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My Red Italian Stallion

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by Lineaman, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    How about a cool GPS system ... Pictures missing ...
  2. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Congrats Lineaman. Red FIRE is a great possession. Where are the pics?
  3. Lineaman


    I apologize for the delay in uploading my pictures. The following pictures are taken on Aug 3rd. Reading 211kms. I am posting compressed images, am not sure if I could post 2MB size pictures.

    Here's the Red Italian Stallion, in its full view

    This view exposes the full curves of Linea, admiraton Guaranteed (My wife keeps repeating that when ever she sees the car).

    Here is one of the most admired parts of the Fiat Linea car (for that matter among all Fiat cars), don't you agree?

    Now let us take a peek inside. Under the bonnet all systems are properly layed out, no cluttering of wires or pipes. I see that all systems (Battery, coolant bottle etc) are properly fastened.

    How about the largest boot space in the segment, all of 500 useful liters of space. Comes with a handy boot lamp.

    Coming to the inside front, the Glove compartment is fairly big with a light. The Dynamic version does not come with Airbags, so what, I end up getting an additional compartment. My son claimed stake of this compartment, he has already stored his favourate Eiffel tower keychain in it :lol:


    The HVAC panel with audio system yet to be fitted. There is a handy tray above the AC vents. The gear knob/rod are pretty smooth, there are multiple trays provided in the gear console. I can comfortable keep my purse, cell phone, some change etc.

    The instrument cluster is decent, well lit. After seeing Santro's instrument cluster for 5 years this one looks like disney land to me. The LCD screen is small but very handy. Throws up warning messages like "Front Left door open" etc. I like the Date and Time display, very handy I would say.

    The power window controls are handy, can reach them easily while driving as well. I noticed that if you hold the key for 2 seconds or more then the window will open/close continuously. All controls are lit when the headlights are switched on. The child lock for rear windows is very handy. At last I am able to control my 5yr old son from not pulling the window down as he pleases :mrgreen:

    Another thing I noticed is, the rear windows do not close fully, they open approx 2/3rds and stop there. I guess this is another (child) safety feature, pretty thoughtfull. The ORVM control is smooth.

    The menu button helps me set the Speed limit etc. When I exceed the set value I get a beep sound. Its pretty handy, nowadays with Bangalore cops being equipped with speed guns. You find them at places where you least expect them, so the beep helps me have a check on the speed, without me having to reapetedly look at the speedometer. One improvement that Fiat could think of is to provide an option which helps me set the beep to come continuously/progressively (rather than a single beep). The headlamp tilt and fog lamp controls are easily reachable.

    I love the seperate cabin lights (for passenger and driver). In my previous car I used to get disturbed whenever my wife switched on the cabin light. Now I am on my own.

    I have now fitted the car with music system and reverse camera, watch out for more pictures and details, coming soon.











  4. Lineaman


  5. nice pics !!! after seeing your pics i went down and had a look at my own red stallion ::D

    can we see some more pics of your music system/reverse cam ?? Please let me know about ICE cost/features etc, even am planning to
    buy one soon
  6. Lineaman


    @Atul I have posted few pictures of the A/V system setup in the accessories thread, please refer the same.
  7. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Nice write up Lineaman. Drool maal, is what Linea is.
  8. Lineaman


    Finally I got to make a long trip in my Red Fiat Linea.

    My trip was focussed on places around Tumkur town.

    My Itenerary was : Bangalore (8:30Am) to Devarayana Durga (10:30AM) 70Kms (via Nelamangala (Break Fast at Nelamangala) - Dabaspet - Uradagiri) Visited Bhoga and then Yoga Narasimha temples.
    DD(12PM) to Namada Chilume (1PM) 4Kms (Dept of forests maintained ayurvedic nursery, Deer Park and a water spring believed to be made by Lord Rama)
    Lunch at DD
    DD(2:30PM) to Goravanahally (3:15PM) 24kms Visited Lakshmi temple
    Goravanahally (4:45PM)to Kaidala (6PM) 50kms (via Uradagiri - Tumkur) Visited Chenna Keshava Temple
    Kaidala (6:45Pm)to Bangalore (9:30PM) 75kms (Tumkur Bye-pass - (Dinner at Kamat Upachar) - Dabaspet - Nelamangala)

    My driving experience on the newly thrown open express way and toll road was amazing. I was just cruizing at ~80kmph. The road from Dabaspet to DD and Goravanahally was not great with bad patches every half kilometer, saving few brushes over speed breakers the drive was smooth. Average speed was about 40kmph.

    The drive on this SH with luch greenery around felt nice. I never got any complaints about lack of comfort from the rear seat audience (my mom and my 5yr old son). Few pictures from my short one day trip.




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