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Need advice for upgrading E+ stock Speakers

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by VikramRajput, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    Eyeguy is your man. Check his thread on Focal Integration speakers. He's retained the OEM HU.
  2. Yes, Nishant.. The Focal speakers are included after reading his post/experience. hope he replies to my PM.. :)

    Hey, maybe you can gimme your feedback on his setup when u get to hear them in person.. I will be able to by the end of Feb or later.. not possible for me before that..
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  3. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3

    I have only replaced my stock speakers. Para 2 of your post above indicates the speakers that I have used. I am very happy with the setup. My music is on whenever I drive.

    There are two advantages of the "compos in front & co-axials at rear" setup:

    Firstly compos give you more bass than co-axials. So, you will have a more balanced sound. The amount of bass can be varied using the HU equalizer controls.

    Secondly, this combination will give you a much better sound stage.

  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @Vikram- I have replaced the stock speakers of my car. I did not change HU to retain blue&me, steering controls and integrated looks.

    My system is as follows:
    Front doors- 6.5inch components, JBL GTO608 comps (Price Rs4500)
    Rear doors- 6.5inch co-axials, JVC HX647 4-way co-axials (Price Rs2500)
    Total cost- Rs7000.
    The mistake I committed was that I didn't get door damping done. I haven't yet got that done. Besides the installer I chose was a moron who did a poor job of fixing the speakers resulting in rattles from door area.

    There are two ways of speaker change:

    Option1- Remove all 4 stock speakers from doors. Get 2 pairs of speakers for these doors. e.g. JBL GT5-S265c components for front doors and JBL GT5-S265 co-axials for rear doors. I have gone for this option.

    Option2-Remove all four speakers from the doors. Install components in front BUT install 6x9 oval co-axials (e.g. JBL GT5-S396) on parcel tray. That location is ideal for generating good bass and oval speakers create better bass as compared to smaller round speakers. Disadvantage is that wires can be seen so doesn't look good, parcel tray can rattle. I don't recommend this just because of loss of cabin beauty to slight extent.

    Choice of speakers is simply yours. I am happy with JBL and JVC Combo though I feel that even smaller 5.25inch JBL S265 might create better bass than 6.5inch JVC co-axials (not sure).

    One advise though is that select the best professional installer in our area though you my buy speakers from any trusted shop. And if possible, go for door damping for aall four doors. Damping of the front doors is mandatory. Damping costs approx Rs1500/door but is worth it. Go for dynamat extreme or Roadkill damping material.
  5. singh

    singh Amatore

    My cousin gradually updated music system in Punto E+ . We went to shop on 26th jan 2012 , and changed the speakers . OEM speakers have a sound like a radio , no highs and distorting bass , means to say its just stereo to listen , best for news on radio .
    So we put 6.5" components front Infinity reference 6030CS (7100 rs )
    Rear infinity kappa 6.5" coaxial 4500 rs
    And powered with stock headunit , The change in sound quality was better , but not much better .
    We spent 13000 rs but my cousin was not satisfied , same as i , after spending 13k there was a little improvement . Than finally same day while going back home we decided to have amplifier as without that even 13k spend were useless.
    coming back to shop we were looking for cheap and best , and decided JBL GT5 640 watt , electrician told we need another line converter worth 2500 , so total cost was 7000 amp + 2500 = 9500 .
    Than he showed us 2 channel pioneer gm 5400, 380w , it had speaker level inputs and costing 4000 without bill . so we fitted it under seat , size is really small , connected front components , installer suggested sound deadner for 2500 rs for front , and got it done .
    The difference after adding amp is huge huge , with decent bass and nice treble . Rear speaker are 35 watt so head unit was doin good . Even listening from outside tells that some good system is working inside.
    Overall its not worth spending on speakers alone to HU , get a amp and you wont need to change the headunit ever . Try to fit components at rear with a four channel amp .

  6. Thank you very much for your reply, Johnny, Yashik and Singh!

    @Johnny: I had noted those model nos. down from your posts but couldn't recollect your ID while writing that post. (i have been reading at length on the topic for days now. :) Apologies if it offended you for not quoting your name) I intend to audition both combinations before finalizing. The all co-ax consideration is based on eyeguy's feedback on his setup. But i need to try them on with my kinda music playing on them. I will finalize after i hear all the three types with both combinations, Front Comps+Rear Coaxs and All Co-ax. Maybe i will like it either way or maybe i wont both ways in which case, i will consider further options of adding an AMP and a SUB maybe. Lets see.. I will keep you all posted once i audition the speakers progressively. :)

    @Paddleshifter: Thank you for your feedback. After having read a good lot in the forum about people's experience with their setups, i am gonna go with damping on all doors no matter what speakers i use and also get it done from a good installer. I empathize with you for your setup not being done properly by your installer. Hope you can find someone better who could rectify it with some 3-idiots kinda jugaad. :)
    I wont be using Option II of oval rear co-ax simply because i dont want to ruin the interiors. I will audition JBL and JVC brands too before considering. I appreciate your inputs.

    @Singh: Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I intend to walk the same path as your cousin by upgrading the speakers first and if the results dont please then adding AMP and SUB to it. Although budget it not a constraint for me, i dont use the car very regularly (just for leisure drives or a short trip to the mall, etc.) so dont wish to blow a bundle on something that has little use.
    I just hate the way Trance sounds on these speakers and would like something thats merely acceptable to my ears, nothing more..

    Thank you all for your inputs once again. Appreciate the feedback!!
    Happy Punto-ing to all of you!
  7. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    For all who want to retain stock HU, go for Hertz Amp(around 6.5k in Bangalore).It has inbuilt converter, so no extra task of purchasing a converter.
  8. Can you provide a specific model no., buddy? and maybe contact detail/name of supplier in India?
    Thanks in advance!
  9. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    I think its E4 man. Just check out the web for details.And regarding Mumbai contacts, I am not sure. But if you want a contact in Bangalore, PM me. Will get you the details.
  10. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    may be i'm foolish to ask this question at this point of time...
    when did you got delivery of your punto ?
    whats the reason for the change in the speakers ?

    from my experience of blaupunkt till now is that,it sounds good and crstal clear sound ...recently i got the problem with my left side front speaker, when the volume is increased i.e if VOLUME is above 13 or 15(with LOUDNESS:ON) it goes crackling.hence i use the FADER option to listen from rear speakers with less decibels from front speakers.

    As you said, mostly family will be travelling in the car, VOL above 15 is too much to our ears,the case will be different if you are with your friends.

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