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My TW Grand Punto Active

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Balu Chandra S, May 18, 2016.

  1. Balu Chandra S

    Balu Chandra S Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Quick Intro:

    First of all thanks Team Fiat India which helps me in choosing my Punto.

    The decision of TFI shutting down made me to write about my ownership thread and express my love towards TFI and Punto.

    I am a software engineer based on Trivandrum, Kerala. and not a technical expert when it comes to cars. But I love to learn more about automobiles and loves driving than anything else.

    My ownership thread is about a used car, not a new one – 2012 Punto Active.

    I have joined TFI, before I bought Punto. In fact the reviews and discussions in this forum changed my decision from Swift/Ritz to Punto.

    I owned a Swift, that too a used car. Swift VDI had clocked 70000km on odo, when I bought it. I have used it for 1.5 years and the odo reads at 1,10,000 when I sold it. The reason to sell the car was I got an onsite opportunity from my company. But after I sold my Swift, it got canceled and the need for a car arises. I again stick with a used car as my budget is around 3.5lacs and I will get only EON / Alto K10 etc .. for the budget if I am looking for a new car. I can't bear with these cars after driving a Swift. Also I am not at all interested to take loan. So my hunt started. I was looking only for Swift/Ritz that too only diesel. I don't like petrol as I am lazy (I love crawling in traffic than control ABC pedals together) and petrol cars won't match my long running(30,000 km a year-not bad I guess B-) ).

    Used Car hunt:

    Didn't considered the below cars first for the reasons mentioned.

    Figo - Didn't like diesel engine noise and low ground clearance and some threatened me about high service costs of Ford.

    Polo - Won't get a descent used car in my budget. I didn't like rear legroom and higher transmission tunnel. Another reason, even in 1st gear the Polo has Turbo lag. Weird !!. I noticed this when I drove a Polo with 5 on board and the road was a slight slope. At the same situation Swift/Punto will go easily in First gear or with little lag in Second gear.

    Micra/Pulse - Not easily available in used car market for my budget.

    Punto - My aunt is having a 2009 model Punto. But I never drove that. In fact me and my cousin will be kidding Punto when it reaches the gate, the engine clattering noise will be heard inside the home and I will shout to my parents "Ahh...Aunty came :p". I was not interested in Punto as I was not aware of the brand and also due to very low sales. But I loved the looks of Punto. Even when aunty decided to buy Punto back in 2009, I advised "Why you are buying Punto, you can get a Swift or Figo". To that her daughter(my another cousin) replied, "Swift is seen anywhere around and in looks wise no match to Punto, and Figo - engine is not powerful and refined. Punto has got best engine and good handling capabilities". At that time I laughed at her in my mind.

    i20 - Again, I won't get a good car with this budget. One thing I didn't liked about i20 is, unlike the Swift/Punto, we have to press the accelerator if there is slight slope in the road, otherwise it will stall (Petrol car like behavior, which I really don't like). I came across this twice when I drove my uncle's i20 (They may thought that I am not a good driver :( )

    Now started looking in used car showrooms and searching in OLX for used Ritz/Swift. To my surprise these used car dealers are quoting very high prices for Swift as the demand is high. A 2009 model 75,000 km Swift Vdi will cost you 3.6lac rupees at least, whereas you can get a 2011 model Ritz with around 50,000km ran in the same price. Then I ruled out Swift, as I am not ready to pay more money simply due to the higher demand for Swift. So then I searched only for Ritz. I saw an ad in OLX - 2012 Model 54,000 km ran Ritz for 3,65,000. Seems like a good deal and visited the car. It was in good condition and with a neat service history. Talked with the owner and fixed the deal. Next day I was about to make the payment. But alas, I got a call from the owner stating that he is not going to sell his car now. Again back to zero.

    The turning point (Ritz to Punto):

    The search started again. Now I included Punto & Figo also in the search. To my surprise Puntos & Figos are priced really lower than the Maruti Suzuki twins. Now I thought, lets break the belief only in MS, why don't I try a new brand. Then started searching in Google about Fiat Punto. Read some good reviews in TeamBhp and from somewhere I got the link to TeamFiatIndia. That was the turning point. I have read many ownership reports and really good positive feedback from the owners. Yes, there are usual niggles, but it doesn't let down any of the owners. Then I realised that there is something special about Fiat cars that makes the owners really fall in love with the cars. It takes many sleepless nights to complete lot of ownership reports and discussions in TFI. But I already fell in love with Punto and I confirmed my next car will be Fiat Punto, even without driving the car at least once.

