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National Greens Tribunal prohibits the use of old diesel engine vehicles

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gopan, May 24, 2016.

  1. gopan

    gopan Timido

    National Greens Tribunal prohibits plying of 10+ year old diesel vehicles in 6 districts in Kerala and registration of new diesel vehicles having 2000+ cc engine capacity


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  2. revvingengines

    revvingengines Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    If they were so concerned, they should have started off with banning the 10+ year old KSRTC 'Ordinary' buses! It doesn't seem fair to compare a 10 year old diesel car to an equally old Public Transport Vehicle or Local Authority Vehicle.
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  3. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    No: the issue is one of the 'per capita' right-to-pollute/right-to-clean-air/etc, and so a crackdown on private cars and esp suv-s is the right thing to do, imo. Also since people owning and running private vehicles are in the vast majority of cases financially-able to switch to alternative modes of mobility/fuelling.

    However, as usual it is the fragmented, piece-meal and sometimes mala fide (eg., the politicians and esp central and state ministers of environment and road transport) approaches that are a big problem. As usual for India. Missing the woods for the trees, deliberately-so, etc.

    I am personally very much in favour of a ban on old/current diesel cars and suv-s (private) over say 3 or 5 years, with NO compensation let alone incentives-to-buy-a-new-one, AND a prospective complete-phasing-out of diesel as a fuel for private cars and suv-s. The spm and NOx emissions are awful on indian-market diesels, the available fuel is too-dirty, switching to euro6 diesel fuel quality will be exorbitant (40000 crores, it is reliably said, for the PSU refining companies).

    The Indian public must claw-back all the tens of thousands of crores of mal-directed diesel-fuel, i.e., pollution-causing subsidies that lakhs of private diesel car/suv-s buyers have illegitimately albeit legally 'enjoyed' over the last decade. "Polluter Pays".

    Not coincidentally, there is just ONE, private giant refining-firm based in gujrat that already has the euro/bs6 quality-fuel technology/investments ready. THAT firm is politically a 'dominant' one, and so far exports that fuel, more or less tax-free.....

    So, the way this will play out will be, i fear: bs6 norms will be announced. The deadline for which will be missed by many years. The psu firms will be 'rogered' financially, and/or that private firm based in gujrat will get further monopoly-windfalls, some car companies will also get 'screwed' since they're big-dirty diesel-dependent, meanwhile the govt will give 1000s of crores in useless 'ev' and 'hybrid' subsidies....to rich folk.

    However, air quality WILL continue to deteriorate badly, not to mention traffic congestion, at the same or even-worse rate, 20 km/hr or less avg urban commute-speeds in the metros, etc, etc etc.

    Everyone will 'seem' and 'look like' they've done their 'bit', including the ngt and ngo-s and courts, BUT nothing whtsoever will improve in the least. (India has 13+- of the 'top20', 7 out of 10 of the dirtiest-air cities in the world! THAT number will only increase.)

    I have seen this 'game' play out in dilli-ncr twice before: (a) the compulsory switch to cng for commercial behicles (b) the expansive and otherwise excellent and very welcome metro. Neither has made the slightest difference in even-slowing down the degration of air quality and road/traffic congestion etc issues.

    All the 'actors' in this drama will ensure they're 'looking good', 'act' well, they will compete, the director (i.e., the central and state govts) will pretend to direct the fillum according to the 'great script'.....except that the fillum will be worth and will mean nothing to the aam aadmi/aurat junta-spectators, in the end.
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