanks bro.. but have read that its good if there is a under body coating... can u jst brief me bro?? if its not worth then i wouldn go for it... and wat abt Teflon???? is it required???
  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    @ Ravi the discount Rs. 12000 you are talking about is for Linea only. For Punto they have Rs 3k, 6k & 9k discount as per the company listing.

    Max corporate discount for Punto is Rs. 9000.
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Here's the world's worst kept secret - There is no such thing as a teflon coating :p

    In most cases it's just a long lasting / permanent wax. And mind you , you shouldn't even touch a permanent wax ( read long lasting wax) even with a 10ft pole. They do more harm than good in the long run.

    Make sure the foot mats are genuine FIAT ones. If not , you can go for Kagu 3D mats . They are pricey but from what i've heard , worth their value.

    The cover the dealer will give will most probably be non-genuine , so do keep it in storage only. Avoid using these covers unless absolutely necessary. They leave behind swirls.

    Do a detailed PDI and you should be fine. Have a read of the Punto ownership reviews section on TFI.

  5. Hi,
    congrats for you 90Hourse, my reply
    1. The showroom guys have promised to give me 1. Sun Film, 2. Mud Flaps, 3. Floor Mats, 4. Car Cover, 5. Under Chassis coat and the regular Free Road assist, extended warranty etc.. So is that all or should i demand for more??? (guess i am asking for too much but wanna double check) :wink:
    [My reply] Can ask metal sheet written Punto, if not atleast reverse parking sensor. Car sales are very down you can loot the dealer now, try your bargaining skills.
    2. My company is listed as A grade and they have promised to give me a 9000 discount. So is it the maximus given for A grade companies?
    [My reply ] yes A grade company is having 9k discount. you can check the list from the dealer, its predefine . If possible ask for some cash discount, apart from corporate one.:wink:

    3. What is the best sun film that i can ask the show room guys to put?
    [My reply ] Dealer can only provide 3m\garware, try for 3m which is better but you don`t have choice as they have only 1 or 2 grades of films (visibility\cooling % )
  6. ferobian

    ferobian Amatore

    Thanks guys

    @kedar : guess he's giving me the max then.. thanks
    @Ravi : will check those link for sure bro.. thanks
    @Gurjinder : Thanks a ton for the explaination bro.. and will keep the floor mats in mind
    @Drive Drift : bro thanks.. but hav a few questions for you... 1. What is metal sheet written Punto? is it the Door Sil Protection Plate ur talking about? 2. And whats cash discount and what the max i can get? 3. 3M which grade should i ask for?
  7. ferobian

    ferobian Amatore

    i asked for rear spoiler but the manager said that since the pune manufacturing unit had a fire accident recently it takes a long time for that to come and he said there are 5 more who have alrdy ordered about a month bak and they havent received it yet blah blah blah....
  8. HI Ferobina,
    yes its door sil protection plate i m talking.
    2. you can ask for dealer discount or cash discount (April-June 2011 Fiat had 45k offer).
    3. 3m have different visibility and cooling films like 70,55,60% visibility and cooling %. just go to dealer workshop and ask for 3m film sheet book. you can select the one which looks good in car and you comfortable with visibility for drive.
  9. ferobian

    ferobian Amatore

    @Drive Drift : Thanks a ton again bro...

    Sales person called and said that my 90 Horses will be landing on Friday.. I asked him i want to take a PDI on saturday, he agreed.. So waiting for saturday to have a luk at my beast and waiting for monday for bringing her home...
  10. mayurbhatia


    Congrats buddy.... I know the feeling of waiting for PDI and the delivery... I am getting my E Pk 76 BHP this Sunday too :) Regarding your queries.

    1) Woah, you probably hit a jackpot already - I am in Pune and only getting mud flaps and mats. I agree with Gurinder, under body coating is an absolute no-no for me too.
    2) 9K is indeed the max. I got the same (thanks to Mom working in SBI).
    3) I aint getting one, but yeah, Garware isnt great quality. 3M is far better.

    Wish u all the best with your Punto and hope u clock many a mile. Do post the pics when you get your hands on it :)

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