    Then after a lot of research, I zeroed down to one 2012 Punto Active - Exotica Red. The owner was abroad and that's why he wants to sell the car. Of coarse he is also a proud owner of his Punto. The car was in Ernakulam, which is 250km far from my home. One day I went to test drive the car in my bike. I reached there by noon and called his brother, And I saw the red beauty from long, I would say Punto is really gorgeous in Exotica Red. He handed over the key to me and I get into the driver seat and closed the door - Wow! That Thud everyone said was really impressive which would make us feel the car is solid and, yes the car is really solid. The different vertical key insertion is nice. Then I cranked. Nice... I have expected more engine noise, but it is less inside the cabin. Then I drove the car for 2-3 kms, and really fell in love with the drive. But I didn't like the gear shifts and long clutch travel. But the real surprise to me was the brakes. Swift VDI without ABS (which I drove before) is a big down when it comes to braking. I have consulted different service centers and complained about braking. But the replies were all same "We can't do anything with the brakes, this is as expected". I was very much disappointed. Swift was launched before 7 years, and till now the manufacturer doesn't take any steps to solve the braking issue for diesel models. Even my cousin complained that he too have problem with brakes while reversing the car (2012 model VXI). When checked in showroom, they said, it was a known issue and an ECU problem, but still not resolved. Pathetic !!
    Back to the testdrive. I remember in one of the famous auto channel video review, some reviewer says about Punto Evo - "It looks gorgeous and if you really want the best looking hatchback, you have to buy the Punto Evo. But if you are looking for a powerful hatchback, then go for the Swift". That statement was one of the reasons for not considering Punto initially. But after test driving the Punto, I am surprised how could a well known reviewer could easily say Punto is not powerful as Swift, that too a 90hp Punto. He could have said like "Punto's initial acceleration is not good as Swift or the 0-100 figures are not good as Swift". These statements and the statement he made are entirely different and misleading. Weird !!

    During the short test drive I have also noticed that the Engine sound is low in 2012 models when compared to the earlier ones, I am particularly looking for post 2012 models, as I am very much in need of 185mm GC, 5m turning radius, which were 171mm and 5.4m respectively before. Overall I liked the car very much and I said ok to the owner. I gave the advance and he said I have to wait for one week, as he have to close the loan and endorse in RC. I said ok. But for my bad luck, he was unable to close the loan due to some problems in bank. I was really impatient and can't wait more to get the car. I asked him to hand over the car and I will pay him the full amount, he can close the loan next week and handed over the docs to me. But he was not ready to do that as he is in USA and don't want to invite any troubles later. So he will handover the car once after everything is completed. Also he returned the advance. But I was not at all ready to wait more and started searching for another Punto. The same day (It was a Christmas evening - 2015), I got a call from one of the used car showroom. He said that they have a 2012 Punto Active, which ran for just 19000kms. I was very happy and went to the showroom. There I saw the Punto, it's a Tuscan Wine. After seeing the Exotica Red, I am not much satisfied with this color(But many like this color and many of my relatives and friends always says “Good colour” after seeing my car). It's also having some scratches here and there in the body, as it was used by a old man and he is not at all capable of looking after this big car anymore, and that's why he decided to sell. Odometer @ 19000km was the only attraction in this Punto than the other which I advanced. I didn't like the colour, the scratches in the body and also the engine doesn't feel smooth as the other Punto which ran 54000km. But considering my usage, “low km” will be a really good plus point. (I have clocked 30000km in 1 year in my Swift). The price was 30,000 more than the earlier one. Considering the KMs both covered (54000 vs 19000) it seems okay for me. Then I took the test drive of the car and seems everything fine. In fact the gear and interiors felt new. Then I give him the advance and told that I will pay the rest by tomorrow and collect the car tomorrow. The next day I got the car in my hand. That was the first time, I am going to drive a Punto for more than 5km.I drove it for 25kms and really loved the experience.

