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My teenage dream: BNW Grande Punto VGT 90HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by Arkin, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. nird_1976


    Thank you for sharing your prices. ...yep, I agree that punto is not overpriced for the product they give...you may safely say that its a VFM...but point is that on petrol versions, they are now offfering such a huge discount. I am of opinion that when only great change is diesel engine in MJD punto, why the price can not come down.

    everything else remains same all interior/exterior etc. Just for comparison with i20 crdi, the interiors are much better their...(no offence meant for ur punto). pleas take my observations as thorugh the eye of a potential custmor who wish to compare the price/features for car in this segment...
  2. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    @Nird just for the sake of some better interior, will any customer shed around 1 lakh more ? If you do a feature wise comparison, you are getting maybe more features in the punto for the price of i20 base variant and technologically a better engine , best in class stability etc etc.
  3. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    Indeed! I asked Paddleshifter, and he will be intimating me as soon as the new stickers are out - I'll get something temporary done in the place of the sticker on the bottom left of the rear windscreen for now :)
    And yes, thanks!
    No I got them outside - for the spoiler, as I mentioned before, I was quoted a little over 3k, for the exhaust tip 600 bucks! The oh-ree-gee-nall FIAT one costs 2k+ :(
    Best hatchback indeed! Thanks!
    Ermmm..... The i20 CRDi with ABS and Airbags costs at least 50k more.
    Even the Polo 1.2 Diesel with no features and a thrummy, unimpressive 3 cylinder engine costs 50k more.
    The Swift is blatantly overpriced, and the ZDi costs the same as the Punto 90, which leaves it miles behind in every aspect.
    And you want the Punto's price to be lowered?:( Remember, in general when you look at the Punto's price, chop 15-20k off and do not count insurance. That's the real pricing.
    Even if my Punto costed 50k more, I'd buy it. It makes that much sense! :D
    If you are saying that price cuts could boost sales, the answer is no. Remember the Palio Stile 1.3 Multijet? That's one helluva car! Even with the dirt cheap pricing, not too many were sold throughout the country. It's space, price and performance were such that it ought to have been India's no. 1 selling diesel hatch. It is Fiat's AfSS up north and people's WRONG PERCEPTION that pushes them away from buying these marvels. Oh, and even though the AfSS is not so great sometimes, contacting Fiat directly has apparently done wonders for people.

    Yes, the i20's interior quality is better than the Punto's. Irrefutable fact.

    Exactly my point. We TDed both the Punto 90 and i20 CRDi 5 speed back to back, and the Punto 90 won -
    1. Better/faster acceleration upto 100 / 120.
    2.Build Quality.
    4.Ride quality.
    5.Rear seat ambience.
    7.Service interval.
    9.i20s can be unreliable.
    10.SAFETY. Without 6 airbags, the 5 star promise is a joke. Even Magnas have that sticker.

    All for 50k less. i20 made no sense at all! Only the Honda City, T-JET and Punto 90 seemed sensible options.

    Thanks everyone for the words, more pics tomorrow! :drinks
  4. nird_1976


    :smile:thanks Cinju and Arkin for your replies. I take them as clarifications to me and it really boosted my confidence for Punto...
    I had almost purchased punto MJD EPk during this Deepawali....My father asked me to wait for sometime ...and I postponsed the purchase .Still hunting for a diesel car. Can u please shed more light on comparison between punto EPk and 90 hp. I can stretch a bit for 90 hp but would it be worth...I mean my concerns are what extra I get ...I would be a general user of car not too much of eating miles ...but surely I wud luv to have a powerful car with good FE ...so FE and power are my concerns:confused:

    Arkin please post a good number of interior pics...if you can...we all aare waiting for them....sometimes I feel a strange attraction towards punto ...I wish to see more them...always....:)
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    @ nird_1976

    Punto 90HP

    1) Variable Geometry Turbo
    2) 90HP Engine
    3) Good Plastic Quality.
    4) A perfect highway as well as city car
    5) A good fuel efficiency with high power.
    6) Lesser Engine noise at high speed.
    7) Value for money

    I think you should wait for Jan 2012. I hope that FIAT is going to launch refreshed Punto/Linea on 2nd Jan 2012.

    There wont be change in Engine Specs but we can expect change in Badges, Sticker job here and there and bit changes in interiors (color configuration).
  6. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    That's great! I'd say - go in for the 90hp. For 30k it makes more sense. Or you could go for the 76hp and Pete it - it would become a 90HP with different characteristics then!
    The advantages of the VGT / 90HP Punto over the 76HP:
    1) 20% more power from the factory.
    2) Silent Engine.
    3) Turbo kicks in better since it has VGT - Variable Geometry turbo.
    4) You can chip it / pete it and push the power to 105-110 PS.
    5) Engine is more silent.

    Let me assure you that you won't regret your decision. I'm a citizen of Anantapur, and we driven to Nellore via Tirupati a couple of times - the Punto is better than any other hatch for the kinds of roads we have in suburban / semi-rural Andhra Pradesh.
    Interior pictures will be put up here before sunset. :)
    Can you please elaborate :) ? I was told by my dealer that a facelift would be introduced only in March '12.
    I think we could retrofit the badges etc. onto our cars, but the interiors? I would love beige!!!! ? And do you think they will touch the bumpers or add door protecting garnishes on the sides?
  7. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Please visit this link for more information
  8. nird_1976


    Thanks for a great peice of information to Kedar and Arkin both:p. you narrated the exact words I wished to listen as a difference in Empk and 90 Hp puntos. I could go through the link by kedar and am really hopeful that FIAT brings such changes...my only point about i20 was interior colors and the very dark shades chosen by punto...in fact the linea looks shall be adepted for punto as well. then I would not worry for i20's or anyother thing....where are the pics ...Just curious....to see them...
  9. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    @nird: That's good!
    Kicked off some BHP and got the FIAT sticker:
    More pics including those of interiors tomorrow, after a shoot.
  10. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    More exterior and Interior pics.
    Driving style toned down a bit. RESULT: Before 12-12.5 . Now 14-16 - city figures.

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