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Need advice for upgrading E+ stock Speakers

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by VikramRajput, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    I would like to upgrade my stock speakers to get a better sound quality. I listen to EDM mostly along with some instrumentals, lounge, etc. and find that the speakers of Grande Punto are not up to the required quality.

    However, i wish to retain the Blue&Me function and steering controls. That leaves me with the sole option of changing the speakers. I have read a few references to Hertz E6 speakers here at TFI. Would any kind owner of these speakers allow me to listen to them once with my kinda music playing on them? Also, where in Navi Mumbai/Mumbai may i find them and have them professionally installed?

    Alternatively, i seek suggestions and experiences from fellow E+ owners who have upgraded their ICE and are happy with it. Brands, Specifications, model nos., locations of workshops, budget, etc. would be much appreciated.

    I am pretty much a novice in the automotive owners world and would be grateful to your considerate elaborations..

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. You can check for Hertz brand,some of the Tfietiens have upgraded to Hertz.
  3. Yes, that is precisely what i am looking for. Somebody who has already upgraded to Hertz.. or any other good brand, for that matter..

    Hope somebody replies soon.. :)
  4. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
  5. As i have recently upgraded ICE in my car , my suggestion would be to go in for JBL comps in front and JBL co-ax in the rear , i think they are value for money .

    Because the HU that comes with the car is very limited i dont think its worth spending money on high end speakers ..

    Thats my 2 cents

  6. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Agree with abishek. this is one mistake i did with my e-pak. Go for decent combos in front and co-ax in the rear. Do not spend much unless you wish to add a sub-woofer & amp at a later stage.
  7. Thank you very much for your inputs Srini, Abhishek and Johnny.

    I do not see myself adding an amp or a sub later even. I just wish my speakers to sound a bit clear and crisp when loud. i dont get the chance to travel alone always since there will mostly be some family member with me, this being our general purpose family car.

    Although budget is not a constraint in this case, i still seek the best output with the least investment.

    Abhishek, can you suggest a model no. for JBLs that fit into the Punto (electrically and mechanically) and sound reasonably good without any other mods/changes? (maybe extra padding/cushion but thats about all...)

    Thank you all once again for your valuable inputs, guys! i really appreciate the feedback. :)
  8. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore


    For best sound quality, even from the crappy OEM headunit, I will suggest going for component speakers in front and coaxial speakers in the rear. However, components sound best when given clean and adequate power. Hence, a 2 channel amplifier is recommended. You may choose to power the coaxials from the HU itself, and keep the fader upfront so as to enjoy better sound stage.

    Having said that, I would always urge people to go for an audition and not be driven by others' opinion or tastes. I too enjoy the same genre of music as you. What I have witnessed so far is as below:
    1. JBL is bright. Very bright. I would stay away unless 'dhinchak' sound is your forte
    2. Pioneer. Really? They are brighter than JBL too.
    3. Illusion - very balanced and natural sounding speakers. However, the famed Electra's are phased out now
    4. Rainbow and Hertz - best in class at that price point for reproducing sound as naturally as possible
    5. Bull Audio - budget brand but good at what they are supposed to do
    6. Morel Maximo - another budget brand - comparable to Illusion in pricing, but I found them bright
    7. Alpine - very good speakers. May be slightly higher than Morels, but do consider them

    The above are brands which I have personally heard over long hours and hence the review. There are several others but those are either expensive or not easily available hence I have not included them in the list.

    In case you wish to go a good installer, PM me.
  9. Thank you very much for the detailed and experienced reply, dj.nish!

    Dhinchak is definitely not my thing. I like balanced sound from all frequencies. You know what i mean since you too are into EDM.

    i will follow your guidelines to shortlist possible options and post it here for all the enlightened souls to comment. :)

    appreciate your feedback guys!! really do..
  10. Still no reply from any good soul out there who has merely replaced his stock speakers and it happy with the setup??

    Hope i run into some one soon..

    Also, i was wondering how the system would be if i install Coaxials on all 4 doors?? any feedback on this?

    If the above isnt workable then how about Comps on all 4 doors?

    so far, based purely on my reading here i am inclined to consider the following makes/models..

    1. Hertz DSK165 Comps for front & Hertz DCX165 Coax for rear

    2. MTX Thunder 6000 (T6S652) comps for front & MTX RTC653 for rear

    3. Focal Integration IS165 Comps for front and Focal Integration IC165 for rear

    The above have been shortlisted purely based on what the respective owners have written about them and the kind of music i could infer that they like..

    I will start scouting for auditions once i am in India in about 2 weeks time. Also, i wish to know the probable result of using all coaxials of any particular brand.

    My needs are pretty simple. Just decent sound thats better than the the stock speakers. No AMPs or subs under consideration.

    Budget after feedback on what people have spent is set to between 10-15K tops.. dont see it worthwhile spending any more than that since i dont drive as much or as far away.. :)

    Please help me out somebody.. Thanks in advance!
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