    The next day I took my family in the car. To my surprise, mom said "Hey this car is free of rattles when compared to our Swift. Also the potholes and gutters in the road are not much felt inside". Actually I didn't notice these as I was more concentrated in comparing the power delivery and handling with Swift. After she told that, I started observing, and I put my Punto purposefully over some gutters. Yes, what she said was right. All those patches & undulations are cleanly absorbed by the suspensions and nothing felt inside, and also no rattles. Wow !! In my Swift I was always worried about the rattles, as it feels really annoying sometimes.

    It is 15th May 2016 now when I am writing this, Punto is with me for nearly 5 months and I have already completed 10000km more. (odo reading now: 29000). I am really very happy to own a Punto and never regrets to choose this over the Ritz/Swift.

    Swift vs Punto:

    Punto over Swift

    Ride & Handling: To be frank, I was not much concerned about handling when I drove Swift. As a fact I never known what is good ride & handling till I drive Punto. My perception was all cars handles almost same. But Punto changed that, now I really understood how good a car can handle. The turns, hairpin curves in high range all are handled exceptionally well by Punto. I think, I became less careful than before, as I am overconfident now that my Punto can handle any situation :) Not exaggerating. Just feeling relaxed while driving than before. I can really feel the difference when I drove in my usual routes. I can took the turns with more speed and more confidence and attack the corners very easily.

    Braking: It was a huge improvement over the Swift. When I drive Punto for the first time and applied brakes with the braking experience in Swift, instead of slowing down, I almost stopped the car. Thanks to the wonderful brake pads. I would say the brakes of Punto is the best in class.

    Suspension: My mom's words are the real testimony for Punto. The humps, gutters, potholes all are absorbed very well. When gliding over these undulations, we will feel a luxurious comfort which I never felt in my Swift.

    Rattle free: I can say there are zero body rattles when compared to Swift. Swift will always make sound even for a very small patch in the road. On the way to my wife house, for almost 10 Kms, the road is not tarred well and contains lot of small patches. When in Swift I drive below 50km/hr due to the rattles, as I am afraid if any parts will come loose. But when in Punto, it doesn't make any sound other than the tyre & engine sound. That's really great !!!

    Steering: The Hydraulic Power Steering in Punto is really superb. It's precise, well weighted and to the point. Before driving Punto, I liked the steering of i20 very much for it's smoothness. But after driving Punto, only I realised how good & precise a steering should behave. Swift's steering was neither smooth nor precise, but it was okayish.

    Power: Most of the auto magazine/channel reviewers are complaining about Punto's power delivery by comparing 0-100 timings. But as per me, it's not really matters. Because I am not going to drag race with any one. In fact the in gear acceleration in Punto is really better than Swift / i20, which helps a lot in normal driving scenarios. I noticed so many situations where I drive in 4th gear in Punto, but used to go in 3rd gear in Swift.

    Solid Built: Yes, everything in Punto is built strong and with heavy metal. You can feel this, while closing the doors & lifting the bonnet. And also no unwanted rattles from anywhere.

    Good features: Punto has some good useful features even in base model, which are not present in Swift.

    1. Follow me home headlamps
    2. Speed limit buzzer
    3. Power windows available to scroll up for some time even after switching off the engine and keys are removed.
    4. Instantaneous & average fuel economy.
    5. Distance to empty
    6. Average trip speed
    7. One side parking light - Switching on only one side park lights if needed.

    Swift over Punto

    Initial Acceleration: Yes, for those who want the car to be really fast from the start itself, Swift is the choice.

    Better ASS: Maruti Suzuki has a lot of showrooms and service centers across India. Even in my district itself, MS has more than 15(Wild guess, surely it will be more), whereas Fiat has only one showroom. Spare parts availability is also an issue for Fiat.

    Gearbox: I liked the Swift gearbox than Punto. The gear shift are perfect and slots in accurately. Whereas in Punto, it requires some effort to slot in the correct gear as the gear throw is long and rubbery. But once if we get used with it, Punto gear shifts feels soft along with it's soft clutch. Also the first gear is too short in Punto, that we are forced to shift to second soon. Also I felt the second gear in Punto is not powerful as the second gear in swift. This is felt because, Punto started to stall and I have to gently apply clutch to prevent stalling in some humps, whereas Swift goes smoothly in second gear without any hesitation (Just my observation).

