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Need advice regarding turbo boost

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Hari baskaran, May 21, 2016.

  1. Hari baskaran

    Hari baskaran Timido

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Hi..I own a punto evo mjd 75hp,past 4 months.Till now i have clocked 6200kms.Previously i was driving a maruthi alto and this is my first diesel car.I always use to drive with a light foot without revving the engine too much.Right from my 500km mark i was experiencing something new that i havent come across in previous cars(have also driven a diesel bolero and a old fiat punto around 3k kms ).If i drive it hard in lower gears under load,like in terrain,some village roads i come across a sudden spike/boost in power around 1800 to 2000rpm.the vehicle revs a little bit high and it starts pulling like a beast.even if i lift my foot of the accelerator for changing gear,the engine keeps on boiling, and if i change the gear before it falls below 1800rpm the car revs high for a moment while pressing the clutch and the boost persists..if i wait till the rpm falls below 1800mark and then change the gear,it shifts without any revving...again while accelerating i feel a gradual power delivery unti 1800rpm mark and then there is a sudden boost..just a tap is enough to cross 2500mark..i dont have these symptoms always,only experience them wen the car is under load,that too after some half an hour time of driving.Took it to FASS 3 times for this, i cant reproduce the symptoms exactly,scanner showed no error codes,the fiat ASS guys says tat it is the turbo boost ..also if i drive under the boost the mileage drops by 2 to 3 km (around 15 to 16,usually i get 18 to 20 with a light foot).,

    my doubts are
    1. is this really the turbo boost and is it normal? coz i find difficult to drive with this kind of boost in congested traffic
    2.or should i change my style of driving(suggested by one of my friends,who advised me drive it a little bit hard and upshift at higher rpms)
    3.or is it the ecu getting adapted to my style of driving?

    i dint have these kind of problems while driving the diesel bolero and another punto 75hp(clocked 20000k km)..

    kindly help me,since iam new to a turbo diesel car,other than this my punto never let me down..
  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Any Fiat fan or Punto, Linea driver could suggest if there is anything odd in behaviour of car. Yes ECU learns and adapts, but it looks like a gear shift issue to me. You need to time those gears faster. Shift to Third gear faster for medium traffic, in more traffic second gear and first in bumper to bumper drive. For now just focus on engine note and see that it feels stress free in moving the vehicle. Under full load yes a bit more acceleration might help along with quick gear changes. Slowly you will get the feel of slowing down and pulling without focusing too much on rpm. Your idle speed rpm should be around 850-900 rpm.

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