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My1st Six Months with GP- MJD

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sach, May 26, 2014.

  1. Sach


    Dear Team Members
    Warm wishes
    My 1[SUP]st[/SUP] post here, I own a Grand Punto Diesel (GP), joined my family in November 2013. Let me share my total driving experience before I share my experience of GP with masters here.

    Am driving from last 20 Plus years, initially a Premier padmini (which I loved the most), followed with Maruti 800 and Wagon R. I believe the more you love and care your car they reciprocate you in the same way.

    There was 2 -3 months tussle whether to go ahead or not for a new car before I booked GP. Did a week ( in total few hours) on-line google to finalize it. The same time one of my colleague was also looking for a car and did lots of research/ fact findings which indirectly helped me to freez this GP ( He has mahindra Vibe).
    Have test droved Hyundai I 20, Maruti Swift, Mahindra Vibe and GP. I wont go with my test drive experience, Pluses and Minus of listed cars as there are lots of post available here and my experience is more or less same. One liner – Every car has its plus and minus, its upto you where do you compromise. Ya I do regret that I have not explored much on this site else I would have gone for at-least GP Dynamic ( I have Active).

    Driving experience (6 Months)
    Amazing experience – GP proved its driving, built, space and comfort to me. I had Premier padmini and this was also one of the factor I went with Fiat as I loved its built and quality.

    Fuel Economy (Diesel) – Avg fuel economy in last 6 months is 17.5 KM /L with a best of almost 19.5 KM/L in a bumper to bumper traffic of Gurgaon & Delhi NCR. In this summer with 100% AC GP gives me 15.5 (in worst city traffic). Over all very happy with this also. My experience, the more you are on wheels it plays more and more smoothly.

    Space and Comfort – I wont compare with anyone as its an injustice to GP as I consider it the best (in this segment). All I can say, Five Adults and One kid and 3 mid size suitcases (in Boot) all in GP. Had a comfortable driving. What more I can expect from a hatchback.

    First Service- There are lots of voice regarding problems with Fiat service (earlier it may, respecting others view point). My experience - I was about to complete 5K on OD meter when I got a message from Fiat India that they have a new service center (DRS Motors) in Gurgaon in sector 17 & 18 road. I was aware with Torque Motors only.
    A weekend I thought to visit DRS before I go for service. I decided to get the service done in 1[SUP]st[/SUP] visit itself @ DRS. You must be thinking why? The warm welcome, the assistance, query handling, well equipped center (which includes body work shop) made me take that call. The supervisor said it will take two and half to three hours. I had listed them couple of additional jobs. Two and half hours and my beauty was ready to roar.
    The bill - Surprisingly it was Rs. 30 /- for some cover and papers only.
    Overall was very happy, not only just because of the unexpected low bill amount (human tendency of judgment if you have to pay less its always good) but also due to the transparency, over all job performance, interactions with service supervisor, body shop supervisor and center GM.

    Wish to write and share more, very ofter now onwards.
    Happy motoring.
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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    heartiest congratulations on owning a Grande Punto. You missed out certain details in the ownership review such as colour booked, which dealer, buying experience, OTR cost and most importantly pics of the Italian beauty.

    I whole heartedly agree with all your views on the onwership and wish you many more happy mile crunchings and drive safely.
  3. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Hi Sach - Welcome to TFI :)

    For Linea, Wheel Alignment needs to be done as part of 1st service (which is at 5000 kms or in 6 months) and for doing Wheel Alignment, FASS will charge Rs.400 + tax, I think it should be same for Punto as well, please check your Owner's manual.

    If it's written in Owner's manual and the dealer did Wheel alignment for free, you are lucky then. If not, kindly check with the dealer and do Wheel Alignment. With the bill amount of Rs.30/- not sure whether they did wheel alignment or not. It always good to check Wheel Alignment once in every 5000 kms.

    Happy Puntoing!!
  4. Sach


    Dear Ghodlur
    Thanks, Sorry to miss the points, to add on - I booked and got Minimal Gray from Torque fiat - Gurgaon, Buying experience is not so bad but again it was not a hard negotiation as well.
    Will try to post the pic soon.
    thanks again for help and wishes.


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    I really missed this as well i believe wheel alignment should be a part of 1st service (even its paid). I will surely check with DRS. Will get it done if its not.
    Thanks for help


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    Just checked with DRS Motors, They have done the wheel Alignment. they have checked from record and sent me the confirmation.


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  5. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Congratulations Sach for you GP and Welcome to this group!!
  6. Pratik Lunavia

    Pratik Lunavia Timido


    I am gonna buy my first car. and zeroed down to Punto Emotion diesel. with great exchange bonus of Rs. 1.3 lacs for my 2003 Maruti Zen. ie. I will be getiing the On road price of 6.5 lacs after this discout. I would like to have the expert veiws of you people about the following please

    1) should i go for emotion or 90 HP?
    2) should i wait for the punto face lift which is soon to be launched? can anyone please throw some light on the exact month of launching?

    As of now I m having these many questions to know. will post more after reasearch.

    thnaks and regard
  7. Vikkas


    Hello Sach, Congrats for your new car. I also want to buy Punto and for that visited Torque Fiat Gurgaon. wants to know how was your experience with them
  8. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore


    If u are getting the emotion for 6.5 L, itz really a good offer!Grab it!

    2.I always prefers to go for 90 hp rather than 75.I own a 90 Hp machine.My friend bought a 75 Hp Punto before a month.I feel the power and mileage is more on 90 Hp Punto.

    3.Regarding the New Punto, the date is not announced officially!
    But we can expect that during the festival season this year!If the new Punto is launched, we cant expect any offers for the new one!

    Goto Fiat dealer and ask 90HP version for 6.5L!


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  9. Sach


    Thanks a Ton Pabhishek :)

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    Hi Vikas
    Torque is the Only one in Gurgaon at present, DRS is coming up with a new Showroom, DRS have a service center in gurgaon and showroom in faridabad. Visit both of them, (Would suggest to visit DRS as well). Good option for you to negotiate with them.
    My experiance with Torque is mixed, wont say bad but not soooo good as well.

  10. Sach


    Dear Pratik
    You are getting this discount just because fiat is due to launch Abarth, You can surely go ahead with 90HP (added features, performance and mileage).

    Good wishes

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