    Turning Radius: It's really easy to maneuver Swift when in City due to it's short turning radius. And front portion is not long as the Punto's nose, which makes it easy to take U turns. When in Punto I have to find the widest portion of the road, to make a U turn in one go.

    Sorry... I couldn't see anything else better in Swift, may be due to Punto fever :)

    Driving Experience in Punto:

    I am enjoying every drive with my Punto. Swift was my first car and I was excited. That excitement last only for some days and after that it was as usual. But now it's been 5 months with Punto, but still I will always find a reason to drive my Punto. I just want to make a note of one incident. One day I was suffering from fever. Usually I hesitate to consult a doctor for fever. This time also same. My wife forcing me to go to hospital. But I am not at all interested. Later I thought, the hospital is 5 kms far from my home and if I go I can drive my Punto. Yeaaaahh...Then I agreed and went to hospital just because I want to drive :p

    I went to Kodaikanal & Thekkady in Punto, I could really enjoy Punto's high speed stability and handling. In the NH7, I have pushed her till 155kmph, and Punto feels really stable at that point. You can easily switch between the lanes even at that speed and the Punto will always stick to the road. I didn't crossed that speed as the engine noise, tyre noise and wind noise are not to my likes. I felt the engine noise is little more in Punto after 120km/hr. Well I am not sure of that. I have to drive a Swift in that speed and reconfirm. My friend have driven my Swift till 165 and I have driven it till 150, but couldn't remember exactly how the experience was. Anyway I am sure, that I was not that much confident as in Punto.

    The hair pin curves in Kodaikanal was a bliss to drive. I enjoyed each hair pin curves and wish there could be more. Also I remember Punto requires less down shifts when compared to Swift while climbing up the hills.

    When I am alone in car, I will test my Punto's efficiency (attacking corners with more speed, spirited driving in higher RPMs) and feeling more proud to own a Punto. Finding a gap in traffic and escape in 3rd gear is a delightful moment always. There is power always on your demand and the brakes & steering will give more confidence (I know most of you should have enjoyed this). Reading this, don't think that I am a Rash driver. I am really a sedate driver and don't want to harm my car in anyway. Even I didn't like to push beyond 3000rpm. Also I don't drive the car beyond my limits.

    Wowww... Punto...

    One day I got another reason to be more proud and happy about Punto. On my way to one of my cousins home there is a curve in the main road, in which we have to take almost a U turn. I was not usual in that road and I will get to know about the turn very late most times. When in Swift while going in 60, I had to break and do a circus to get rid of the turn and the car will go in right side of the road sometimes. But today in Punto I was in 60 and noticed the curve very late. I gently applied the brake and speed was 50, and I went through the curve very easily like a normal turn, that too keeping it in the left side. After that only I remembered how I used to take that curve in my Swift and felt .. Whawwww. . :) But the sad is most people won't / couldn't identify these USPs of Punto with a short test drive, that too in a city

    Now let's talk about the downside (Strictly in my opinion only):

    1. U turns: It's difficult to maneuver Punto when in City due to it's larger turning radius and longer nose. It really needs some good amount of place to take a U turn which is really painful in city. I have to always find the widest portion of the road, to make a U turn in one go.

    2. Visibility: The front visibility from driver seat is too bad. We couldn't see the end of bonnet even if I stand up in the seat. One has to get used with the dimensions. The A pillar also does a contribution. It will create blind spots mostly in turns. I remember one day I almost missed a bus in a turn due to the A pillar. After that I was really careful in turns not to create any blind spots.

    3. Gearbox: I wish Punto could get the gearbox of Swift. The gear shifts in Punto are long, rubbery and not slick as in Swift. When one who owns Swift, drives Punto, there will be always jerks and difficulty in slotting the correct gear. However one can get used with this on long term usage. I always didn't like the first and second gears of Punto as it is not smooth as other cars. I got used to that. But if any of my friends drive my Punto, they will always cause jerks and shuddering.

