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need guidance for Fiat Punto 1.2 petrol emotion

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by treevivek, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I own 1.2 Active since last December. I am very happy with the car.
    I don't know where this "underpowered" tag came from. Trust me, the car is sweet to drive. I have not driven on hills. But I have other input for you. Once the car was fully loaded with people (6 adults and 1 adolescent and 1 kid) and trunk full of bags. It moved effortlessly.
    1.2 is my first car as well. Go for it dude. You can also try 1.3.
  2. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Very true.. Ask Ratan and he would tell u the story.. I tell u we felt embarrassed to see a 1.2 beating the MJD and 1.4 Fire on the EXPRESS way driven by ratan... Wooh... Cant forget that trip

    I have one .. i pull really well ..this is my first car and never knew how to drive one untill i got it
    Tell you what ?
    It depends on how are looking at it all .. i believe the 1.2 is a Fuel gruzler !!!
    Second with regards to underpower ... 5 adults and You are attempting to uphill a slope for over 4-10 kms , Just
    the car wont cry or break a sweat ...Just put her on 3rd and rev her around 2500 rpm and you will know whats
    FIAT's is all about....only thing is just put the AC on FAN!!!

    On FLAT Roads? Mood to BURN SOME RUBBER ?
    You get to see ADRELINE Rush no better than in a 1.2 ACTIVE/DYNAMIC Mill
    I have managed to keep all 4 stock (JK Tornado's ) tyres @ 32 psi front & 31 psi back -- cold start
    I have recorded 149 km/hr on Eastern Express Highway

    Will any other car dare do this ?

    Yes "only a 1.2 petrol Punto"

  4. Vivek ,
    I f i am not mistaken ... you emailed me & i have already replied your concern
    Do revert back in case if you have any issues about the car

  5. Well, I own a 1.2 and to be really honest, the 1.2 doesn't transform itself into a spitfire whenever you put your foot down. Although the acceleration is very good, it doesn't behave the way most other cars do. So at first you might even disappointed to drive it. But once you get hand of it ( a matter of a couple hundred kms) rest assured you WILL go bonkers over this car. And as far as acceleration in the hills is concerned, its rightly pointed out by TORQUEY_TND above that once you cross 2500 rpm in 3rd gear, there is no looking back. But i think he missed out on one other thing. Go beyond 3500 rpm in 3rd gear and then the music it produces will certainly get you going. It just sounds so right. Also when you talk of driving in ghats, its not only uphill that you should consider. When you 'll go down hill in a GP, i can bet you'll go faster than yourself put in any other car. You have to drive it to really believe then brilliance of its handling. Its so much confidance inspiring.

    I make regular trips to lavasa and it is such a pleasure to be holding the steering wheel of the GP on such roads.

    So my suggestion to you would be-- "BE BOLD, DRIVE THE BOLD"
  6. vishwas


    I own a 1.2 Petrol Punto Emotion. I would say just close your eyes and go for it if your driving is less than 1000 kms/month. For anything more please consider the Diesel.
    I feel 1.2 Emotion is the most VFM 1.2 petrol car in the market. After discounts it worked out to 5 Lkhs on road. At this price It beats the competition like Swift Vxi, Polo Trendline, i20 Era in terms of Features pants down. Offering equal or better ride, handling and looks with decent interiors.
    While I agree its no scortcher, these are some points I have observed of the 1.2 in my 2 months and 1500 km of ownership
    * It produces max torque at just 2500 RPM making it extremely drivable in the city. Just slot in 3rd gear and you can comfortably drive in city traffic in 15-60 km/hr range. I almost feel I drive an automatic
    * Gives a fuel economy of 11-12 in city conditions, which is at par with the rival 1.2s like kappa, Figo, Swifts or the Polo.
    * It just sounds delightfull after 3000 RPM. Italians know how to moan :wink:
    * Be in the right RPM band and you can breeze through any of the normal ghats in India. It was really comfortable in my Pune-Khandala drives on NH4
    Some negatives :
    * Ineffective AC at temp > 40deg
    * Long clutch travel makes frequent gear changing a bit tiring to the left foot.
  7. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    I also own 1.2 Active.

    Let me share my experience in hills (Massoorie Trip). We were four adults and 2 kids with fully loaded boot.

    I really enjoyed that trip. I was holding steering by right hand and hand brake by left. Steering control is excellent.

    Frankly telling, I was also worried about 1.2 capabilities in hills. But as I started towards Massoorie in hills, I got full confidence in this machine. Most of the time, I drove in 3rd or 4th gear. Also I applied 2nd and 5th some times.

    Rear seat public was crying, please go slow, as they were rolling on the rear seat. Most of the time I was driving around 60 kms as I did not want to loose momentum :mrgreen:

    There is a left turn around 1.5 kms before Massoorie. This is very very sharp turn and at the same time you will see that road is going to catch the sky. I could mange this situation in 2nd gear. This is the point where most of the vehicle gets first gear. I can say, engine testing point.

    Guys , who have trips to Massoorie, comment pls.

    Trip was in February so a\c was off all the times.

    I’ve touched 158-160 kph on NH2, near Kanpur :car

    I can say that I am fully satisfied with this car.
  8. treevivek


    wow, cool reviews coming from fiat punto 1.2 owners and its great to know about this vehicle :)
    I was worried a lot what will happens but now i am confident about it.

    What all i should check before taking the car from showroom?
    Is there any particular check list?

  9. Vivek, there is a pre-delivery inspection thread. Please check it here viewtopic.php?f=61&t=255

    P.S: It was nice talking with you yesterday. I hope that you will share your TD experience of various cars on the Forum along with your ownership thread.
  10. treevivek


    Thanks Arvind will check that :)

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