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My white wonder struggled to climb the road which leads to Hotel Lakeview Ooty

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by vvk007, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    The key here is to raise the rpm to 2.5k and be in between 2k-3k rpm(on steep inclines you have to slip clutch there's no supplement to it) till the car starts to move and most importantigly don't panic. (There's no point revving till 4k or above 3k the car doesnt generate enough torque at that rpm it does that between 2k-3k band where the torque curve is almost completely flat and enough to pull even a car double the weight and never burry the pedal completely to floor all it does is make fuel mixture too rich casuing more problem in climbing)

    Best way to learn driving in hills is sitting next to a bus driver in hills and see how he shifts and pulls away after stopping.

    In simple terms let me explain
    1. Engage Handbrake and dump clutch pedal to floor and rev to 2.5k rpm.
    2. Slowly release the clutch pedal till a point you feel car struglling stop there make sure rpm is above 2.5k rpm.
    3. Now release handbrake and clutch(dont release clutch completely) together in great synchronization quickly and give acc pedal input as necessary to keep rpm above 2k rpm as the car starts moving and gathers a pace leave clutch completely.
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  2. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    It is a known a fact,that most turbo diesels struggle on inclines.
    An i20 Diesel is the worst,Figo goes like stink in the hills,and the 2.2 Mhawk climbs inclines as if they were plains.
    Turbo lag is a known chateristic of the MJD,so dont expect it to go like petrols.
    Infact Older diesels are better off in hills.
    Example 2523CC MDI Turbo from Mahindra.
    It has got only 63 Horses,and around 18-19KGM of torque,but the way it goes like in the hills will leave most jaws dropped.
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  3. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    +1,i do follow this,Handbrakes always efficent in such situations...
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  4. vvk007

    vvk007 Amatore

    A good point for discussion for all the TFIans who would come to Poona for the Factory Visit. Are there any chances of meeting any higher officials of Tata-Fiat ?

    Definitely, they wouldn't call back all the cars and remap the ECU. But ya we can bring it to their notice so that they can make some changes in the upcoming Lineas/Puntos.

    BINGO !! This is what I experienced. But, can you tell more about the radiator part ? How does the radiator fan spinnings affect the engine power ?

    True !! I spent my whole life climbing Agumbe ghat and Shiradi Ghat. It is next to nothing compared to Ooty Ghat. This was my first time to Ooty, I was expecting Agumbe types which led me to trouble.

    Yes :) Absolutely !!

    As i have said, I definitely did not stuck up in ghats. The problematic situation was, I stopped midway on the steep road from the main gate of Lakeview to it's reception. From there, it couldn't even climb an inch and ya i tried the good old handbrake method but in vain.
    As soon as I came from Ooty, I gave my linea for second service and addressed the issue to the Technical Head. He quickly brought his touchscreen laptop, connected it to the ECU and checked. It did not report any errors. He said, it might have happened because of the clogging of air filters. I showed a bit of unsatisfaction. He realized it and took me to place outside the service section where there was a okayish steep incline. He climbed halfway of that incline, stopped the car, pulled the handbrake to 3 'ticks' (to compensate the steepness) and then started to climb. It climbed perfectly FINE.
    I asked him to repeat the same thing with ACC ON, So, Again he climbed halfway, stopped, pulled handbrake to 3 'ticks', this time it 'STRUGGLED' and 'STRUGGLED' but still climbed. Never knew, turning on the AC at such situation would lower the power delivery to such a drastic level.
    But the Technical Head sincerely told me to come back if the same situation crops up again. He would replace the vacuum pipe which leads to engine from the turbo ( Is this the real solution to the problem? )

    Thank you everybody for all the solutions :)

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