    4. Light & Wiper stalks: Light stalks should be placed on the right side as my hand will be always busy in gear. Especially when using high/low beams in night driving. I always have to switch in between and sometimes it is not possible as my left hand will be busy in shifting gear. Current setup is directly brought from left hand driven Italian Puntos as part of cost cutting, I think.

    5. Steering: Now you people are going to bash me, because HPS is the best USP of Punto and I am going to say about it's disadvantage. Overall feedback and sense of the steering is perfect. It's well weighted in high speeds and it's accurate. But I felt it is little heavy when roaming in city. To steer in zig zag manner (steer complete left and then right) will cause some pain in the shoulder. And also it's little difficult in parking. This might be one of the reasons that some buyers will rule out Punto from the list(at least ladies). But happy that I could overcome this problem by adding a steering knob. So whenever I require a complete turn, use the knob, otherwise directly holding the steering will do.

    6. Clutch: Long travel of the clutch is another negative. Thank god, it's really butter smooth so the pain in traffic will be less. However at least the height of the clutch pedal should be made equal to the dead pedal.

    7. Storage space: There are less storage options inside. Especially to hold the 1 ltr bottles, there is nothing. We will find this difficult while in long trips. Only place to keep the bottles are seat pockets which are again uncomfortable for tall back seat passengers.

    All these said, from one month I am facing 2 issues - Power loss & Less mileage. I am getting only 15kmpl overall (80% highway and 20% city with AC). I have asked the SC guys to check this. To my surprise they said like they can't do anything to increase the mileage even before checking anything. Also they didn't felt any loss in power. But I definitely know that my Punto doesn't drive like this before. Even after slowing down to 50km/hr in 5th gear, again pressing the A pedal will build the momentum quite easily. But now I have to shift down to 4th. This is felt in all gears in respective speeds. I have to find a good workshop to sort out the issues. My suspect list is as below. All, please contribute if any.

    1. Requires EGR Cleaning
    2. AC Compressor issues
    3. Turbo hose problem
    4. Air mass filter requires replacement. (Somewhere I read in TFI)

    Will I suggest Punto to others:

    Well, it's a tough question and depends really on the person who is going to buy the car.

    If the person is an enthusiast who really loves driving and wants his car handling pretty well in all situations. Yes Punto is your car.

    Why Punto over i20/Swift/Polo?


    i20 has a refined and petrol like rev free engine, spacy & richer interiors &
    swift with its good gearbox, better initial acceleration and better ASS &
    polo is greatly built and also has a rev free engine too.
    Even all these cars have much better initial acceleration (0-100) than Punto.

    But still, You should buy a punto if -
    * you need better handling & high speed stability.
    * you really like the looks
    * you are not concerned about 0-100 kmph timings, but the in gear acceleration is what you really want.
    * you need to be noticed by all :p
    * you need a rattle free and comfortable ride
    * you need a solidly built & heavy car with feel good "thud" while closing doors
    * you like hydraulic power steering feel over electronic power steering.
    * finally you need a car that you always love to drive and be with it always.

    If the person who loves driving but not much worried about ride, handling & dynamics and worried about after sales service and spare parts, then definitely Punto is not your choice. You can safely choose a Swift/Baleno/i20/Polo.

    Better Cars than Punto

    With the cars, I have driven till now(only few cars) I felt Hyundai Accent CRDi better than Punto. It has similar handling like Punto with it's HPS and better power delivery with almost nil turbo lag. I didn't opt Accent due to the less availability of spare parts and all available cars are too old and clocked too much in ODO. All Punto owners here can you please name some cars (almost same price bracket) which has similar or better ride & handling and power delivery as Punto. Just to know !!

    A word about Auto Reviewers

    In my experience, one should not make a decision in buying a vehicle after seeing/reading the reviews from famous automobile channels/magazines. Most of them are biased / will not tell the actual flaws about the machine. I have two examples.

