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My White Horse gonna get ICE'd - Need help and Suggestions

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by ferobian, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. ferobian

    ferobian Amatore

    She turn's 2 in a couple of months, so thinking of giving her an early birthday gift.

    Planning to get my White horse ICE’d. All I can say is my super confused and need help/advice in picking the right one.

    I have a Punto 90hp

    The Set up I have in Mind:
    1. Want to stick to the Stock HU. The reason being Stock Looks, Blue & Me and Steering Mount Controls.
    2. Have only one brand in mind. ROCKFORD FOSGATE. Have heard the Rockford Fosgate in my friend’s car, I was just stunned with the performance.
    3. Budget: 40000

    THE SET UP I want: Brand - Rockford Fosgate (Total = 38000)
    1. Sub 12’: RF Punch P2D2 – 12: 9200
    2. Front Comp: RF Punch P16-S: 11200
    3. Amp 4 Channel: RF Prime R250-4: 10800
    4. Rear Co-Axial: Haven’t finalised. (Still confused whether to have a Rear Co-Axil)
    5. Sub-Box, Wiring, Connector (1200+2200+3200=6800)
    6. Damping (Again confused if I should do it or not because have heard damping is not required for Punto’s)

    Visited Final Touch - Mission Road, Bangalore
    Met Mr. Akash and explained him what I have in mind.

    He understood my requirement and was kind enough to explain me clearly what has to be done. He gave me 2 other options and told me to change the Head Unit as the Stock HU will have to be replaced to give you the best output. He did tell me that you can either choose from these 2 options or go with the one you want. RF. He said the Diamond option would be a perfect one and would sound amazing and its 100% value for money.

    Option 1: Brand – Diamond (Total = 44400)
    1. Sub 12’: 7000
    2. Front Comp: 11000
    3. Amp 4 Channel: Cerwin Vega - HED600.4: 9500
    4. Rear Co-Axial: 4000
    5. HU: JVC KD-X50BT: 7000
    6. Sub-Box, Wiring, Steering Control Interface (1200+2200+2500=5900)
    He dint give me the model numbers for the sub, comp and co-axial for the Diamond.

    Option 2: Brand – Cerwin Wega (Total = 38800)
    1. Sub 12’: HED124: 5800
    2. Front Comp: HED65C: 7000
    3. Amp 4 Channel: HED600.4: 9500
    4. Rear Co-Axial: HED65: 3600
    5. HU: JVC KD-X50BT: 7000
    6. Sub-Box, Wiring, Steering Control Interface (1200+2200+2500=5900)

    Damping: 4000 (Even he suggested damping is not required and did mention that he will do it if I want to)

    My problem is:
    1. Have never ever heard about both the brands (Diamond & Cerwin Vega). How good are these brands?
    2. I somewhat want to stick with Rockford Fosgate, but if CV and Diamond are value for money I wouldn’t mind. But the Sub has to be RF for sure.
    3. Should I change the HU or Stick with stock? (I listen to a lot of R&B, House and Hip Hop)
    4. If I decide to change the HU, how good is the steering control interface? Does it work perfectly fine? How about the voice recognition and stuff? Does it all work?

    Pls help me in deciding and picking the best one.

  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
  3. Diamond Audio speakers are good. Choose D3 comp if you are going with Diamond. CerwinVega is also good brand. I have demoed a cerwinvvega car and it didn't satisfy my requirement. Go to Konark shop in jp nagar. They got a fully customized cervin vega demo car.

    I hope you have done demo on RF. To be frank RF also was not that great and felt it as over priced.
  4. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    1. Both are known brands catering mainly to SPL oriented setups.
    2. That's your personal choice.
    3. 100% installers will ask you to change the HU. It helps cover up a lot of weak runners in the setup. Getting decent sound from stock HU is a mean feat.
    4. Unless someone has come up with a solution, with the stock HU gone you can kiss Blue & Me goodbye. Usage of suitable connect kit may allow you to
    retain steering controls, though I doubt that too.

    Looking at the kind of sound that you are interested in, I would suggest that you get in touch with BeeSound in Bangalore and audition their HAT line of speakers. The HATs are specifically made for such music. Price would be at par with RF. You can find them here. If you do then ask for Jasdeep. https://www.facebook.com/pages/BeeSound-Inc/243613585702607?fref=ts

    I am using Celestra FA275 amplifier powering German Maestro make Alpha series Coaxial speakers in my Jet bought from them.

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  5. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    I would second Khoj - if you want SPL, go the HAT way. Personally, I was not really satisfied with the performance from RF and CW.

    Do give the HAT a try before you finalise - you will never regret it :)
  6. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    You have considered RF Punch. You could bring down the cost of the install by considering RF Prime instead.
    I found my RF Prime Comps VFM.
  7. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    there is a vaaaast difference between the two... audition the two n see for yourself. with punch series, there is no lose in clarity even at 75% of the volume and that too without amp! I would still suggest RF Punch if you have the money for it !!
    chk out this set up ..
    Punto 90HP ICE upgrade: Now playing PHD, DLS and JBL - Team-BHP
  8. ferobian

    ferobian Amatore

    Thank You Ravi.

    Guess ill stick with the Stock HU for now. And for sure will get the damping done and also change the rear speakers with co-axials.
    Gonna check out a couple more shops. Do you have any that you can suggest?

    Thanks Praveen.
    Will visit Konark this weekend.

    Thanks Khoj. After your comment im even more confused. Im gonna visit Beesound coming friday to check out. hope the HAT just blows my HAT off ;)

    Gonna do just that. Thanks Anoop

    Guess Varun just commented what i was supposed to. :)

    Thanks Varun. I did check the link long back. but not sure how PHD's are but i loved set up.

    Think this is what im gonna do.
    1. Stick with the Stock HU
    2. Get damping done.
    3. Go with rear co-axials.

    Gonna check out the HAT. but should i also consider anyother brands??
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