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My Punto gets ICED

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by amit, May 22, 2010.

  1. I think this is the same way the Blaupunkt THa Series Pnp Amp also function. As per the Blaupunkt dealer @ Bandra, these amps don't need a power supply from the car battery, instead there are two specific cables which will be needed to connect the OEM HU with the Amp. This way the Amp will be powered only when the HU is turned on.

    @Bass&Trouble: Good to see you here :up
  2. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Not sure abt that though i got the cable directly to the amps from the HU and the amps turn off when the HU is off and turns on when i turn on the HU... No troubles so far...
  3. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    der is one wire which gives signle to hu when u switch on the key i joind the amp remot conn. wire to this wire
  4. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    hey amit nice setup from where u install all this in mumbai
    i think u spend 75k+ for setup ?
  5. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Hi Aniket, the install was done by Ajay (Bass&Trouble id on this forum).

    The figure of 75K is way too high buddy. I strongly recommend people here to get in touch with Ajay for any ICE install for your Fiat's. Till date my system is running perfectly. No issues with anything.
  6. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Hey Amit, Does ur speakers still distort on higher volume like 25+ or so, even after installing Amp.?

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