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My White Angel: close to 6 months, 10,000 km and feeling on top of the world

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by chotubaba, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. chotubaba

    chotubaba Timido

    I am back nearly 6 months after i bought the best car in the world: GP 1.3 MJD or white angel as I call her.

    As I am not competent to give technical review, let me share my experience with White Angel with you. The feeling of pride and love that comes from bringing a new family member home was overwhelming as Prateek and I went to collecther from Wasan Motors, Chembur. Satish did a great job of arranging for a puja, having her shining and gleaming for my first view of my darling. My daugher Kiah was diappointed that there were neither cartoon body art (as she wanted) nor Abarth (as I wanted), but we had decided to enjoy the pristineness of white Angel for a few days before we let her personality take over her looks.
    As I drove from the showroom towards my office, I was on the top of the world. A lot of heads turned and I saw a lot of admiring glances at WA over the next months, till now GP has become a common sight on the road.

    First service came much sooner than I had anticipated, with only a few issues that were resolved very quickly: rightside front indicator bulb konked off, wipers were squeaky and there was some confusion with the interior lights. My only worry that still goes on is the lady (in the voice command box) who cannot understand what I am saying and who frustrates me no end? Any suggestions there?

    I have done many day trips to Pune and back from Mumbai eitehr solo or with my 4.75 yr old daughter and I must say it is a breeze. No failures, worries or any complaints there. Some concern though is that many a speedbrakers and potholes find her scraping her underside often. Another concern is that she turns as wide as a mercedes or perhaps even wider, hence turning on narrow roads and tight parking spots are not easy with WA.

    I also hate people who donot respect other peoples cars' feeling and mess with them. Someone has broken and taken away my rear wiper, but I noticed may GPs with the same problem. Luckily the logo is still intact. I have threatened the security gaurds at both my home and office that if this goes missing, they will also miss a few teeth. I donot know if that or my daughter offering cupcakes to them has helped here.

    Being a woman driver with a bad back, i must say that 6months with GP and I suffer a lot less backpain (may be due to the great ergonomics of the seat). Also long distances with no halts (Mumbai to Shirdi with no halt) still leaves you fresh for 2 hrs of queing for darshan and a non-stop journey back.

    Despite my heartfelt wishes, my schedule didnot allow me time for a long roadtrip with her. Finally in Dec , Prateek, Kiah and I are planning a roadtrip from Mumbai - Abu -UdaIPUR - Jodhpur-Jaisalmer and back totally 3000-3200 kms over 7 days. Any suggestions are welcome. I will post details of the same when I am back
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