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My Punto EP MJD T-Wine: My Ferrari on a Budget

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by ginnupotter, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    i believe its the other way.. more pressure in the front.. to balance the weight of the engine.

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    4500 is a decent price..
    fiat punto seat covers cost around 8-9k.. i paid 5000 for artificial leather seat on my beauty.. (http://www.teamfiat.co.in/punto-1-3-mjd/3913-my-exotic-red-ep-abarth.html)
    the diff u can spend that on the sunfilm..
  2. ginnupotter


    Suggestions requested


    Car is about to complete 9000 kms. I am planning to take the car to Kufri around month end. Just wanted to ask a few questions:

    1. Engine Oil top up was not needed during first service. Can i continue till second service at 15k kms or should i get it done before the trip?
    2. The temperatures would be sub - zero, do i need to add some anti freeze to diesel or it can handle temperatures till -5 C?

  3. ginnupotter


    Trip to Kufri

    A few pics from my Kufri Trip:

    On the way back from Kufri

    Outside the Hotel in Mashobra
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  4. ginnupotter


    Need for Oil Top up or Change?


    My Punto has run over 10500kms now.

    As per the check made by SA at TASS, no Engine Oil top up was needed at the 5000km service or even when last checked at 9000km.

    I got the Air filter changed at 9000km. And now i have another mountain trip coming up in this month itself. Just wanted to know if i should insist on an Oil change/Top Up or should wait for the 15000km service. The mileage i am getting nowadays is around 16 in city without AC which is on the lower side for MJD.

    Also, i have not had any Tyre rotation done, please suggest if it is needed at this point.

    Please do respond as the upcoming trip would be in remote Uttaranchal and i need the car to be performing at its best.
  5. Ahhh ,What a nice car and what are your next mods for your beauty.This is one of my favourite car after VW Polo and Maruti Swift

    Abhinav a.k.a Ferrari1234

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