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My Punto had a brain surgery, she's come out a much smarter beauty now

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by theblack, May 7, 2012.

  1. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yeh dil mange more!

    Passion for the more power never ends!
  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Apparently there is another round of mapping due for me.
    I'm going in for it once siddharth is back in town. Lets see how well that will turn out to be.
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  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    10,000 kms update

    I recently paid siddhart another visit for an even better tune and here is the report.

    Earlier Tune
    I had asked siddhart to tune my car for bottom end grunt for city traffic and i drove around with this tune for nearly 3000kms and then realized a few things.
    1.) I did not need so much torque in low gears as punto is already a torque heavy car.
    2.) Due to the high torque in low gears i used to lose out on mid range and top end badly so on the highways although my car was accelerating i was not satisfied with it.

    Finally a 4 days back i drove Sat's car and his has a very strong mid range and high end torque . So after a bit of thinking i called up Sid and decided to get a few things tinkered with.

    Current Tune
    I'm now running on a tune which gives moderate (higher than stock) torque in the low end but a much stronger mid and high end .
    As I tested then i realized that this was one of the tunes i should have had from a long time.

    Tune Details
    My tune now comes alive in 3rd gear all the way till 5th gear and in terms of RPM i'm almost able to reach 5500RPM in every gear . I was shocked to see a diesel car do that much.
    But anyway that's only the technical side of things but practically speaking diesel fuel runs out of juice anything about 4500RPM and hence there is no point in pushing it beyond.

    The car seems to be more tauter in 2 and 3rd gear and it holds low RPMs well so city driving is now really comfortable (earlier it was even better but it was an overkill IMO).

    The engine is currently struggling to rev fast from 3500RPM to 4500RPM from 3rd onwards . I'm suspecting a diesel filter issue as it's not been changed in 18k kms .(Today it will be replaced)
    Will update the thread with more details once i get some stats post the diesel filter change.
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  4. Well do post your experience at Aadya.

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