    Suzuki Gixxer SF: I own this bike now. I have bought this 7 months before by seeing lot of good reviews from famous auto channels. In all the reviews, they said only positives about the bike and nothing negative. Most of the reviewers also said that sound from the exhaust is really good and pleasing. And I blindly bought the bike without extensive test drive. But after I bought the bike, I came to know about it's negatives. Yes it is handling well and got good acceleration. But one who drives the bike will not hear the exhaust sound of the bike, instead it is the irritating knocking sound of the engine only audible while RPMs higher than 4000. I really got frustrated due to this. If the engine sound was smooth, it was ok. But this is really annoying, and none of the reviewers mentioned that. Secondly, it has got the worst seat. The seat is short and hard with less cusion. Pillion ride comfort is too less. Within driving some 30-40 kms, my back will start paining. I felt the torque is less, because I have stalled my bike many times even in 2nd gear if there is not much accelerator input. But this is not the case with Yamaha FZ/Fazer, it will not stall easily and engine sounds smooth and seats are far better also. Only plus is Gixxer got better acceleration than Fazer. But all the reviewers quoted Gixxer SF as the winner against Yamaha FZ/Fazer. Weird !!

    Fiat Punto: Punto is another example for this in the other way. Most of the reviewers comment that Punto is not at all powerful as Swift. But after driving Punto I never felt as Punto is less powerful than Swift. Power delivery and initial acceleration are different things. They are saying simply because Punto takes more seconds to complete the drag. Also the in gear acceleration of Punto is far better than Swift/i20, that none of them mentioned. Yes they told about the ride and handling about Punto, but a little only. With that no one could understand about the real strength of Punto. From reviews about Punto, I understood these people are behind largest selling cars, to be on the safer side.

    The reviews about both these vehicles, had great impact in my buying. If they have said the truth about Gixxer SF, I may not buy that and I will buy Yamaha Fazer. Because of these reviews only I have not considered Punto while searching for a used car. Thank god, but at last I ended up in Punto only.

    PS: I am not saying that all reviewers are same, there are some exceptions as well, who does a non biased review.

    Attaching some pics. SOrry for the low quality mobile pics.

    I am concluding my writeup. Thanks for bearing with me and sorry for my poor English and long writeup :)






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  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Beautiful write up @Balu Chandra S !

    Thats what FIAT does to you. :) Happy Riding and hope you got the issue sorted soon. There are many TFIians in Trivandrum which can help in pointing to a good workshop.

    All the best!
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  3. karaka

    karaka Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.4
    Good enthusiastic write up from your side. Do let us know when you are able to fix or find solutions for your acceleration issues.

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  4. Balu Chandra S

    Balu Chandra S Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I think I have sorted out the root cause of my issue. First let me tell you the experience with Fiat Service centre and another workshop.

    Mohandas Fiat - :
    Me: I am getting only 15kmpl mileage. Can you please check
    SA: No sir, we can't do anything to increase mileage.
    Me: ..okay I am feeling little drop in power. I have to shift down to get it right which was not required before .
    SA: Okay sir, we will check it, pls hand over the car.
    I handed over the car and call them evening. They said, work is not over, it will be ready by next day only. Went to showroom next day evening. SA handed over the car and said they have done the general checkup and drove the car and they didn't feel the power loss. For saying this, they kept the car for 1.5 days. I was really frustrated and decided not to give the car to them for next paid service.

    Saj Motors(near Technopark) - Local Workshop -:
    I have told the same problems to SA there. Then he drove the car, and he was able to identify the drop in power delivery within much time. He told he will check the EGR and Turbo hose and will update me. I handed over the car and left. When returned at evening, to my surprise they said "Air flow sensor failed, need a replacement". Currently they have cleaned the valves and refitted the same as they have no stock with them. For the mileage issue, they have replaced the air filter which is due for replacement. The air flow sensor will cost around Rs.4300 and I am not having that amount as it is nearing the month end. So I decided to change it next month.

    Anyway I am quite satisfied with the work. They found the root cause of the issue which FIat Service centre people couldn't do/refused to do.

    Regarding mileage, after the air filter replacement, I have got slight improvement in mileage without AC. I am getting 19 instead of 15. But with 100% AC on, mileage is still 14-15. Hope the air flow sensor replacement will solve the issues.

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  5. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations, write up is from the heart.
    19 kmpl over 15, is huge improvement - 27% up.
    Mileage should drop by 1 or 2 kms with AC on.
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  6. Balu Chandra S

    Balu Chandra S Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks. Yes 19 from 15 is a good improvement. But earlier I was getting this figure with AC. That's why I was not happy :)

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  7. Balu Chandra S

    Balu Chandra S Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3

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