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My1st Six Months with GP- MJD

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sach, May 26, 2014.

  1. Dilip patel

    Dilip patel Amatore

    Hello pratik if you love new look then wait for that I wish you are first person who will owner of face lift punto D in ahmedabad
    Dont think about discount enjoy life with some thing new

    I love Fiat
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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Although I would have jumped to advising you to buy 90HP one I would refrain myself and let you decide that. Things to be considered are 1) Whether 90HP is affordable - you would be spending almost 60K more for the variant. 2) Are you a frequent highway cruiser - if so, 90HP is for you. If not 75Hp would do all that 90HP variant does. 3) Mileage in both variants are nearly same. 4) Performance in city driving for both variants is same. Suggest you to take back to back test drives of 75Hp and 90HP and then decide. If 75HP then go for the Emotion variant which is fully loaded. If 90HP it does come with all features of a Emotion variant.

    Regarding the Punto face lift, if you are willing to wait then suggest to hold you buying. Two advantages here - 1) you get to see the new Punto & checkout the features. 2) the old Punto will have fabulous outgoing discount.

    One more suggestion - Pls start a seperate thread in the What car section. This is an ownership thread.

    Hope this helps. Pls note that I am not against the 90HP variant, the above are my personal views only.
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  3. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Welcome to TFI & Congratulations sach for bringing home a GP Active Minimal Grey,thats my favourite colour on GP,it looks elegant
    Driving from 20 plus years plus a Padmini owner makes us feel proud that Padmini was a star in olden days,that absolutely true,the more we love & care the more they reciprocate you back,glad to know that DRS Fiat gives the best service in Gurgaon,Torque Fiat have mixed experience from our members.
    What was the ex showroom & on road cost after discount?plz post lots of pics of your GP.
    Enjoy the drive with your GP,Drive safe & please wear your seatbelts,

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    Hello Pratik,welcome to TFI,
    Request you to open a thread in introduction section & post there,6.5 on road after discount is a steal deal for a Punto Emotion 75hp diesel
    1. Its your choice,whether you need 75 or 90hp,75 hp is adequate for most city use with occassional highway trips with good mileage in city but little less mileage on highways than 90hp because it has a FGT engine whereas 90 hp has a VGT engine with superb 90 horses for more highway use & in city 90 hp is little sluggish than 75 hp & turbo kicks in late at 2.2-2.5k rpm but it has less mileage in city but gives more mileage on highways.
    90 hp costs 44-50 k more than 75 hp so you may get 90 hp for 7 lacs on road after discount,if you ready to spend 50k more than 90 hp is best or else 75 hp at 6.5 lacs is a steal
    2. If you have patience & in no urgency to buy new car then wait till the new Punto is launched as you get to know its new design with new interiors with new additional features & then decide & at that time current Punto will have more discounts but New Punto will have no discounts
    New Punto is launching in on July 2nd week,confirmed
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  4. Vikkas


    Thanks Sach for your reply. wants to know which part you don't like it with Torque Fiat.
  5. Sach


    Hi Vikas
    Didn't like ..... Customer handling and transparency (communication), during 1st visit till booking, am sure would not have taken the car from them if any other Fiat showroom were here in Gurgaon, there were couple of incidents. May be its there business strategy but being a customer i was not happy the way my discussion moved ahead for final booking with them. 2ndly it took 3 months for them to send me the Insurance original doc ( they have sent me the scan copy) the hard copy has not reach me yet. visited the showroom twice for this, they have assured to send it by post ....still waiting.
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