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my punto met with an accident :(

Discussion in 'Insurance & Loan Reviews' started by Herbie, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Very sad to see it in a sorry state. but it is very much repairable if its at the hands of a good person. i dont know how much you are emotionally attached to it and your sufferings will be directly proportional to it.. Wish you luck in getting all the parts at the right time. friendship with those guys are good, but sometimes all these things will go out of hand rising yo mercury levels to sky high.. complain to apt higher sources whenever necessary, in the end, you will get a good car back even though they ll hate seeing you there at their shop. hope all is well.

    srini... it ll cost around 70k for the set for two. 50% of which will be covered by inurance. even dash and steering will have to changed in case of punto is what i ve heard.
  2. Herbie

    Herbie Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.4
    the accident happened past midnight, i was with my wife and we had gone for a drive towards navi mumbai and were returning back to mumbai. it occured near one of the jnpt road junction near belapur..it was watch and go signal and i somehow didnt see a truck/trailer/dumper came from the right and hit my car. (*dont knw exactly what it was, didnt bother to see in the chaos ...first thing i did was to regain my self from the shock as i was gasping for breath due to the seat belt restraint impact...i was breathless for couple of seconds as if some football had hit my chest.) my wike was ok in the co passenger seat, she was shocked aswell and was asking whether i was alright....once settled i then came out to check the damage to my vehicle )

    i was very tired and sleepy... hence i was not alert enough to the preluding moment.
    was guilty of dozzing of intermittently, should have pulled over and stopped/refreshed :(
    all i realised was suddenly something in front of me and then i trying to apply brakes and then the collision starting with smaller decible sound to the big bang and my vehicle turning 90 degrees to left before it stopped.
    -people who saw us and stopped by to ask for help said that it was the trucker's fault as they said that he should have stopped....
    - i feel i am at fault.(reasons explained above) :( i though i went and hit the rear tires of the truck etc.
    - wife says...no it was the front wheel of the truck ( even she had felt asleep and woke up on hearing my impulsive/ exclamatory abusives (sorry :( ) at tat moment

    i still feel it was my mistake.

    the trucker sped away ....i guess after he saw us walking out all ok ( by grace of god)
  3. marvin patrick gray

    marvin patrick gray Amatore

    After reading the whole thread I feel a lot of people who could have been in trouble were lucky enough. It was truck that you hit; think of if you had a hit with some car like Santro, i10 or Zen there would have been a lot of trouble and pain. In that case both the cars might have flipped or climbed or each other making more damage to the occupants. So thank God that both of you are safe. Get the car repaired. Doesn't seem much of a damage though your heart is more hurt than the car.

    @all :- Guys here's a lesson for all of us. Drive a car with all your alertness coz anything can happen. You might be alert but others might not be.

    I have an incident/accident to share. I was riding my Yezdi alone some months ago during evening and while riding at around 50-55kmph there was a left-turn just ahead of me which i did not intend to take as i had to go straight. Now somehow i missed an Indica coming from the opposite direction and while i was almost 5 metres from the turn, it came infront of me going for that turn which was indica's right-turn. Brakes, engine-braking etc could not prevent me banging the front-left wheel of the car with myself flying from the bike and rolling over the bonnet and landing on the other side of the car. Thanks to GOD i was safe, without even a scratch, not even a muscle pull or sprain as i was coming from a gym and my body all heated up. Anyways when i got up 1st second i realised i was ok, 2nd second i realised i still had my specs on my face(i didnt had helmet, but God saves anyway), 3rd second i realised that the throttle-assembly was in my hand. While this time the car's driver came out, all drunk, and realising that I am safe got back in and went away. I ran to see if my dearest bike is ok only to find that all is well except the throttle-assembly came out AND the front-mudguard was touching the leg-guard, meaning that the shocker-rods went banana. I was disappointed and angry on them who drink and drive.

    So it was a little mistake on my part not to A LITTLE MORE alert on the road and ofcourse no mistake of Indica's driver as he was drunk.
    This life of ours keeps on asking us of :-
    a little more time.
    a little more satisfaction.
    a little more salary.
    a little more joy.
    a little more peace.
    a little more discount.
    a little more offers.
    a little more options.

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  4. glad that you all are safe...sorry about your vehicle.

    I had the same experience of driving when i was feeling very sleepy, but gods grace that it didnt result in an accident. As soon as I saw a small dhaba i stopped and had tea and wasted 1/2 hr there so that i could regain my senses and again dont go into sleep mode.

    I cant forget that day.

    PS: Guys when you feel sleepy... park your vehicle and take rest and then only drive
  5. shams

    shams Esperto

    Thank God that you came out unhurt from the incident but theres no excuse for not wearing a helmet! Please do not ride your bike without helmet!!
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2012
  6. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I still don't understand if the air bags deployed or not. Also, did the tank like build help?
  7. sungoa2010


    Sorry to hear about the accident and happy to know that your family is safe.
    This is only amonetaryy loss and punto has saved your life. Also you are luck that you have selected Emotion pk.
  8. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Well said !

    In other words, it's just a little un-alertness and just a little over-confidence causes most of the accidents.
  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    How a Zen/Santro/i10 could make the situation worse instead of a truck:confused:? It's one head-on impact with the truck, the last thing one can imagine while being in a b-segment car. I would see a car driver more responsible than a truck driver any day. Yes, Herbie was feeling sleepy but it was the truck that was on the wrong side. Since you are in a bulky vehicle (truck) & sure about your safety, doesn't give you any right to put some one else life on stake. How many time do we see two car colliding head-on?? Think about all the accidents that you happen to see & frequency may be down to 100 to 1. Most of the time, it's 1 bulky vehicle with some B-C segment car on the suffering side.

    @herbie: Mate, take enough heart from the fact that your car has kept you & family safe & sound. It a financial setback for sure but there are hell of many important things than that. To err is human so i am sure you will be a better judge of situations in future. Now it's time for the pay back to your wonderful ride. Just give a tap at her bonnet & get her restored it asap. It's so encouraging to see the way FIAT values human safety at top of the list.

    Though i will always discourage the late night driving because these truckers just feel so liberated & becomes irresponsible after 10 PM. Avoid it till it's an emergency. God bless!
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  10. marvin patrick gray

    marvin patrick gray Amatore

    @Enki - From Herbie's post it is quite clear that the impact wasn't head-on. It might be that Punto had hit truck's front left tyre. from pictures its obvious that the front right part of Punto is more damaged than the front left part.

    If its a collision between two B/B+ cars, there is a possibility that the cars may climb onto each other, may tumble or even turn turtle. Truck being heavy withstood the impact without any harm to its occupants. So one party of occupants were safe. This would not have been in case of i10/alto/800/santro/spark/beat etc, the accident being further dragged into post-impact sessions.

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